Dodo - Smart Pizza Resaurant


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Dodo - Smart Pizza Resaurant

  1. 1. Revolution in pizza business Pizza Restaurant Smart More stuff inside
  2. 2. Moscow Syktyvkar Brasov Romania Established in April 2011 Dodo Pizza started as one delivery- only store. As of April 2014 there are 15 pizza stores in 11 cities across Russia. We take advantage of the new technologies to build a “smart pizza restaurant” where cloud services form an integral part of business model. From the start we develop our own ERP system organized as SaaS to be in a competetive position. We combine IT and conventional fast-food processes to revolutionize pizza business. All kitchens in Dodo pizza have web-cameras. Customers can order pizza online and watch in real time mode how their pizza is prepared. Dodo IS system allows to track all stages for a specific pizza. In March 2014 sales of the first pizza store in Syktyvkar totalled $200000. Sales of the chain in March 2014 were $850000. Total sales of the chain in 2013 were $6000000. Your order instantly appears on a tablet in the kitchen.
  3. 3. We have Dodo Pizza Express— a unique food court format. Preparation of every pizza becomes the show. For every order there is a countdown on the screen. If we can’t make it in 7 minutes you have your pizza for free. We don’t sell pizza or information system, we sell franchise. We offer a unique business model feasible for scaling. Our consultants provide full support to franchisees during start-up and operation. Our information system allows to keep track of all business processes in real time mode. Going international Construction has started in Brasov, Romania where Sergiu Bolocan has found the place for first Dodo Pizza store outside Russia. Start of operation is scheduled for fall of 2014.
  4. 4. Steve Green, founder of PMQ Pizza Magazine, visited Syktyvkar in February: I don’t know where you guys came up with this but it’s almost like you re-invented pizza. I don’t know who’s behind this but it’s like you haven’t been contaminated with the existing structures. You’ve been able to take a fresh look at it. It’s just one idea after another that is new here. And I haven’t seen that in a very long time. Detailed information on Dodo Pizza can be found at Please contact if you have any questions.