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Valkuilen en successen van workplace innovation bij philips


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Deze presentatie is gegeven tijdens het Congres Over Het Nieuwe Werken op 6 december 2012 in Nieuwegein. Kijk voor meer informatie op

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Valkuilen en successen van workplace innovation bij philips

  1. 1. Valkuilen en successen van PhilipsWorkplace InnovationCreating a great place to work!Kluwer, December 6th, 2012
  2. 2. 1A. Workplace Innovation Program (WPI 2.0)Waarom doen we dit? VisionA key part of our company mission is to make Philips a great placeto work for people who share our passion.Our goal with WPI is to enable an empowering, innovative andcollaborative way of working;•One that drives a high performance culture,•One that fosters a trust-based employee relationship,•One that enables an inspired human network.
  3. 3. WPI 2.0 - Strategic DirectionWe will make Philips a great place to work Vision Drivers BenefitsA key part of our company Enable collaborative &mission is to make Philips a agile work interactions,great place to work for foster innovationpeople who share ourpassion Eager to winOur goal with WPI is to Attraction & retention ofenable an empowering, talents: Work flexibilityinnovative and collaborative and autonomy, inspiring & WPIway of working; fun work environment•One that drives a high Take Team upperformance culture, Ownership to excel Work wherever, whenever; just deliver = Productivity•One that fosters a trust- focused way of workingbased employee relationship,•One that enables an inspired Supports brand valuehuman network. and sustainability
  4. 4. WPI 2.0 - Guiding PrinciplesA great place to work – one level deeper Bring in our customers Productivity not presenteeism: and candidates Performance counts, time at the Be proud of our brand & products office doesn‟t.Health & wellbeing is choosing Eager to win Be agile & lean to deliver.your work life balance Welcome to an innovationYour work, your life, your way playground, make the best out of it WPIWorking remotely is working Break the barriersBeing mobile doesnt hamper Take Team up Walk the floor, sit next to yourcareer progression or results Ownership to excel peers & leaders, interact fluidly Manage what is delivered, Connect, share, learn. entrust how its delivered Collaborate with your colleagues, Manage by output and results. formally and informally.
  5. 5. WPI 2.0 - Inspiring WorkplacesWPI brings collaborative, interactive work environments. In WPI, you are not fixed to an office:Instead, you choose your work setting depending on the activity you need to do. 5
  6. 6. 1B. WPI: wat houdt het in?Core elements of Workplace Innovation New ways of working Activity Based Working Cutting edge Shared working environment with right IT solutions mix of work settings 6
  7. 7. WPI 2.0 - The WPI PackageWhat we deliver in a WPI project Employee Workplace Facilitated team Employee involvement Support local HR with Support with initiatives effectiveness in WPI design & WPI proof Labour (first day, clean up workshops implementation Agreements archives, comms) Performance-based Knowledge sharing on Work – life balance & Remote working policy management training new ways of working, Ergonomic guidance. and mobility policy (in progress) change agent networks (parking, commuting) IT tools: laptop, mobile Reliable & controllable Connectivity at the Printing and scanning phone, smart phone, e-mail functionality from workplace: Wireless & of documents on keyboard, mouse work & home LAN across building printers that follow you Bring your own device Productivity Training & Virtual meetings: policy & support collaboration tools Roundtable, Screens & (in progress) HD Beamers An inspiring, Variety of work settings Office design based on Work settings based on collaborative depending on the activities business and regional space analysis and work environment you need to perform requirements work style evaluation Attractive workplace, Productivity-focused Project Management living the Philips brand neighborhood planning (Design, Tenders, (Lean & E2E) Construct, Move-in)
  8. 8. People New Ways of Working• Guidance for manager & employee• Guiding framework (WPI principles)• Guide for working around the office• Guide for privacy, concentration and comfort• Visitors 8
  9. 9. People 2 WPI profiles: Mobile & Assigned • Equipped with IT for mobility inside and outside the office (laptop, mobile WPI Profile phone, wireless, etc.). • Not tied to a specific desk. Mobile • Choice of work settings (activity-based working). • Assigned to a specific desk for medical or IT reasons (special screens or heavy duty desktop or other non standard equipment). WPI Profile • Only open work settings can be assigned in a WPI office. Assigned • Same protocols as for Mobile profiles apply, including the clean desk policy.Note that employees that spend 100% in the office or need to work close toeach other are not Assigned in a WPI office unless for special IT reasons:See neighborhood space definition in WPI Glossary. 9
  10. 10. Place: mix of work settingsShared and activity-based workplaces Open work settings • For regular office work in open space. • Equipped with height adjustable desk, high quality task chair and a 22" monitor. • Wired and wireless network, power supply. Enclosed work settings • For concentrated/confidential tasks, phone calls or Connect Webmeeting. • Equipped with height adjustable desk, high quality task chair and a 22" monitor. (Optional IP Phone.) • Wired and wireless network, power supply. Touch down work settings • For short/brief tasks (up to two hours only). • Wireless network, power supply. 10
  11. 11. PlaceShared and activity-based workplaces Breakout spaces • Small, medium and large breakout spaces for informal meetings. • Informal furniture. • Wireless network available. Meeting rooms • Meeting rooms for formal meetings: 4-6 p (small), 6-8 p (medium) and8-12 p (large). • Equipped with power/data outlets, adequate teleconferencing & presentation facilities. • Wireless network available. 11
  12. 12. Technology IT provisioning • Laptop by default, light weight laptop as optional. • Connect Chat as primary communications channel (audio/video).WPI Worker • Mobile phone as standard, with optional domestic data service and international calling. Smart phone as exceptional. • Aircard by exception. • Desktop by default. • Monitor, keyboard and mouse as default peripherals.Assigned to a desk • Connect Chat as primary communications channel (audio/video) • Mobile phone. • Fixed (IP) phone if job requires. • One conference phone (pref. Round Table) per collaborative worksetting.Worksetting • Option: one fixed IP phone in every enclosed environment (law driven). 12
  13. 13. A day in the office Global video Philips Discover WPI-subtitles-low.wmv 13
  14. 14. 2. Voorbeelden van WPI wereldwijd 14
  15. 15. WPI in Gurgaon - India: Opening February 2009472 seats; 520 headcount 15
  16. 16. WPI in HTCE - Netherlands: Opening February 20101344 seats;1728 headcount 16
  17. 17. WPI in Sao Paulo – Brazil: Opening August 2010762 seats; 1.100 headcount 17
  18. 18. WPI in Lisbon– Portugal: Opening March 201198 seats; 130 headcount
  19. 19. Inhoud1. Workplace Innovation (WPI) Program – Waarom doen we dit? – WPI: wat houdt het in?2. Voorbeelden van WPI wereldwijd3. Waar staan we vandaag: wat hebben we geleerd? – „Lessons learned‟ – Belang Change Management – WPI Survey (enquette) – Sustaining management 19
  20. 20. 3. Lessons Learned in Overall WPI Program• Integral approach (HR, IT, RE) is needed from the start for successful implementation• Change Management is crucial: HR to lead the way! Local Management Team is key in the change process• Behavior in the office, use of work settings needs frequent reminders• Right mix of work settings is essential for WPI• Extra attention needed for Acoustics in the office environment• Colorful designs and more Philips Branding in the office.• Timely alignment with local FM supplier on impact on FM services• The good results achieved so far in WPI locations require proper sustaining management by Business leads and HR "We have a much better team spirit, and we can communicate with each other quickly and easily. Our people are proud that we managed to implement WPIwhen there seemed to be so many reasons not to. If we have any regrets, its that we didnt do this sooner!" 20
  21. 21. 3. Where we are today (Q4 2012)• Around 8.000 employees adapted New Ways of Working in WPI offices over the globe (in 26 offices of 33 in scope)• On average 3 out of 4 employees favor WPI office above former office• Overall satisfaction increase 20-40% Key for success: integral approach HR / RE / IT  HR in the lead! Management to lead by example!Top 3 satisfiers: 1 I can easily share information and collaborate with my team 2 The office is an energizing and inspiring place to work 3 The space is stimulating interaction and knowledge exchange 21
  22. 22. 3. EES: engagement improved significantly in WPIprojects“My work environment is energizing and inspiring”: Philips Overall 64% (2010) Completed WPI sites before after – Stockholm 27% 65% – Istanbul 44% 77% – Eindhoven-HTC 39% 57%* – Sao Paulo 46% 75% 22
  23. 23. 3. WPI Surveys monitor improvement: Sao PauloOverall satisfaction increased from 39 % to 56% 23
  24. 24. 3 - Change ProcessHow to manage change into new ways of working – Change Management methodology Initiate Plan Execute Close ControllingSense of Vision and Communicate Broad Short Term Plan More Anchor in Guiding TeamUrgency Strategy for Buy-In Empowerment Wins Change Culture Align Leaders Drive Change Adoption Change Adoption Survey Stakeholder Analysis Communications Plan Quick Wins & Bright Spots Change Impact Assessment Learning Plan Change Agent Network Manager Coaching Case for Change/ Elevator Pitch Leadership Action Plan Change Champion Recognition Reward & Recognition Lessons Learned 24
  25. 25. 3. Communicate openly and fairWPI 2.0 - Pains & GainsWe acknowledge that its not always an easy transition,but it‟s an important one to build a great place to work. You will lose comfort… … but you will gain agilityNo personal workplace (i.e. family portraits) Work anywhere, anytime.Less privacy & less comfort to handle Sit with your colleagues, interact informally.confidential information Create and share knowledge fluidly. LearnNo “clear 9-5 at the office” quicker and make decisions faster.Managers and colleagues don‟t have their Choose a work setting suiting your needs.teams always physically available. Focus on what you need to get done, notSwitch to virtual work, learn new tools. on extra hours at the office.Less hierarchical perks (i.e. office size) Avoid long commutes when unnecessaryWorking closer means more office buzz Work on IT facilitated inspiring environment
  26. 26. Philips current office data• Around 48.600 office employees (including R&D) – Of which 50% in 30 larger locations – Of which 7.500 already on NWoW/WPI• Average office occupancy (based on time utilization studies): 40-60%.• After implementing WPI: average office occupancy: 70-80% 26
  27. 27. Questions? 27
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