Best practice Facebook Ads : Use Case Radio France


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Presentation at SocialBakers Engage 2013 NYC. The Radio France's Facebook Ads Strategy.
7 mistakes we've made, 5 tips to succeed

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  • Very happy to be here today and share with you what we’ve learned about FB ads these years
  • First of all, I’d like to say a few words about RF, then
    I’ll present you some key figures of the EMEA market
    Then, I’ll explain why we chose ads at Radio France and how we measure it
    We’ve made several mistakes and I hope the 7 examples I’ll show you will be of usefull interest
    Then I’ll give you five tips might be usefull for your next campaigns.
    To conclude, I’ll present you our two thousand thirteen achievements and what we plan to do next year.
  • A few words about Radio France.
    Radio France is the french public radio, as NPR is in the US.
    We are the 1fst broadcasting group on podcast downloadi with fifteen millions of downloads every month
    We are aslo leaders on social media on the radio french market
    However, on the web traffic, we still have to catch up
  • Our social media organization, is, I believe quite original and I’m convinced that it’s one of the main reasons wihich explains our success.
    Indeed, the campaigns are not managed day-to-day by the marketing team but by the editorial teams.
    As a matter of fact, we are more like an expert and support team than a supervising one
    We have totally internalized the FB ads campaign management
    which allows us a better reactivity and a weekly contact with Facebook
    Each radio has a dedicated monthly budget and a great freedom of action.Advantages :- High reaction speed to hot news- Many low cost small thematic fine targeted campaigns which engage very well
  • It’s very difficult to obtain french market data from Facebook. Here are EMEA key figures
    I am convinced that the numbers are quite similar for France
    CPC remains low for the moment, but I don’t think it will last forever
  • For a public service group like us with such a strong broadcasting power, one might wonder why social media are so important for us.
    Here is the answer
  • Radio France’s sub investment on digital for more than 10 years resulted in a huge delay
    In 2011, everything changed, a new strategy and significant resources were settled
  • We tackled on social media for two main reasons
    Firstly, to create a community
  • Then, to engage with our listeners and increase in visibiity
  • To measure our actions, we mainly use 4 KPI’s
    nothing really new but still a good thing to remenber
    First of all, our reach :
    Is the number of people we reach increasing properly ?
  • Secondly, the trafic we generate from our social media actions.
    In the end, what we want is bringing people on our sites and applications
    On french media sites, the traffic share from Facebook is about 4%. Ours is now about 6%
  • Thirdly, the number of pages per visit we generate. Why ?
    Because we can therefore check the good quality of the visits and if the visitors are likely to become a regular audience
  • Finally, engagement of course
    Because we want to interact with our readers and listeners
  • You cannot succeed at the beginning
  • Thanks to Facebook ads we have noticed a huge increase in our number of fans within one year.
    The ads have enabled the starting of an organic growth engine which is now largely self feeds
  • lessons:The link is not very attractive, the holiday season is not exactly the perfect moment for traffic generation, the targeting is not well advised
    We could have targeted on : Pink Floyd without hashtag, the name of the group leader the group member names, the well known album tracks ...)
  • I woukd like to show you seven major mistakes we made, which might be useful to know
    Firstly: ad positioning.
    We’ve tried out the sidebar ads. We failed
  • Usually, the sidebar is not effective
  • Secondly, the ad format itself.
    Some are not very effective. This is probably why Facebook decided to remove a lot of them few months ago
    We’ve tried the search ad format. We used it until it was withdrawn, but only occasionally and for LIVE events
  • Targeting is probably what explains our good performance.A large number of small campaigns is more effective than few big onesBut it requires a work organization and ressources to do so.
  • This is a specificity of Radio France to be listened to in many countries around in the world
    Firstly we used ads to takle the French-speaking countries. Now, everything’s fine
  • Here you can see that seventy five percents of France Culture fans are not French fans.
    And I can assure you that they are not fake fans
  • This is a very important point : the copyrighting rules !
    You need to carefully work out your headlines.
    Advantage of our organization: headlines are very editorializedDrawbacks of our organization: they are sometimes not enough marketed and catchy
  • You need a beautiful, strong engaging photo.
    A picture means more than 10 words
  • Here are two examples
    On the left hand side a post On Jacky O
    « Everything you didn’t know about Jackie O ».
    Catchy headline, short, efective
    + a link
    + a hashtag
    + a nice photo
    On the right hand side
    A far too long text
    Misplaced arrows
    An unattractive photo
  • The lack of precise measure is a big mistake
  • Here You can see the evolution curve of the Facebook traffic on France Bleu
    As you can see the traffic has ben significantly growing for one year. The new France Bleu website was launched in November 2012.
    As you can also see, Google+ doesn’t break out in France…
  • OK, enough about our mistakes, Let’s talk about what works now
  • Targeting users according to other brands they like works fine.
  • To be clear, the ads in the timeline are what work the best for a while now. It is more expensive but much more effective.
    We use page post link ads on a daily basis with great success.
    This ad allows us to generate engagement and traffic
  • Tip 3, page like ad. We use it for long term campaigns
    It allows us to support the increase of our fan base
    Quite simple to monitor and set-up and very effective
  • Page post photo and video ads are the best ads to engage.
    This kind of ad generates a lot of shares and likes
  • This ad is just the most effective in generating apps downloads.
    Particularly useful for Google Play rankings which require a steady increase in downloads
    There are still few advertisers in France on this format but it is already changing. To be monitored closely
  • let us set a record of the past year for Radio France
  • After a learning curve of almost 2 years, we are very satisfied with the CTR and CPC we reach now, much far much better than the French market ones.
    As we’ll probably be unable to improve these figures, we will focus on other KPIs next year
  • Let me talk about next year strategy now
  • We have four keys for our strategy
    Firtly, Accelerating on Mobile App Install Ads
    Mobile traffic explodes in Europe also, we need to win more and more users everyday
    Secondly, Bringing CRM ad Social CRM together
    As a state company we are concerned about providing Facebook with more data on our listeners than they already have
    Thirdly, Test new formats
    New formats should be tested as soon as possible, in order to benefit from them while there are few advertisers
    Finally, Performance
    We still need to significantly improve the traffic generated on our sites and applications via Facebook
  • Thank you for your attention.
    I hope this presentation has been helpful and I wish you succesful campaigns
  • Best practice Facebook Ads : Use Case Radio France

    1. 1. Facebook Ads at Radio France Use case 2012/2013 Virginie Clève CMO & COO / Radio France New Media
    2. 2. Highlights • • • • • • • Knowing Radio France EMEA market key figures Why using Facebook Ads at Radio France ? 7 mistakes to avoid 5 tips to succeed 2013 achievements The future
    3. 3. About us 1st broadcasting group made of 7 complementary radios More than 5 million listeners everyday Monthly podcasts download : 15 millions worldwide 3.5 million unique visitors every month 1.75 million Facebook fans 1.3 million Twitter followers
    4. 4. Social Media at Radio France 8 CMs (one per radio and one to manage the corporate page) + 1 Social Media Product Manager in the marketing team Strategy, budgets, training, reporting and studies are concentrated within the Marketing team Campaigns are implemented by the CMs to meet the needs and opportunities of each radio
    5. 5. Key Figures European market Lower CPC, CPM & CPI Higher CTR Source : Salesforce
    6. 6. Why #1 MistakeFacebook Ads on a media website ?
    7. 7. We have redesigned our entire online editorial offer in 2011 We wanted it to be known and did not have any email database Therefore we chose social media
    8. 8. Increasing our fanbase
    9. 9. Increasing our visibility
    10. 10. KPI #1 Reach
    11. 11. KPI #2 Traffic Traffic generated on our websites
    12. 12. KPI #3 Page views/visit on the Facebook source 3 KPI’s
    13. 13. KPI #4 Engagement
    14. 14. Mistake #1 beginning, we made mistakes At the
    15. 15. History January 2012 : First test on FiP February 2012 : Globally the test is conclusive Mars 2012 : Display on the 8 Radio France’s major pages Radio France’s page-fangrowth in 2012 : 355%
    16. 16. First campaign First test : The Pink Floyd on FIP From 05/12/2011 to 01/01/2012 Budget : 350$ / CPM Target : #Pink Floyd Estimated audience : 800 000 people Results : CTR : 0.027% CPM : 0.09€ 254 087 persons seen it, 98% paid.
    17. 17. Mistake #1 Wrong Ad positioning Domain Ads High CPC, Poor CTR  We’ve given up The ads right column does not work anymore Source : TechWyse
    18. 18. Mistake #1 Few characters, low visibility, not very appealing and a tiny visual
    19. 19. Mistake #2 Wrong Ad format : The search result Ad Some ad format don’t work on your market. Give it a try and know when to give up Not expensive but gave few results. Useful only for events. Facebook withdrew it last summer
    20. 20. Mistake #3 Bad/No targeting Large targeting : More expensive, poor efficency Precise targeting : Cheaper, good efficency Better 10 small welltargeted campaigns than a widely targeted one
    21. 21. Mistake #4 Targeting only your country, not your language For several months, we’ve targeted French-speaking countries Now everything’s fine. The traffic from North Africa is huge, but organic. This contributes to our public service mission Many French-speaking countries around the globe
    22. 22. Language Targeting
    23. 23. Mistake #5 Not working out the headlines They are at least as important as the pictures if not more for a media website It’s tricky at Radio France as editorial content ads are managed by publishers Huge need for regular training
    24. 24. Mistake #6 Choosing the wrong photos An effective Ad needs a beautiful , strong, engaging picture Emotion leads to « like » and sharing
    25. 25. Headlines optimisation
    26. 26. Mistake #7 No Analytics tracking You need to know : -The Facebook paid traffic part -The number of generated PV’s -What they read, what they listen to, what they do,… -Who they are Our CM use bitly to track and analyse clics.
    27. 27. Analytics traffic - Social Media traffic share on a local news website like France Bleu in November 2013 : 20% - 84% of the social media traffic comes from Facebook. - 25% are paid. Source : AT Internet
    28. 28. Mistake #1 Then we made it
    29. 29. Tip #1 Target similar audiences Promoting the new France Info advertising campaign “I learned it on France Info“ We targeted fans of several news media press, TV and Radio. About 0,15/0,20€ per fan Quite expensive but highly qualified fans, good retention & audience generation to come
    30. 30. Tip #2 Ads that works Page Post Link Ad Used on a daily basis It works very well because we have a strong brand and a very good catchy content Source : TechWyse
    31. 31. Tip #3 Ads that works Page Like Ad Used for long term campaigns Very useful for a fair increase in our fanbase Source : TechWyse
    32. 32. Tip #4 Ads that works Page Post Photo Ad Page Post Video Ad Used on a daily basis Very useful to engage Very useful to generate video views Source : TechWyse
    33. 33. Tip #5 Ads that works Mobile App Install Ad Used in long term campaigns for existing apps Used heavily in the launching of new applications Very useful to generate installs
    34. 34. Mistake #1 2012/2013 statement
    35. 35. 2012/2013 Radio France 01/2012 Radio France 11/2013 France 2013 Average CTR 0.027% 0.45% 0.04% Average CPC 0.32€ 0.05€ 0.31€ (0.40$) Test, test, test… and learn
    36. 36. 2014 Strategy
    37. 37. 2014 Strategy utur Accelerating on Mobile App Install Ads Bringing CRM ad Social CRM together Testing new formats For example, UPPA (Unpublished Page Post Ads) Performance 10% of traffic from social networks, maintaining a great engagement rate without increasing investments
    38. 38. Mistake #1 Thank you To keep in touch : @largow
    39. 39. Virginie Clève CMO & COO / Radio France New Media