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How to overcome laziness and procrastination and ignite your inner drive! Visit: http://energyandmotivation.com

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Positive Power

  1. 1. by Rotem Cohen EnergyAndMotivation.com-----------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: The information in this report is for educational purposes only and is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional advice of any kind.----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright © 2012
  2. 2. Get the complete Positive Power Pack108 minutes of audio (+transcripts) to help youovercome laziness and procrastination and ignite your inner drive… Click here to get it now (FREE Download) Hi, this is Rotem and you are listening to Positive Power. So what is positive power anyway? Besides a cool title for this program, what I mean is that combination of inner drive, energy (both physical and mental) and a clear sense of purpose and direction in life that when are combined, give you the power to control and direct your life, overcome procrastination, avoid laziness, break bad habits, being in control and taking consistent action toward your goal. So, I hope this makes sense and even if it doesn’t, just keep listening with an open ear and an open mind and enjoy… Now, allow me to introduce myself really quickly. My name is Rotem Cohen. I am 35 and live in Israel and so my main language is Hebrew if you were wondering about the accent. Anyway, if you want to find out more about me, just visit energyandmotivation.com and go to the above page. What I really wanted to tell you is that I’m a very happy individual. I’m happy. I’m energetic. I’m self motivated. I have a strong inner drive, but I wasn’t always like that. In fact, up until a few years ago, 6 or 7 years ago, I used to be kind of a mess… I was lost. I was always tired. I used to sleep a lot. Actually, I used to oversleep up to 14 hours a day. I also had some bad habits from smoking to poor eating to even gambling for a period of time. Because I lacked this sense of direction in my life, I didn’t where I was going. I didn’t know what I want from my life. I was totally unmotivated. I had a very low inner drive and I was miserable most of the time, even if you couldn’t see it on me. But as I said, I’ve gone through a huge transformation and a lot of it is just from reading and listening to programs just the one you’re listening to now. I think I’ve listened to about 50 audio books and audio programs and read a few books and not only I’m energetic and I never oversleep anymore. I’ve also drastically improved my diet and a couple of years ago, I’ve even stopped smoking, which you may be able to appreciate if you are a smoker or had been a smoker. But anyway, I own 2 websites, a-sleep.com and energyandmotivation.com and I’ve even got myself certified as a life coach because I have this burning desire to keep learning and improving as a person and also to share what I learned with others. In fact, I have helped many, many 2
  3. 3. people improve their lives by sharing a lot of this information and experience that I’vegathered over the years.I really hope you get a lot from this program and let’s jump straight to the point and letme tell you the first skill that you need to acquire or to develop in order to make thiswork for you…It is the skill of awareness. Total awareness. Some call it mindfulness or beingconscious. The idea is to constantly be aware of your thoughts and your actions. Bereally conscious of your inner chatter. Listen to it. Get to know your habits, youractions. What do you, how do you it, how do you feel, why you feel it, what makes youhappy, what makes you energetic?Feel the reactions of your body. Be conscious of your emotions and how they feelin your body. How you react to things. This is the first crucial step towards self changeand self development.The ultimate driving force is happiness. When you’re happy, everything else fallsinto place. Now, the first and most critical thing about happiness is that it is not outsideof you. You need to stop searching outside of you. Happiness is within you. It issomething that you decide to do. You need to decide to be happy and this means thatyou don’t search outside of you because no matter what happens in your life, happinessis something that happens within you, in your mind and in your heart.In a great book titled, “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer, he says - don’t setconditions to your happiness. It’s your responsibility to decide to be happy no matterwhat. No matter what happens in your life… There are stories in history of people thathave gone through terrible, terrible things in their life and they never stopped beinghappy. You need to do that. You need to decide to be happy no matter what happensin your life because you only get one life, and you need to get the most out of it. What’sthe point of wasting your life being miserable or being upset or being angry? Justdecide to be happy no matter what.The next thing is to just be grateful for what you have because you have a lot and youknow it. I don’t need to even get to deep into why you should be grateful. You knowthat you have a lot to be grateful for. Just focus on the things that are good in your life,the things that you love in your life, the things that are good about YOU. If you need,write them down. It is a great exercise. Just get a piece of paper and a pen, and justwrite down the things that you’re grateful for.Lastly, be present. What this means is that the past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’texist. The only thing that exists is now. This moment in time is the only thing that is.All the rest is in your mind, is in your head, is in your imagination. The past is in your 3
  4. 4. memory. The future is in your imagination. It doesn’t exist. Anything can happen atany given moment and the only way to be happy is to live in the “now.”I don’t want to get too philosophical here. Of course that you need to think about thefuture and your life is a reflection of your past in a way. But you need to live in thepresent as much as you can. The idea is that even if you have big goals for your life,what matters is how you live your life right now. It is not about the goals. It is notabout the achievements, not about the things that you want to get, it is about theprocess. It is about the journey. This is not a cliché. It is absolutely true. Just give it atry for a week or a month. Try to be present within the now. Just open your eyes to thefact that this is your life. This is your life now. It doesn’t matter what you have and whatyou don’t have, the problems that you have...Don’t ever let yourself feel as if you’re waiting for something. As if you’re kind of in theprocess of getting to where you want to get to be happy. You can be happy right nowbecause this is the only time you have.The next thing is to set course - to sit in the driver seat of your life. You need tobe in control of your life. Be the director of your life. No matter where you are in yourlife right now, this is the time to set the course. To find your direction. You can evendecide that you are in the right direction but you need to take your life in your hands anddecide that this is your direction. Where you are now, you can decide that this is whereyou want to be. But, decide it. Be in the driver’s seat. Direct your lifeYou may need to find your passion. Depending on where you are in your life, you mayneed to even brainstorm. Again, use pen and paper. Write down the things that exciteyou. Things that interest you. Things that have interested you in the past. Things thatyou think you might be interested in, that might arouse your curiosity and yourexcitement - just write it down. Do some research. Go online and research on thingseven if you’re little bit afraid or unsure about where this will lead you, don’t be afraid toexperiment. Let me give you a quick example from my life.I always wanted to be a race car driver. I love car racing but it’s been pretty unrealisticfor me to get into car racing, mainly because I’m in Israel. I’m not going to get into whythis is it? But basically only up until lately, there was no motor sport in Israel. So itwasn’t realistic for me to even think about getting into car racing. But my point is that foryears, I’ve kind of wept inside on the fact that I wanted to get into car racing but Icouldn’t. It’s like I’ve lived for many years in this sense of miss. Like I’ve missedsomething. Like I’m not living the life that I really wanted to live.But of course I’ve found other passions, I’ve found other ways to get excited about lifeand to do things that interest me. And lately (that’s the main point I’m trying to make -) Ifound a way to live this passion for car racing by doing a little bit of research. Somehow 4
  5. 5. I found myself deep into sim racing. Sim racing is simulated racing. I don’t know if thatinterests you, but did you know that you can race in a simulator, using wheel and pedalsthat you connect to your computer… You can race against other people around theworld and even win prizes, up to thousands of dollars. You can kind of build a race cardriver career online without ever having to sit in a real race car.Now, you might find it a little bit childish. That’s fine. My wife does too. But you knowwhat, I don’t really care. You see, actually, some of the top players in this sim racingindustry are older than me. But anyway, it’s not the point. The point is that if you do alittle bit of research, you might find a passion that is a little bit closer and more feasiblethan something that you want but is not possible for you. Because maybe you wantsomething that is not really realistic or demands too much of you’re that you not reallywilling to give. Because really it all comes down to sacrifice…Maybe you have this passion about something. Something that has always drawn youbut something was preventing… something was blocking you from getting it, maybebecause you just weren’t ready to make the sacrifices needed. Sometimes you justneed to become a different person to do what you really want to do. Sometimes, you’renot read to do that change. You don’t want to become that person.Maybe you’re interested in some kind of sport on one hand, but on the other hand,you’re not really competitive. You don’t have what it takes. You don’t want to becomeanother person in order to achieve that goal.You might find something that is close to it. For example, in the example of a sport,maybe you want to become a coach for that sport. Something like that. I hope you’regetting the idea. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm, research, and even experiment to findsomething that excites you.Finally, when it comes to being in the driver seat is of course to set goals. Now, the 2most important rules to follow when it comes to goal setting are 1) Being specific.Defining exactly what you want and not be vague. 2) State them in a positive way.To set positive goals, not negative goals. The classic example is that you don’t set agoal to lose weight, instead you set a goal to reach a certain weight or a certain size.Now, this is not a course about goal setting but my suggestion to you is to do goalsetting the way that motivates you. Yes, there are some ground rules for goal setting,whole books have been written just about goal setting. But I say, do it the way thatmotivates you. Do not let it confuse you. Do it in a way that motivates you, that makessense to you. But one more thing, don’t forget to set actual goals. It’s not enough toset goals of results that you want to achieve. Things that you want to get but you needto also set action goals. 5
  6. 6. A result goal is “I earn $10,000 a month”, but an actual goal is “I wake up every day at5 a.m. and write for an hour”. Something like that… just of the top of my head. Youneed action goals. “I exercise 15 minutes a day” , these are actual goals.Now, let me ask you this. Do you like yourself? I really hope you do because this iscrucial. If you don’t like yourself enough, you’ll have trouble loving life. You’ll havetrouble expressing and giving love to others. You may or may not know that selfesteem is one of the most critical fundamentals of self-motivation and happinessbecause in very simple terms, you need to really like, love and appreciate yourself inorder to allow yourself to be happy, in order to allow yourself to succeed and to live agreat life.The feeling of being worthy is very important, and how do you do it? You just loveyourself. You like yourself, love yourself, appreciate yourself. Find you strengths andappreciate them. Accept yourself the way you are with all your faults. You are just ahuman being and you have faults and it’s okay. Accept yourself completely the way youare and show this love and appreciation on a daily basis. Tell yourself that you loveyourself. Look in the mirror, smile to yourself and say, “I like you. You’re great. You’reterrific. You’re the man.” Things like that. It sounds silly but it absolutely works.Brian Tracy always says “say to yourself - I like myself, I like myself.” .Now, be kind to yourself. Speak to yourself, inside your head or out loud. Wheneveryou talk to yourself, be kind. Talk to yourself like a good supporting friend. Talk toyourself with respect and love and appreciation. Give yourself a break. Give yourselfchances. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. They say, “Be to others the wayyou want others to be to you.” It’s the same with yourself. Be to yourself. Treatyourself the way you want others to treat you. Be kind to yourself. Be forgiving. Beappreciative and supportive to yourself.This is not just in your mind. This is also practical things. Do good things to yourself.It all comes in full circle with improving yourself. When you improve as a person, whenyou do good things to yourself, when you improve your habits especially your health,you health habits, your lifestyle, you eat better, you exercise. When you make yourbody feel good, you also feel good about yourself. You’re proud of yourself for doingthese good things to yourself. You show your appreciation to your inner self and thismakes your inner self feel worthy and confident and loved. This makes you stronger.What are you afraid of? We all fear something. We all have fears but if you want tolive a great live, if you want to have that sense of control and direction and purpose, youneed to learn how to overcome your fears. I’m not talking about fear like the kind of fearyou feel when you’re chased by a tiger. I’m talking about fear of life. Fear of takingchances. Fear of taking action. Fear of making mistakes. 6
  7. 7. The first thing you need to do is to just face your fear. Just admit it. See it clearly.Define it. Do not avoid it. Do not try to escape from fear. Don’t try to deny it. Admitthat you fear something and face it. Think it through. What are you afraid of exactly?Define it to yourself. What am I afraid of here? What’s stopping me. Why am Ibehaving this way? Why am I being feareful? Comes back to awareness. Be totallyaware of the fear. Feel it. How does this fear feel? Do you feel it in your heart, in yourbody, does it make you tense? Completely confront it. Explain it to yourself. Evenwrite it down. Think it through. What’s the worst case scenario? How am I going todeal with it? Then act in spite of fear.There is a book that says “fail faster”. You need to think differently about fear andfailure. One of the biggest fears in our life is fear of failure. It all boils down to selfesteem. We are afraid to look bad to ourselves and to others. We are afraid of whatothers might think of us. We are afraid of looking foolish or afraid of exposing ourweaknesses. But of course, the truth of the matter is that failure is part of life andfailure is essential for learning, for advancing, for making positive changes inyour life. You have to fail in order succeed. Everybody say that, you know, I’m not thefirst one to say it, so face your fear. Feel the fear and to it anyway., and fail faster.Lastly, I want to talk about how to stay positive for the long term. How do you keepyourself positive, motivated? How to keep on keeping on? How do you stay in thatpositive state? How do you stay self motivated and driven? Well, of course, it’s bydoing all the things that I’ve talked about up until now, but it’s also by making sure to getinspired on a daily basis, either by reading good material or by talking and connectingwith other positive people. If you don’t have this kind of people in your life, maybe youneed to go and search for them.Find supportive, positive, highly driven people. People that you can connect withand that inspire you. Read good books. Listen to audio programs just like this one.There are hundreds of amazing audio books and audio programs out there. I say audiobooks, but you know what I mean. I mean books. I mean programs. I mean homestudy courses, whatever. Read biographies of successful people, of successful orinspiring leaders. Read about happiness.Just find things that inspire you, that keep you elevated and in good mood, and in thispositive state. Just chose to do it and you’ll see that it’s not that difficult. Some peoplechoose to start their day by reading a chapter from a good book that inspires them.That lifts them up.Another very important thing is to have a daily “self session”. It is a session withyourself. You see, you might get in inertia and just forget about what you’ve justlistened to and forget about all these positive thinking stuff. So I believe one of the mostimportant habits to form is just 15-30 minutes every day of being with yourself, to 7
  8. 8. meditate. I want you to create this session with yourself the way that you prefer. Youcan meditate. You can just do some relaxation exercises. You can pray if you want.You can write in a journal. Write your plans. Review your goals. Write a daily positivestatement. Practice affirmations. Make a list of the things that you’re grateful for in yourlife. Whatever makes you feel this elevation, this positivity, that gives you back thisdrive on a daily basis. It’s really, really important.Zig Ziglar (rest in peace) used to say something along the lines of - you don’t brush yourteeth 7 times for the whole week. You brush your teeth every day’. So, that’s exactlythe same thing with motivation. You need to get motivated every day. It’s somethingthat you do daily. You keep yourself in that elevated state. Take this 15-30 minutes,even more if you can of this alone time to be with yourself and reconnect with yourgoals and your driving force.Two more things I have to say here that kind of wrap up all that was said until now andthey are to celebrate success and to have fun. What I mean by that is that 1) Youtake nothing for granted. When you succeed even little success, you celebrate it.You tap yourself on the shoulder. You can reward yourself. Some people really buildthese reward systems. I’m not all for that but, you know, find what’s good for you. Butthe idea is to really celebrate your little success as well as the big ones.Lastly just have fun. Don’t forget to have fun. Whether you have big goals, if youhave a long way to go towards, it doesn’t matter. You need to have fun today. You canenjoy life today. So, you need to find ways to enjoy the journey. Sometimes it can belittle things. Whether it’s spending time with friends. Whether it’s developing aninteresting hobby. Whether it’s spending time with your kids and letting yourself beingcompletely childish. Whether it is just indulging from time to time with some ice cream.Whatever makes you feel good, but not in the sense of comfort. Because there isnothing to comfort for. Just feel good. Just enjoy life. Enjoy the journey as cheesy as itmay sound.When you finish listening to this program, if you remember just one thing, it’s to justhave fun. Just enjoy the journey.So let’s wrap up. Positive power comes from a combination of inner drive, energy,and direction. In order to get it, your first step is to develop high awareness to betotally conscious of yourself especially what’s going on inside your head. Now,obviously, everything works much better when you’re happy. In order to be happy,the first and most critical step is just to decide to be happy. Realize that happinesscomes from within and do not look anywhere else but inside yourself. Also begrateful for all that you have and live in the “now.” Live in the moment. 8
  9. 9. Now, it’s very critical that you sit in the driver’s seat of your life and set the course. Direct your life. Find and follow your passions and set goals. It’s really important that you love yourself. Be kind to yourself or in other words, build your self-esteem day by day because it’s one of the most critical elements to everything good in life, to happiness, to success. Now, in order to be able to take action and achieve your goals, you have to be able to overcome your fears. Now, all fears are basically some form of fear of failure or criticism. So, basically you need to first acknowledge the fact that failure is not only part of life but also essential for success. The second thing is to just face fear head on. Don’t ignore it. Don’t deny it. Feel lit. Be aware of it and act in spite of it. Lastly, in order to stay positive, to stay motivated and driven, you just need to get inspired on a daily basis whether it’s through relationships, whether it’s through consuming good material and also by making sure to give yourself at least 15 minutes every day of just sitting with yourself and relaxing, connecting with your goals, being grateful, practicing affirmations, meditating. Whatever works for you. Last but not least of course is to remember always to enjoy the journey. Remember to have fun and celebrate life. Live in the “now” and try to experience life at its fullest. So, this wraps up Positive Power. I hope you get a lot from it. I recommend that you listen to my other programs, Supercharge Your Energy and the Sleep Optimization Guide to get the fullest benefits. This is Rotem Cohen of EnergyAndMotivation.com, your inner drive coach. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride and Thank You for listening. Get the complete Positive Power Pack108 minutes of audio (+transcripts) to help youovercome laziness and procrastination and ignite your inner drive… Click here to get it now (FREE Download) 9