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Communicating Behaviour


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a presentation to Melbourne CHIsig about the use of mental models in a website redesign

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Communicating Behaviour

  1. 1. Communicating Behaviour using mental models in a website redesign
  2. 2. Chris Marmo Jeremy Yuille @kurisu @overlobe Reuben Stanton Marius Foley @absent
  3. 3. Tonight... 1. An overview of the ABC Pool redesign 2. What a mental model is and how we made ours 3. Group Activity
  4. 4. We conducted... Eight one-on-one user interviews current users and those who had never seen Pool Twelve interviews with ABC staff interns to the managing director Eight usability tests 4 before, 4 during A workshop with media students Identified as a key target group + 73 Survey responses
  5. 5. This is what we ended up with
  6. 6. ?!
  7. 7. Enter the Mental Model
  8. 8. "Mental models give you a deep understanding of people's motivations and thought processes, along with the emotional and philosophical landscape in which they are operating." why use a mental model?
  9. 9. "To create a mental model you talk to people about what they're doing, look for patterns, and organize those patterns from the bottom up into a model." how do you make one?
  10. 10. Define your segments
  11. 11. Talk to them
  12. 12. Comb the results
  13. 13. Clump
  14. 14. know when people look at my work look at other see what's Make a Tell a story people's on the front project work page host a link to my contribute look at other create an browse a build a conversatio work from to a people's archive project reputation n elsewhere program profiles bookmark comment on create new Make download share other describe learn how Access the curate things to classify my Upload someone see what's ways to something share ideas fill time interesting people's myself to to make my ABC submissions come back content content else's work cool connect to new work work others work better archives for and ideas audiences find classify receive get to know mentor access skills watch or find out follow up collaborate Find people something share my someone belong to a display my feedback on the people emerging & capacity get my work remix stuff listen to rate content about new after a radio on a project to work with I'm work else's community work my work behind the media outside the on the ABC content submissions program interested in content and ideas work creators ABC find stuff connect extend the collaborate make a flag stuff as classify belong to a put my stuff feedback on get to know see what's develop as a get my stuff make stuff look at stuff I'm share stuff through reach of the on a project project interesting stuff community in the pool work people happening professional on the ABC interested in other media ABC produce something gather interesting stuff belong to a media community be a part of the ABC Model It
  15. 15. Analyse it
  16. 16. Design it
  17. 17. now... lets make one.
  18. 18. @kurisu @overlobe thanks!