Ovary 2009 Scientific Program


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Ovary 2009 Scientific Program

  1. 1. Ovary 2009 The Ovary Unraveled December 11th ,Friday Timing Wksp-1by SIG Wksp-2 by SIG Wksp-3 by SIG Wksp-4 by Wksp-5 Wksp-6 Reproductive Endometriosis Reproductive SIG Endocrinology Endocrinology Embryology 9am- Endometriosis 4pm Repeated IVF & Infertility ~ Ovarian Gametes and Hands on Hands on failures is there an Stimulation Embryo’s - Laparoscopic Operative Incharge: ideal answer Protocols: What we need suturing Hysteroscopy Narendra Incharge: Review & New to Know Incharge: Incharge: Malhotra, Prakash Trivedi, Strategies Incharge: P. Mangeshikar, Neeta Warty, Manish Banker, Nandita Incharge: Dhiraj Gada, Rakesh Sinha, Pragnesh Shah, Pratap Kumar Palshetkar, Mandakini Parihar, Vijay Mangoli, R. Sankpal, Vivek Marwah Foreign Kanthi Bansal Sunita Shreyas P.G. Paul, Click here for Faculty: Foreign Tandulwadkar, Padgaonkar H. Rahman, more details Jan Gerris, Faculty: Nalini Mahajan Foreign B. Ramesh Paul Devroey, Liselotte Mettler, Foreign Faculty: Faculty: Denny Sakkas Hans Tinneberg, Robert Casper, Robert Norman, Click here for Martina Ribic Click here for Pucelj Denny Sakkas, more details more details Paul Gassner Click here for Click here for more details more details 5-6pm ISAR Oration “PCOS from birth to senescence-Clinical Consequence – Orator Prof. Bruno Lunenfeld 6-7pm Inauguration –Master of Ceremonies:Rupin Shah 7:30pm Public Debate "Advanced Reproductive Techniques are eroding the traditional Indian Values". Moderator :Duru Shah Participants: Rupin Shah,Nayna Patel, ,Mrinalini Deshmukh, Nandini Sardesai, Jaya Row, R.P. Soonawala, 8:30pm DJ Music(Five star Entertainment) Followed by Cocktails & Dinner Top of the Page December 12th,2009, Saturday Timing Hall A Hall B HALL C 9-11am Plenary Discussion: Chairpersons: M.N.Parikh, R.P.Soonawala, Adarsh Bhargav Roy Homburg Robert Norman 1.Rise & fall of Metformin 2.Fitness for Fertility Robert Casper
  2. 2. Ovary 2009 3.Letrozole in infertility and ART Jan Gerris 4.OHSS:New strategies in Prevention & Management 11- TEA- BREAK 11:30am Symposium I Symposium III 11:30am- Symposium II Recent Advances in ART- Monitoring Ovarian Function 12:45pm Practical Applications Ovarian Pathology-Dilemma’s Chairpersons: Ajit Virkud, Sujata Chairpersons: in Management Dalvi 20 K.K.Gopinath, Vanita Chairpersons: P.G.Paul, Vivek 1. Clinical Implications of Hormonal minutes Raut Marwah Assays: Dhiraj Gada each 1.Ovarian Torsion: Jaya krishnan 1. ART V/s Stem cells: 2. Follicular monitoring for gonadotropin Crossing boundaries or 2. Fertility & Cancer: Ovarian therapy:Shreyas Padgaonkar sensible merger : Indira Transplantation- Martina Ribic 3. Role of color Doppler in Ovulation Hinduja Pucelj induction. Narendra Malhotra 3.Managing persistant Ovarian 2. Genomics to 4. Limitations of conventional markers for metabolomics:- Denny Cysts-Pratap Kumar ovarian response. Madhuri Patil Sakkas 3. Poloscope in Oocyte Assessment-G.A. Ramaraju Short Capsule Free Papers 12:45- Chairpersons: Suchitra Debate Chairpersons:Suvarna Khadilkar, 1:15pm Moderator: Sarita Bhalerao, Pandit,Atul Ganatra Geeta Balsarkar Sangeeta Agarwal 10 The new kid in the block (10 min each) 1. Unexplained Infertility minutes Gonadotropin IUI v/s IVF- ICSI each 1. AMH Jaideep Tank 2. Antagonist Fessy Louis Ameet Patki Jatin Shah 2.PCOS 3. Oocyte Cryo banking Rishma Pai Gonadotropin: IUI v/s Ovarian Drilling Padma Jirge Sujata Kar 1:15-2pm LUNCH 2-4pm Plenary Chairpersons: E. Pai Dhungat, Parul Kotdawala, Hafeez Rehman Paul Devroey 1. Advances in Extended Release gonadotropins – Present and Future of Sustained Release FSH Marco Filicori 2. LH supplementation redefined Sadhana Desai 3. Infertile PCOS with Endometrial carcinoma - Options for management Liselotte Mettler 4. Fertility protection at oncologic confrontation 4 - TEA- BREAK 4:30pm 4:30 - Panel Discussion Panel Discussion Panel Discussion: 5:30pm Poor Responders “Ovulation Induction” Adolescent PCOS Moderator: Mandkini What’s new? Moderator: Sanjay Gupte Parihar Moderator:Sulochana Panelists: Panelists: Gunasheela 1. Robert Norman 1.Marco Filicori Panelists: 2. Roy Homburg 2.Liselotte Mettler 1.Jan Gerris 3. Kanthi Bansal 3.Jose Remohi 2.Bruno Lunenfeld 4. Bharati Dore Patil 4.Jaideep Malhotra 3.Chaitanya Nagori 5. Sanjay Khurd 5.Partha Guha Roy 4.Mala Arora 6. Prema Kania 6.Himanshu Bhawishi 5.Rita Billangadi 7. Ashwini B. Gandhi 7.Nandita Palshetkar 6.M.L. Swarnkar Evening Program – Dance & Musical Extravaganza by Pritam Chakraborty Famous Bollywood Music Director followed by Cocktails + Dinner
  3. 3. Ovary 2009 Top of the Page SUNDAY:13th December Hall A Hall B Hall C Plenary Sessions: 9 am- Chairpersons: Champa Nariani,Mandakini Megh,Madhuri Patel 11am 1. Ovarian Transplant-Review of literature Martina Ribic Pucelj 2. In-vitro Maturation of Oocyte S.L.Tan 3. Managing Oocyte Recipients Jose Remohi 4. Reserve in Endometriosis H.R. Tinneberg 11- COFFEE BREAK 1130am Symposium IV Symposium V Symposium VI 11:30 Current Trends in Egg donation: Endometriosis – 12:45pm Infertility From The Corner store to Still an Enigma? Chairpersons: Supermarket Chairpersons: Arun Nayak, Poornima 15 minutes Madhu Loomba, Chairpersons: Jayam Satoskar each Pratima Chipalakthi Kannan, M.L.Swarnkar 1.Role of GnRH analogues-Abha Majumdar 1.Thessaloniki 1.Egg donation to ovarian 2.Place of Aromatase Inhibitors in Consensus on managing Transplant?How soon-How Endometriosis-C.N.Purandare Infertile PCOS- Manish Far:Mridubhashini 3.Endometrioma: Cauterization v/s Banker Govindarajan Cystectomy-Prakash Trivedi 2.Managing difficult 2.Factors affecting success 4.Surgical Therapy v/s IVF- SunitaTandulwadkar Responders:B.N. of Oocyte Donation Chakravarty Hrishikesh Pai 3. Ovulation Induction 3.Ovarian Auto-Immunity- in Hypothalamic and Firuza Parikh Hypogonadotropin- 4.Egg Donation and Cross Nalini Mahajan border reproductive care: A 4. GnRH antagonist in Need for guidelines- IUI: Duru Shah Kamini Rao 12:45- IVF lite: Is it the way Advances in Ovarian Free Papers 1:45pm forward? Imaging Chairpersons: Moderator:Gautam Chairpersons: Bipin Niranjan Chavan Allahbadia Pandit, Raju Nagarkatti Anahita Chavan Panelists: Sudha Tandon 1. Ultrasound 1. Prof. Robert Casper a)Oocyte Retrieval- Kamala Selvaraj 2. Prof. Paul Devroey 3. Prof. S. L. Tan b)Oocyte retrieval in inaccessible ovaries: 4. Vijay Mangoli Ambarish Dalal 5. Anirudha Malpani 6. Nitin Narvekar c)Ovarian Tumor in reproductive age group:S. Suresh 2. MRI of Ovarian Pathology- Nilesh Shah 1:45 Prize distribution followed by lunch Post Congress Workshop 2:30pm- Wksp9-Andrology for 6:30pm Wksp7-IVM Wksp8-Cryobiology & the Gynecologist Wksp10-Endoscopic Incharge: Vitrification Workshop Incharge: Teaching Videos Gautam Allahbadia, Incharge: Rupin Shah Incharge: Sujata Kar, Hrishikesh Pai, Atul Ganatra, Virendra Shah Rama Raju, Click here for more details B. Ramesh, Foreign Faculty: Rajat Ray Hafeez Rahman, S.L.Tan., Foreign Faculty: Kurian Joseph, Jose Remoh Neeta Warty, Click here for more details Nozer Sheriar, Click here for more P.G. Paul, details
  4. 4. Ovary 2009 Pragnesh Shah, Pranay Shah, Prashant Mangeshikar, Pravin Patel, Rajendra Sankpal, Sanjay Patel, Vivek Marwah, Foreign Faculty: Click here for more details Top of the Page Doctor's Guide Congress Resource,Medical Meetings,Worldwide Listings,Medical Conferences,Medical Conferences, Continuing Medical Education Events,Physician's Guide for Global Congress,international medical conferences,medical meetings, CME events,Medical and Medical Scientific Conferences Worldwide,Upcoming events in medicine and medical science,medical conferences,medical conferences 2009,medical conferences in usa,medical conference calendar,medical conferences 2010,medical conference planners,medical conferences in california,medical conferences in india,medical conferences in mumbai,ivf conferences 2009,ivf conferences,Gynecology & Obstetrics Medical conferences,Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Fertility Ivf Clinic Conference