Conventions of a music video


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Conventions of a music video

  1. 1. Conventions of a Music Video
  2. 2. • ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ is a song by Katy Perry from her Teenage Dream album. The song has sold over 2,405,000 copies in the US. The video was directed by Marc Klasfield and co-directed by John Hughes.
  3. 3. • The video for Last Friday Night is set out like an american high school film. Music videos often emulate films as many of the target audience are film fans, particularly of teen/high school movies and givs the impression it has more to offer.
  4. 4. • Also it can have more avenues of advertising with character profiles, for example Katy Perry plays a teenage girl called Kathy Beth Terry. With this she has done interviews playing the character. Also in the music video they use well known celebrities like Rebecca Black to further the publicity of the song.
  5. 5. • This video works as part of a much bigger promotinal campaign, profiles on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook as a way of advertising but on a much larger scale than other artists.
  6. 6. • Katy Perry uses the idea of an alter ego (Kathy Beth Terry) like Lady Gaga as ‘Jo Calderone’. The idea of using alter egos have been used in the past however they’re coming back into fashion within the music industry world.
  7. 7. • The opening of the video compromises of establishing shots of the suburban house, Katy’s room before and after the party, Rebecca Black’s house. These help the audience establish the setting. Throughout they also use long and midshots of celebrities playing characters to allow audience to recognise them. They also use midshots to show Katy Perry singing to the words to give a mix of acting and performing so there is still a relationship between the song and the video.
  8. 8. • Close ups of Katy Perry particularly when she has been transformed from ‘geek’ to ‘popular’ to focus on stereotypes which everyone in everyday life do and helps the audience relate to the video. This also reinforces her as the star. The camera shows Katy singing along to the lyrics to establish her as the singer to the audience. However the camera also focuses on celebrities like Rebecca Black because it gives the video higher status, helps the celebrity keep in the public eye and associated with other celebrities. Goodwin noted this as a convention of music videos.
  9. 9. • As Goodwin suggests there is a relationship between the video and lyrics, for example the actions fit with lyrics like “there’s a stranger in my bed” with a boy sleeping next to her and “pictures of last night ended up online” with her looking at pictures on her laptop from the night before.
  10. 10. • The intertexuality of the video is set in modern day with a theme of an American high school movie. However the costumes have an 80’s theme because a lot of american high school movies such as The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Some Kind of Wonderful and Back To The Future came out in the 80’s.
  11. 11. • The bright clothing shows the youth and gives off a party theme however can appeal to a wide audience such as young teenagers plus older adults who had their childhood or teenage years in the 80’s. The genre of the song (pop) also appeals to both audiences.