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Birth Time Rectification

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8 btr

  1. 1. Presented byDaivagnyaSiromaniOVN MURTHY,M.Com.FCS.DPA
  2. 2. The moment you sit to dorectifications of a person’sbirth chart please checkthe time chart of thatmoment. If moon signifies6th, 8th and 12th housesthen don’t do therectification at that time.
  3. 3. Now note down the RP of thelagan or ascendant, moon andday lord and also note downthe position of the planets(which planets are together theaspects of the planetsrepresentatives of the nodes)then go for the rectificationanalysis.
  4. 4. RULING PLANETSThe Ruling Planets are :1. Ascdt Sign Lord,2. Ascdt Star Lord,3. Ascdt Sub – Lord.4. Moon Sign Lord,5. Moon Star Lord,6. Moon Sub – Lord.7. Day Lord.{ In the descending order of Strength.}Ruling Planets coupled with the events of anindividual constitute an excellent method of “RECTIFICATION” of birth time.
  5. 5. The importance of accuratebirth time need not beexplained to any astrologer.It is basic foundation stone for the scienceof Astrology.In this modern age everyperson tries his best to registeraccurate birth time of a newborn child.
  6. 6. However due to reasonsbeyond one’s control thenoted birth time may notbe accurate i.e. equal toastrological birth time,though the differencemay be negligible.
  7. 7. But considering the fastmovement of the ascendant(which is about 1 degree of arcin 4 minutes or 1 minute of arcin about 4 seconds) thisnegligible difference results inchange of sub of ascendantand/or other cusps. .
  8. 8. As a result of this, predictionsmay fail because in KPcomplete process of predictionis dependent on these Cuspalsub-lords. This is main reasonwhy birth time rectificationbecomes essential..
  9. 9. There are many methods forrectifying the birth time used bythe followers of differentschools of astrology. However,apart from the complexitythese methods/techniques arenot consistent in their resultsand hence are not reliable
  10. 10. But we are limiting our scopefor KP only. KP Astrologersfraternity knows that ourGuruji Late Prof. K.S.Krishnamurti had elaboratelyexplained in his Readers howthe concept of Ruling Planetscan be used to rectify the birthtime.
  11. 11. Efforts were and are being madeby some senior, learned andexperienced astrologers to finetune this concept based on theirresearch. On detailed study ofsuch methods, I came toconclusion that there is a roomfor improvements based onfollowing observations.
  12. 12. a) Rectification up to sublevel gives a variation ofaround 3 to 20 minutes incorrected birth time. Thisvariation can be reducedby taking sub-sub level intoconsideration.
  13. 13. b) Only RP Moon isconsidered while correctingNatal Ascendant. Otherstronger RPs i.e. AscendantSign lord and Ascendant starlord could have been put toeffective use for rectification.
  14. 14. c) There is no doubt thatthe Moon is the fastestmoving Planet. Butmovement of Lagna(Ascendant) is 25 to 28times faster than that ofMoon.
  15. 15. In this process of rectification,the longitude of the Natal Asc.(Fast moving body) is beingcorrected with the help oflongitude of the RP Moon(comparatively much slowmoving body).
  16. 16. After giving due considerationto all these points, I would liketo present a simple andreliable technique for birthtime rectification.It is explained in followingparagraphs:
  17. 17. 1. Cast the chart for thetime and place of judgment.Note down the RPAscendant and RP Mooncorrect up to sub-sub level.Also note down that Rahu /Ketu represent.
  18. 18. 2. Calculate the position ofNatal Moon up to sub-sublevel. Then with the help ofRP Ascendant and giventime of birth correct thelongitude of Natal Moonup to sub-sub level.
  19. 19. Note that here we areusing RP Ascendant (fast moving object) tocorrect the longitude ofNatal Moon(comparatively slowmoving object).
  20. 20. Thus strongest RulingPlanets –Ascendant sign lord andAscendant star lord- areused in correcting thebirth time.
  21. 21. 3 Corresponding to thiscorrected Natal moonposition find out the NatalAscendant(s). Now, checkand correct the NatalAscendant(s) with the RPmoon.
  22. 22. Here we are using pair ofnext powerful RulingPlanets-Moon sign lordand the star lord-to finetune corrected NatalAscendant(s).
  23. 23. The time when thisascendant rises is found tobe most accurateastrological birth time. Letus now see how theseprincipals are applied in areal life cases.
  24. 24. I SUNDAY MEET