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Observation exercise oscar vazquez


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Assignment #2 Observation Exercise
Oscar Vazquez

Published in: Education
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Observation exercise oscar vazquez

  1. 1. Observation Exercise Oscar Vazquez
  2. 2. Based on the storelayout you are forced to talk with someone tocheck any product, most of the time people did not enter. Look like a dentist place
  3. 3. I visited this dancingplace and never noticedthe big disco ball in the middle
  4. 4. A lot of free space notused, seems to be a very poor store
  5. 5. Many people and goodservice, but is not easy to view the backproducts and loos some opportunities
  6. 6. Good product varietybut a really bad service
  7. 7. Typical shoe store, it’s amaizing how all look the same. Nobody can see theproduct on the top shelf are to high
  8. 8. All products are mixed is not easy to find something