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Model exams


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Model exams

  1. 1. Radial ¡Qui! z If my pen friend . . from England, I'll show hlm (Answered) ¡”und cam‘ . . — a) come b) comes c) us oomlng d) came 3- “mr '"T= m== °°°» a) lives b) Ilved c) ls llving d) has ( A ) Language Functions Ilved 0 Fmish the following dlalogue between Adal and Hisham who talk 4' "m" ¡s ‘ " “ ma" “N” ' ¡bom spam, a) ta: cklever t frleverer I , c e c everes e more c ev A? “ 30° yo" Way games 0" ¡hemtemen 5. l-)le has worked ln this school . . . . . . moreetrhan Hlsham y. _. , . . , 1 )_ , _ . y y_ men” ya, ‘ I prefer to do real sports. a) since b) in c) for d) at Adal : . . . y. y . . (2) . . . r . . . . . ? 6. If you want to learn a sklll. you can become Hisham’ : V0l| eybal| and table tennis . and leam from your skllled employer. Adal ll y. ..” . ‘ l‘ _, a) ahero b) atrainer Hisham zlthink l like table tennis the most. C) 3" 3559943!" d) 3" aovrentíce Adel , . . . . . 7- N°h° m‘ H - 4 ‘m’ ‘h’ °'°‘"°d "W "W" a" Hlsham : This weekend 7 No, I'm bus , but we could la “V - 5'” "°"“°’ ‘z “°"" ‘m’ “m next weekend y p y a) absolutely exhausted b) absolutely ' c) veryemalzsted d) nol exchausted 0 Wrlle whatyouwouldsaylneachofme followlngsimaüons: 8. Mr Smith Ilved ln Egypt from 1997 until 2007, this 1. You are unable to hear what somebody ¡s saying . "WM "N" y y- -v w o 2. Someone says lo you, ' Do you mind il l open the window 7 ' and a) "9 "35 ‘¡V94 l" EQYPl 10‘ 10 V935 you agree, b) he has lived ln Egypt since 10 years 3. It is arranged for you to lly next week. C) he ¡Wed l" EQYPÍ ¡Of 10 Ve? “ 4_ You predict ¡ams _ d) he Ilved in Egypt since 1D years 9. Big cities are often crowded and have alr y . . . . ( B ) ‘¡Ocablllary & Structure a) environment b) condensation c) tralfic d) pollutlon o chao“ m, com, “ msm, ¡mm ¡_ b‘ c o, d; 10. ln 1953, Abu-Hell was the first to cross the Engllsh Channel 1_ A" _________ __ ¡¡ “mmm wm ¡pum “¡"3 or know" e d ln 13 hours end 45 minutes . He . . . the record . ' ¡subject d“ a) cut b) broke c) ml d) dnd a) acoountam b) emmcflan 11, Athletes must work wllh a good . , . .. nto perlorm well. c) expen d) academk a) tralnlng b) tram c) tramer d) tralnee
  2. 2. Daelim 12. Today, car engine: burn petroi more than In the past . a} successfully b) efficlentiy c) quickly d) carefully o Correct the undarllned mlstskea in the following paragraph : Naguib Mahfouz was born in 1911 . He was yggngesg child in his family . He said he ng; a happy childhood , He was greatly interested yyjtl; reading the works of great authors . His writings reveal the social conditions ¡n Egypt w_hq he Ilved and died . o Rsadthetoxtbelowthenmitethewordwhlchbestfltseachspace: Most of us heard oi Dr Ahmed Zewall . He is the ( 1 ) . . Egyptían scientlst . He ( 2 ) The Franklin Institute Award in 1998 . Every year, the Institute ( 3 ) . awards to famous scientlsts and inventors . Dr Zewall made the ( 4 ) . of the smallest unIt of time called ( 5 ) second . He now helps scientlsts to ( 6 ) . new mediclnes for curlng diseases . ( C ) Reading Comprehensnon and Set Books 0 Road the following passage and then answer the questions : Many things we use everyday to go from place to place move on wheels . For example, the bus, the motor-bike, the car and many others move on wheels . One ot the things that move on wheels is the bicycles . Blcycles are important lor both young people and grownups. People use them for lun and for work all over the world . The history ol the bike is interesting . In 1818, the biclycle had no pedals . The pedals were added in 1839 . The pedals made them move faster than the old ones. More speed was possible by making the front wheel very large . But such bicycles were dangerous to ride . By 1900, most ol the bicycle parts that we know today were developed . mg include equatsized wheels, brakes to stop the bike, a chain connectlng the pedals to the mr wheel. and various speeds . Cycling is now an exciting sport and a means of transport . Using the bike to go to school or work ¡s a clean way of moving around. Unlike other means oftrans . the bic edoesnot use ol. ' Another ood thing about msmaammaruarekeepsflieaïdsafl- 9 W . m ¡n meukelsuramaoesnotneedabssvwww“ s“ y some big cities in the world. people can 00W “t” “tildes < A) Answer the follewlna 00080003: _ 9 1. What do busescars and bicycles have m common . 2. How were bicycles made faster 7 3_ when was the bicycie that we know today llrst produced 7 4, The underiined word ' They ‘in the third paragraph reiers 1° B) choose the correct answer: ' s. The underlined word " rear means , . a) lront b) side c) top d b k s. ¡,2 “sim”. bicycles are widely used because they . . . a) can be parked in a small space b) are faster than the other Mans c) are less dangerous than ws d) have various speeds O Answer only tour ( 4) 0' ‘h’ '°”°"’¡"9 °""‘¡°Ï"_’ 1. How will lanners be able to ' 970W me‘ ' ¡" ‘"9" mas» 7 2 why are exhaust fumes so harmful 7 3' How ls Frederic Henreys ¡fe in A Farwell to Anne lite Emest Hemingways life ? _ h_ 4, Do you think Egyptlans should have honoured Abu-Hari more ln Is old age 7 How ? o‘ 7 5. Santiago was foolish to go to see alone. D0 W" 39'99 °‘ " Give a reason for your answer. 6. What cen you do in your lite now to conserve enefgll 7
  3. 3. Indian ( D ) The Novel o A) Answer the following questions: 1. what is the setting ( time and place ) ot Oliver Twist? 2. What did Noah Claypole say about Olivers mother that made Oliver so angry ? 3. Why did Oliver cry when Mr Bumble took him to Mr Sowerberry ? 4. Oliver agreed that the notebooks were well made . Why did Fagln and the boys find this very funny ? B) Reed the following quotetion, then answer the questions : " Poor women . She was so beautiful . We'll never know who she was . " 1. Who said these words ? 2. Who ls the beautiful woman ? 3. Why will they never know who she was ? C) Find the mlstake ln each ol the following sentences and correct it: 1. Mr Sowerberry cornplained that Oliver was very big . 2. Mr Bumble trightened Oliver when he wa locked in Mr Sowerberrrs cellar . ( E ) Writing 0 Write e paragraph of seven ( 7) sentences about : i How to keep healthy ) ( F ) Translation o A) Translate Into Arabic: 1. Thanks to science. man Is leading a happy lite full ol all means ot prosperity . 2. Dr El-Baz worked on the Appolo Space Project . B) Translate into English : .o, ._¿, ¡.L: .il una, » sign plus) I a) boilini b) to boil c) boil d) bolis lnglkh ( A ) Language Functíons o Fínísh the following dialogue between Hale end Amire about the summer holiday: Hale : l . . ( 1 J . _ , _ ‘l? Arnlra : I'll go lo Alexandria . Hale : . . , _ . .7 Amlra : I'll go with my family. Hela : Why vrill you go to Alexandria in particular ? Amlrs . .. _. ..{3) . Hale __ ¿l (4)i l . . , ? Amlra : I think we'll stay lor a month . 0 Wrltewhetyouwouidseymeecholttielollowingsituetlons: 1. You greet someone at 9 am . 2. You advlse someone to give up smoking . 3. You ask someone politely how lo go to the Pyramids _ 4. You agree strongly to someone's opinion . ( B ) Vocabulary & Structure 0 Choose the correct enswer from e, b, c or d : 1. Dr Fewzy lnvlted ue to have dinner at his home, eo l thanked him forhle. a) enjoymenl b) generoeity c) relaxaüon d) expenise 2. Amlra. . . ... ¿l ln Celro slnce2007. a) lives b) lived c) isiiving d) has lived 3. lll enough money, l'd buy a second-hand car. a) have b) will have c) would have d) had 4. The manager decided . ... ... ., the reports belore he left the office. a) read b} reading c) reads d) lo read 5. You should . . water before you drink lt.
  4. 4. English 6. An important rule of personal is to wash your hands before eating . a) sanitalion b) hygíene c) inlechon d) germs 7. lf they . more careful, they wouldn't have had that bad accident . a) had been h) have been c) were dl are 8. Ahmed hopos . ajob next summer. a) finding b} tofrnd c] finds d) find 9." Disease " means a I an or serious medical condition. a) cure b] sulienrg c) illncss d) examinaticn 10. My sister is a new doctor . She has just . . from the Faculty of iriedicinc . a} studied h) joined c) finrshed d) graduated ttApalace ¡sa . . . . a‘; very tailtuilding b‘; symbol c) house fora king cr queen d) lower 12. Your question was so easy to understand . The answer was very. . .7. a) cbvious b) goispnous cl infected d) dangerous 0 Correct the underlincd mistakes in the following paragraph : Pete e British but he loft Engend when ine was a young men . He ¡"Mg in Australia since 1989 Ho and his ‘mie. Christine. ha; two cn"dren . Their daughter has bean al university since ‘hreo years, so sha will firish ¡n one more year . Their son studying now to be a pilot . 6 Read the text below, then write the word which best tits each space: Cloanliness ¡s extremely important in protect ng us from infections . [ 1 i is your cwn clean‘ ness . Public cleanlinoss is called ( 2] hlany infections o‘ the stcmaah (3) . from che person to another because of had sanitaticn end hygiene . li a child has dirty hands. they w- lI be l_ 4 l r-ritn milions o. ‘ germs which we cannot see. li that ch. ld gives stveets to . ( S ) child, some of those gerrrs avril te passed lo- the other child . ‘Nhen this child eats the sweet he w'I| eat some- cf the STPS and ma towwne 6 English (C ) Reading Comprehension and Set Books 0 Read the following passage and then answer the questions : This story vias ¡n the papers . The police got a message that a van cany ng large sum of money on its way to the bank hac! been rcbbcd . lnnredately sente pc‘ se otfioers end Soldiers hurred to the scene ol the crime After searchng for about ‘two hours, they found the van . The driver and the guard were found rn the van Thei’ hands were tied behind the" hacks . Atte‘ being ire-ad, the driver said, ’ I was stopped ln the street by three peopïe wearing po ice uniforrns '. One of them said , ' if you shout . vreil shoot you '. They tad bcbh of us and tnrew us into the back cf the van They tock all the morey and ‘left in a blue car '. The ponce searched the place and the van very wei‘ . They also asked sorre people tvhe were around at that tirre . They asked ati the workers of tre bank and got the numbers of the stolen bar knctes. A few days later. the pcüce arrested a man who was tryng to buy a new car . He pad the price c-i the ca’ from the slcfen money . I was astcnished to know that the d'iver was ore of the rottrers . A) Answer the following questions : 1. What was ‘me van used icr 7 2 Why didn't the driver shout for help 7 3. How many persons took pa'l in the rc-trbery 7 4. How did the robbers know about the van and the money, do you think 7 B) Choose the correct answer: 5. The stolen money belonged to r r a) the police b) the bank c) the rot-bers d) the Soldiers 6. The writer was . one of the robbers . a) Surprised c) irightend when he read that the driver was b) delighted d) glad mi Maui ¿»xt - eúïïh Mi ¿nit
  5. 5. Inflfih 0 Answer only four ( 4 ) of the following questions : Why did Oliver Twist grow up in a workhouse ? Mention two functions of the brain 7 How did Ramy Ashour become famous at the age oi 16 7 Do you think we should be gratefui to Dr Farouk Ei Baz ? Give a reason for your answer ? ‘ Nabawia Musa played an important part in education . Do you agree or dlsagree ? 6. How do you think Oliver Twist-felt when he learned that Rose was his rnothers sister 7 Why ? (D ) The Novel 0 A) Answer the following questions : 1. Who took Oliver as an apprentice ‘.7 2. When the policeman took Oliver, what did Chariey and the Artfui do i? 3. Why didn't the magistrate send Oliver to prison ? 4. What was the game that Fagin played with the boys ? B) Read the quotellon end answer the questions : " Well, l know a man who will give you work and e room for nothing . " 1. Who said this ’? 2. To whom was it said 7 3. What kind of work will Oliver do lor this man ? C) Find the mlstake ln each o! the following sentences and correct lt: 1. Bill Sikes was sent to look for Oliver and bring him back . 2. Mr Grirnwig is Mr Browniow's servant. 5-" 159i”? ( E ) Writing 0 Write a paragraph of seven ( 7) sentences on : ( My plans for future ) lnflíú ( F ) Translation 0 A) Translate into Arabic: 1. When Oliver asked lor more food, he was punished . 2. Schools ere not built for teaching only, but they have many other purposes as well . B) Translate into English: .ÜL. ÁyÏL_. JÁJAlS¿JW I, ,;¡. a, _,st. _.. .t; (A ) Language Functions o Finish the following dlalogue between Semi and Magld Who haven't met for e long time: semi : Helio, Magid . i haven't seen you for ages . Magid : Hello, Sami . i've been to England . (1) . ... ... ... . .9 Semi : ReaIIy ! ><. ¡q><¡4.4>. g¡- . , (2) Magid : i was having a oourse in English . Semi Magia : Yes, I made great progress . Moreover, living among native speakers . ... ... ... .. (4) G Wrltewhatyou wouldseylneachofthefoilowingsltueflons: 1. You see someone smoking inside the hospital . 2. A friend of yours suggests going to the cinema . 3. You advise your younger brother not to play with matches . 4. You ask your teacher to tell you the meaning of a word . ( B ) Vocabulary & Structure 0 Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d : 1. Myfriend andlweretnr ll . We couldn't agree on which movie to watch . a) disagreed b) disagreeabie c) disagree d) disagreement 2. If you want to team a sklll. you can become . . . . . |r . . . . and learn from your skilied empioyer. b) atrainer
  6. 6. Enrlhk 3. lt I can‘t sleep at night. l a book . a) read b) am reading c) will read d) would read 4. Samira teltill after she . . . . . ten bananas. a) eaïs b) ate c) has eaten d) hedeaten 5. Mary Drewls . knowledgeable about Hemingway. a) extermely b) totally c) completefyd) absolutely 6. I a meeting at 5 tomorrow . I can't go with you . a] wi ¡"lave b} had 7. We went last month . a} iish b) tofish c) tïshng d] ïofishing 8. We always see . tourists in the museum . e] ÍCvrtí-lg": b} tceigner c) strange d] stranger c) am having d) have had 9. Insects may . their grems on to you . a) give b’, sell c) pass d] take 10. what are you going to do when you school ? a] rana: b} resign c) desert d) ‘ea-ve 11. We need to find a for petrol before lt runs out. a) reswage b) replacement c) re-zycle d) repeat 12. We used a fishing. to catch fish. a} Jine ty rene c) row d) column Correct the un dertined mistakes ¡n the following paragraph : Everybox, that cars are damagïng our health and our world This probe". was getting ‘Morse every year 51d we must doing somefirg 1: '* W "rvircnwcrt . DiFfiïL-‘il countries "have ditieenl uvays o_f si»: 1“ ¿suegra , Puede si odld te able used their cars tour days a '. -.r. ..-ï- English 3. If l can't sleep at night, l . . a book. a) read b) am reading c) will read d) would read 4. Samlra felt lll after she r ten bananas. a) eats b] ale c) has eaten d) had eaten 5. Mary Drew is 4117 lcnowledgeable about Hemingway. a) extermely b) ictally c] completelyd) absolutely 6. l a meeting at 5 tomorrow . l can't go with you . a) will have b) had c) am having d) have had 7. We went. .. .. .. y . last month. a) fish o) to fish c] tishng d) to fishing 8. We always see. . . . tourists ln the museum . a) foreign b) ‘creigncr c] strange d] stranger 9. lnsects may . 7. . their grems on to you . a) give o} sell c) pass d) take 10. What are you going to do when you . . . school 7 a) retiro b) rc-sgn c) desert d) leave 11. We need to find a for petrol before it runs out. a) rear-erige b] replacement c] recycle d) repcat 12. We used a fishing . . . .to catch fish. a) Iinr; h] rope c) row d) column Correct the underlined mistakes ¡n the following paragraph : Eveoyb-cdyv agrees that cars e'e darraging cur heath and our vrorld . THs pro-alero was getting worse every year and we rrdst Ql_ng something ‘o pirata: ‘t: swroflrïewt . Diiíerent countries have diñerent lvays gt stop mis damage Peopïe should be ete g their cars four days a ‘elegí: . Read the text te men write time word which best tits each soace :7 v -: ' tre rules ot hygiene . You should always wash y- 'e a . ( 1 ji. . Ycu should (2) more often in r t. . ‘:4 sha-did also be very 3) about the food you eaten‘ : cmk . ivtake sure that . . (4) and other hsects do r t: : l m your food because they may pass ther gerrns or: ‘: ,, : SÏDJÏÓ {6} ta; walert-efcre you drink it. Read the text below, men write the word which best tits each space : These are _ ri»: df tite rules of hyglene . You should always wash ycur ha -' "e a . (1), You sitcuíd .12) mora often ¡h hot r YCJ ShSJid also be very . ( 3) about the fcod ycu eat end tu. .. you crínlnlvtake sure that . ... . .44) V! 31d other iwsects do nc: ; ‘d’ ji c 1 your food because they may pass their gonns on t. ) , :i Nou shui-d _ r6). . tao water before yc-J drink ¡te
  7. 7. Enfllsh men». ( C ) Reading Comprehension and Set Books ( D ) The Novo‘ G Read the following passage and then answer the questions : e) A) Answer the following questions - M“ JC” Wake‘! n‘ a" Cfice “d “s”? Y “em m a Sma" "¿‘5Ï"‘“’a”t i° 1 Where is the house titat Sikes end Crackit want to rob 7 ‘nave his lJnch . One Monday. when he wm at hs uma: taba, he saw a new vraifer who locked rather ‘worried 2 Why do me)’ need Oíive’ 1° help ‘hem 7 h". Join asked for a Steak end a salad . The ‘water unete iris down 3 What “WWW” “me” OÜVEV "tem ¡”SMG "le house ‘.7 end went to order '. ¡n the ïilififefl . Theo were a lot of people n the _4— Cd Ü veftvinl to ho‘; them rob me hcose? Explain ? restedrant and m» vrailer Was very busy , but at ras: he carte and pu’. B) Read the following quotatíon. then answer the questions: ‘t ‘z, ’ ’ 7 Si. .J: . . W tn" l": ' ' v - - rfeíiríáïdocrgeïïáfi gpofgztigedfiandfigokednïzrlleïggdefil h: mgyehïgïnnd Ïgïiïfrïm home ' ¡m takmg mm back to Ms notebook andat last he read ' Taba No. 1D, a Steak and a saiad ' . Then 1' wm") Sa“ m5 7 ' he tock out his pen. crosscd ou‘. the words a 3182-1 and a salad and 2_ To vmc, “ was ¡t Sa“ . ¿ wrote ' Fish ard chips ". He walked away to take some orders from other tables , l. '.: Jchn was teo Surprised to say a word . A) Answer the following questions : 1. How did Mr John know that the waifor was a new one ‘.7 3.. ‘Nhere was the speaker really taking him to 7 C) Find the mistake ln each sentence and correct it: 1. Jack Dawkins/ s friends cali hi"n ( The Skillful Dcdger) _ 2‘ Why ¿m the wauer make Such a m¡sta. ,_e »¡ 2. Mr Brolvnlciv is a rich criminal wno lives : n London . 3 How did the vraiter try to correct his rrístake ‘.7 E , . . el Wnat would you do ¡f you were Mr. John 7 ( ) V‘ ¡“mg B) Choose the correct answer: 9 Write 8 paragraph of seven l 7) sentences about; 5T Mr. John usually had his lunch at this restaurant . . l The importance of computer in cu! life ) a) everyday bl On tlondavs ( F ) Translation c) tvhen he had no time to cook d) mcstly when he was al office a’ A) mmshte ¡"w Ambkï’ 5_ ¡ha mm, pmved ¡o b, _ y i Pletfirrol-figewered cars may be replaced by cars that run using a) CÏCVGT A b) careless c) carelulg d) keen É 2 Éñgïïgfijssïljfïliïlñgiïgïe ¿A b l o Answer only fourf 4 ) of the following questions : 9,9319“ Vflners h; Egypt n o ra ‘temure’ ‘Vas me “the 1. What post dd Nabavriya Musa hold '? B) Translate into English . - 2. Whathad Fagrn taught the gang ? _ _ y . _ 3. How ‘ong did í‘. ‘dake Abu-Het lo cross the Engïsh Channel '? “¿rw JS 9:“ c“ 4h" été ‘¿JB? ._l«. ,«j 4-14 ¿»i-Jl 3,5 c! 4. Why didn't Sant-ego ¡n The 01d Man and the Sea‘ cut the fishing line when it hurt hlrn 7 5. How are cars that use engines and battefies better than early electric cars
  8. 8. ¡fila! MODEL EXAM ( 4 l ( A ) Language Functions o Finish the following dialogos : Samir: is visiting Soho who is lll . Soha : Hello l Samira. thanks for the visit . Samira : Oh . Soha l must see you . 1 ) ? Soba : I felt a rise in temperature 3 days ago . Sarnlra : lt may _. (2 ) Soha : The doctor saw me and said that lt is not a cold . _ Samlra : l, . ... ... ... ... .. (3). .. , l . . . . u .7 Soha : He s it may by a tever in the stomach . Samira : Don't worry. lt won't be serious . Soha : ‘l (4) . ... ... ... .. . _ l . . G Writewhatywwouldsa ln eacholmefolioivingsituations: 1 You heard that a friend is in hospital . 2. You otter lo answer the phone lor your father . 3. You suggest going to the club . 4. It's arranged tor you to travel by plane . (B ) Vocabulary & Structure o Choose the correct answer from a. b, c or d : 1. Nabil hope: .. _. ... ..ea job next summer. a) finding b) to find c] finds d) find 2. An important rule ot personal . . is to wash your hands before eating . a) sanitation b) hygiene c) infection d) germs 3. Plants grow quickly in rich . . a) round b) floor c) earth d) soil 4. Dic ens's novels show the dark . .. ot life ln the lwcentury London . _ a) edge b) corner c) side d) margin 5. When you go into a dirty room, you have to your nose . a) hold b) cut c] close d) remove 6. Arnr . his homeworlt es soon as he comes from school. a makes b dela s c desins d does mmaimn- «mu. the)‘ ¡que -7. Pilots planee. a) drive b) fly c) ride d) sail 8. My sister likes to wear the lashlons . a) late b) later c) last d) latest 9. When l was young, l . . long hours. 8) Sleep b) have slepl c) used to sleeplng d) used to sleep 10. It would be a good thing for you to leave . You leave . a) must b) should c) may d) ought 11. lf Ali had told me about it, I _ a) will help b) would help c) would have helped d) helped 12. Modem agricultura lnvolves new technology to produce mareos-ups. a usin b to use c use d used o Rewrttethefoliotvingsentenoesusingfirewordelnbreckets: 1. Ahmed's habrt ls to play tennis . often ) 2. l vras having a shower and suddenly the light went out . While) 3. Since 2009. we haven't visited the Pyramids . (for ) 4. l didn't know you were ill, so l didn't visit you . ( I! ) 0 Readthetextbelow, thenwritethewordwhlchbestfitseaohspaoe: Air pollutlon lS a big problem in all cities. Sit in a , . l( 1 ) ¡am in Carro during the ( 2) hour and your lungs will lll! ( 3 ) . . the exhuast gases from cars and buses. They are the harmtul gases . _[4). ... ... by old. badly-marntained e. ... .(5). .. . Air by these gases damages your lungs . ( C ) Reading Comprehension and Set Books 0 Readlhefoiloiwngpessegeandfirenanswertfrequesfions: If we think of the human body as a ' machine ‘, it has one big weakness compared to other machines . The human machine must have a chance at regular intervals. to restore tired organs and tissues of the body to do repair work. and to get rid ol wastes that have aocumulated during the day . This is done during sleep .
  9. 9. English When ‘lie body ls asleep. everything slatvs down The blood pressure drops, the pulse rate is Stoner. breatning is siowed down, even the temperature drops a little . So the body needs sleep just to ' keep going". But row much sleep does a person need 7 The surpriszng thing is thai it varios ‘with the individual Of course. babes need more steep than grownups. But as one grows older, less sleep is required . The one thing that matters is that v»: should have enough sleep so that when we wake up we are resicd and retreshed . A) Answer the following questions : i, Why do we need so much sleep ‘7 2. What haopens when the body is aslaep ? 3. How does sleep vary with the individual 7 What makes the human body lose ¡ts strength 7 8) Choose the correct answer: 5. Sleep helps us to keep on . a) living c) walking d] breathing e) sleeping 6. When someone sleeps e l . wakes up lateron. a usuall b alwas d never e sometimes 0 Answer only four l 4 l ol the following questions : 1, What do you think Manolln learns from the old man 7 Why is cleanliness extremely important ? lNhaï did Lea: ‘want to know be ere giving ts country to his daugnters ? Why lS Tck o overcrowded 7 What is Dr ahi Hawass interested in ? Who did Olive’ meet in London 7 ( D ) The Novel o A) Answer the following questions: i. Why did many people come to the English towns dunïng the industrial Revolu‘. on 7 What made Cliver so angry with Noah Claypde ? Why did Sikes choose Nancy to go the police station ? What was strange about the picture of the woman at Mr Brownlovrs house ? OWFPN P59!" English B) Read the quotation. then answer the questions : ' Let's have breakfast, then we'll show Oliver our little game. " t. Who said trese words ? 2. To ivhcrn were those words said '? 3. Would they really play a game ? Explain . C) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences and correct lt: 1. Fagln was shot in the arm during the robbery . 2. The detectives were three men ‘with short hair . ( E ) Writing o Letter writing: Your name is lltaha . You live a‘. 18 Tayaran Street, Naser Cia‘, Cao , You received the followirg letter frcrn you pen friend Janet Dear haha. l hope you ere in good health . l'd lite to visit Egypt, so please inform rre about the best time and the rtirds of clothes I should bnngl ard the plaoes l should see a lllrth my best vrïshes Yours sincersly Janet ( F ) Translation o: A) Translate into Arabic: 1. The government honours writers, thinkens and scientists in all fields oi knowledge . 2. Thanks to Dr El-Baz. we cisoovered underground ‘water ‘n Egypt r B) Translate ¡nio English : el, » ¿al ¿i Lily’, “¡haz-W ¿rosca u; una. 5). ; ol . _.. ¿
  10. 10. lnfllú 7. The Statue of v1 . ... ... ... .. . . is at the enhance of the harbour . MODEL EXAM ( S ) a amiga? b) wget; guían! “ “¿ig Equaitty . .. ... ... ... . -i . e n em . ( A ) Language Functions 9 aifiys bilevplsayfied; Warcgleátád played d) will ptay - betwoenAdoIendSoha: - ----- i - ° i217" ‘f’f’Ï, °"_‘_"""° ( 1 , y 7 a) best b) vtebest c) better a) good 10. They haven't been beaten since the tournament 9°“ *""°m*’¿¿"i“¡‘. ’"[i‘. '."‘¿‘- a) begins b) began c) has begun a) Mili-begin Ad“ 5 Wha‘ d“ Y“ 39° me"? 7 11. l was shaving . . the light went out . Adal : . i| .. .. ( 3 ) . , ir ? 12 ¡Mm "¡n happen ¡me . ... ... ... ... . "study we" 7 Soha : i spent 2 thousand pounds . a) doesn't b) dldnt c) won't d) wouldn't Adal : How did you m. the journey ? Soha n ( 4 i- u n n - ¡Ive got a very gooü memo” fm. some mmgs ‘ ¡Im 900d at 9 WW? "M00" 33)’ ¡n “d? 0""? ¡’MMM “¡#1000035 nmgmmnames , This Is very useful because las a teacher and 1. Afriend of yours asks you what vou knvw about Shakesoeare- l often mg; to remember students‘ names . So if l had 4o 2- YOU’ V0009‘? bfoïhef ¿SRS YOU f0’ 30m9 ¿‘M09 0" "W Í° students in anew class tomorrow, Igflljnggali their names by the °'93"'Se "¡S Stud)’ - end of my second Iesson with them . 3. Your flight to London is arranged to be tomorrow . 4» Yowdassm asks vw m! vw tm cemento "te Lee af, áifiiiïiÏïÏïí SÍÏÏÉÏZ hifi s‘. 35;” ïáïïïi’ ¿a i 2. ¿má? ( B ) vocabuhry & aman“, tfs a very ( 4 ) . way to pass the time . It broadens my 0 Choosothecorrectanswerfmma. b, cord: ‘ (5) ‘andmreases my” m)“ " 17"” WWW“ pgrcgfi: "¡'""‘cï"grgi'gg“m°’g’)°d ( C ) Reading Comprehension and Set Books z si, " shou“ ¡md Y __________ __ men“ “¡th ¡“ch bad ¡”cpm 0 Read the follotving passage and men answer the questions : a) to make b) make c) making d) to making Walking in Hetwan. I found a red purse fuII of money and paper . 3. A a is a shape, sometimes a person or an animal. made "WW 35° 3 9mm °f a Nam“ V°”"'9 “V: . o, ‘¡me o, mew _ l put it back and took the purse to the police station . The sergeanl a) ¿[ame b) Satan“ c) maga“ d) museum made ‘a note ot my nameand addrese . Next Friday. I was invited to ¿_ ¡ame tam“ ¡s my ___________ ñ sunt dinner in. my uncle's house tn Garden _City_ . a) ¡am! b) favoumme c) ¡“mms d) ¡Mmmm A neighbour of his came to vistt hts wife . When l locked a! her face ammmn-n» rrrrrrrrr towemommwmm-«w- a) gain b) iose c) put d) have She was sm ‘¡sed h . “¡fit l p w en I wes able to descrtbe her purse . We 6' gmgoïghamr“ s wagfesfigsïnd ¡t imrnetfiateiy went to the police stahon to take the purse . Www-mutua I : j l 5 ¿gg/ i
  11. 11. English A) Answer the following questions : ‘i. What happened when the vrritc-r was walking ln Hetwan ? 2. How did the writer know the purse's owner 7 3. Why dd the writer VISÍÍ his urcle ? 4. Why ‘f-‘EIS the ovmer of the purse surprised 7 B) Choose the correct answer: 5. The purse was . . A. a) empty . c) full cl money and paper li. The lady was . .t y . a) the writefs neïghbour c) the wrïtefls sister e Answer only four ( 4 ) of the following questions : t How did the people lll Egypt receive abu-Heit when he returned to Egypt? How does the brain control senses ? What did Oliver discover about Monks ? tllhrrt did Dr El Baz advise astronauta on '? ‘lvhat cid htanoiinfis parents advise him to do ? 6. How can humans catch l: 'rd flu ? ( D ) The Novel O A) Answer the following questions: 1. How was Mr Brownlctv generous to Oliver ? 2. in vinat way was Oliver difiere-nt from the Anlul Dodger ? 3. What did Oliver lttink Fagin used all his money for 7 4, Why did Oliver think that Fagin was a rriser ‘,7 B) Read the following quotation, tiren answer the questions : " Don‘t worry, sir . A maglstrate will see him soon . He'| | decide" . t Who said this ? To whom ? 2. Who vrould the magistrate see ‘.7 3. What was the magistrales decision ? And what happened to b) full of money . b) uncle's neighbour utggpru ¡"tribu C) Find the místake ln each of the following sentences and correct lt: 1. Nancy explained that the boy has run away frcm school . 2. Jack Dawkms heiped Nancy to take Oliver back to Fagin ( E ) Writing e Wme a paragraph of seven sentences about a person you admire very much . ( F ) Translation (D? A) Translate into Arabic , - l We skhourd try to protect the environment a5 much a5 possue. 2. The enventlon o. ‘ the X ray machine enabled doctors to photograph the lnszce of the human body . B) Translate into English : ‘¡Ü-Ji wing-ll ¿, - Lgs oy: ¿Jah ¡”Si