Judicious selection of airline carrier and travel agency


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Travelling in India by air was a luxury only a few could afford due to exorbitantly priced tickets.

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Judicious selection of airline carrier and travel agency

  1. 1. • Travelling in India by air was a luxury only a few could afford due to exorbitantly priced tickets. Things, however, started looking brighter for middle class passengers with the advent of reputable travel agencies who could get the lowest flight tickets for passengers. • Air travel is considered the safest, most convenient, and the quickest way of moving from one geographic location to other. The high priced tickets, though, often deter a large number of passengers from opting for this mode of travel. • A journey that takes 18 hours by train can be completed in three hours by air. However, the high cost associated with this mode of transport forces common commuters to maintain a safe distance from it.
  2. 2. • They opt for it only in case of an emergency where time is at a premium. Other than that, middle class commuters do not let even their thoughts wander in that direction. • Globalization opened up Indian skies, and quite a few budget airlines (also known as low-cost carriers or no-frills airlines) set up shop in India. This proved to be a real boon for domestic travelers since air travel all of a sudden became affordable and within their reach. • Indian tourism and travel sector also benefitted a lot from opening of the Indian economy. Tourists from all over the world could now easily visit this beautiful and historically rich country.
  3. 3. • The advent of budget airlines and dependable travel agencies made any journey a convenient and totally hassle free one. They both joined hands to provide the lowest flight tickets to ordinary travelers as well as tourists. • In the following section we shall deal with low-cost carriers and which business models they adopt to compensate for the lost revenue resulting from low priced tickets. • We shall also look at the performance of some eminent travel agencies and portals and see how they can help tourists have first-hand experience of a culturally rich and diverse country.
  4. 4. 1. What are Low Cost or Discount Airlines and how do they function? • Budget airlines are airlines that charge lesser than other air carriers and provide fewer comforts. They usually make up for the lost revenue through higher seat occupancy, higher passenger volume, and by charging extra for food, priority boarding, etc. • These airlines also have a low turnaround time, more crew productivity level, and a higher aircraft utilization rate. They also make use of low cost carrier terminals to reduce their operating cost. • They often come up with periodic schemes, attractive discounts, and low priced tickets to entice consumers and trump their competitors.
  5. 5. • These air carriers have aircrafts that often operate with a minimum set of optional equipment. This reduces both maintenance and acquisition cost along with keeping the weight of the aircraft low to save on fuel. • It is often seen that these low-cost carriers target the same customer segment. As such there is heavy competition among them to capture larger market share. • A discerning traveler can take advantage of the price wars between these budget airlines to avail of the lowest air fare in India. A judicious selection of travelling days and a reputable travel agency can allow them to enjoy air travel without putting too much strain on their pocket.
  6. 6. 2. How can a Professional Travel Agency help? • Experienced and ethical travel agencies can make your journey comfortable as well as inexpensive. They tie up with major budget airlines to get the best deal for their clients. • Overall Travel is India’s leading online travel solution provider. Online flight ticket booking through this agency will ensure a happy, convenient, and hassle free experience for you. • High air fare is no longer a deterrent for people wishing to travel from one place to another. Overall Travel is a travel agency that has tied up with a large number of air carriers to get you the lowest flight tickets.
  7. 7. Thank You Overall Travel Services Private Limited Published By : www.overalltravel.com @Overall Travel Overall Travel D-101, Sector-63 Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh India Ph: 0120-4888900