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Google Enhances Sitelinks


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Sitelinks launched in 2009 to: Increase amount of information within ad space, increase relevancy for user, and increase click volume. Google is always asking, "How cane we make this better?"

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Google Enhances Sitelinks

  1. 1. Google Enhances Sitelinks .
  2. 2. More Options = More Clicks? Sitelinks launched in 2009 to: Increase amount of information within ad space Increase relevancy for user Increase click volume On average, Google says the CTR is about 30% higher for ads with sitelinks than for those without. Up to 6 sitelinks can be displayed in one ad Must be in position 1 or 2 of SERP Sitelinks perform well, but Google always asks: “How can we make this better?” 2 .
  3. 3. Sitelink FormatsNormal Ad with Sitelinks:Normal “side” SERP ad with text below headline:Images courtesy: 3 .
  4. 4. The “Hybrid” Sitelink Ad: Cool! How can I get these for my client/business?  First, You must have sitelinks enabled. Sitelinks must also appear in position 1 or 2  Google: “Account must contain active ads closely related to your sitelinks”  In other words: Great relevancy, CTR, and quality scores Can I see associated metrics specifically for these new sitelinks?  Currently, there is no way to segment these from normal sitelinks within AdWords; may be a future release. Image courtesy: 4 .