Ivf Conference Ovary 2009


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There will be scientific program,pre and post congress workshops covering vast topics like Repeated IVF failures,Endometriosis,Stimulation Protocols-Review & new strategies,Oocyte,Hands on Laparascopic suturing and Operative hysteroscopy,Advanced Reproductive techniques,Rise & fall of Metformin,Fitness for Fertility,Letrozole in infertility and ART,Recent Advances in ART,Ovarian Pathology,Monitoring Ovarian Function,Antagonist,Oocyte Cryo banking,Unexplained Infertility,Ovulation Induction,Embryology,Cyro Preservation& Vitrification,Oocyte Retrieval,IVF
lite,Ovarian Imaging,Ovarian Tumor,Egg donation,Oocyte Donation,GnRH antagonist in IUI,Repeated IVF failures
Incharge,Endometriosis,Reproductive Endocrinology,Oocyte Incharge,Reproductive Surgery,Androlgy for the gynecologist and more.

A Ivf Procedure,Abnormal Fertilization And Ivf,About Ivf,Acacio Ivf,Acupuncture And Ivf,Acupuncture For Ivf,Advantages And
Disadvantages Of Ivf,Advantages Of Ivf,Affordable Cost Of Ivf,Affordable Ivf,,Affordable Ivf Clinic,After Ivf,After Ivf And
Possible Disappearing Twin,After Ivf Positive Pregnancy,After Ivf Pregnancy Signs,After Ivf Procedure,Air Filtration Ivf
Lab,Ambivalent And Ivf,An Ivf Cost,An Ivf Procedure,Arrested Development, 8 Cells, Ivf,Art Ivf,Artemis Ivf,Artificial
Insemination Ivf,Assisted Reproduction Ivf,Assisted Reproductive Technology Ivf,Austin Ivf,Average Cost Of Ivf,Average Size
And Number Of Follicles Day 5 Ivf,Baby Gifts Ivf,Before Ivf Pregnancy,Best Credit Card Ivf,Best Ivf,Best Ivf Clinics,Best Ivf
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Testing In Frozen Ivf Cycles,Beta Testing In Ivf Cycles,Between Ivf And Icsi,Blast Pictures Ivf,Bleeding After Ivf,Bleeding,
Positive Hcg, Ivf,Blood Pressure And Pulse After Ivf,Bob Edwards Ivf Photo,Boston Ivf,Boston Ivf Cost,Brazil Ivf
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Uk,Cost Of Ivf With Doner Egg,Cost Of Ivf With Icsi,Costs For Ivf,Costs Of Ivf,Costs Of Ivf In,Costs Of Ivf Treatment,Cramps
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Falcone Ivf,Due Date Ivf,Dull Abdominal Pain Ivf Transfer,During Ivf Pr

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Ivf Conference Ovary 2009

  1. 1. Ovary 2009 Organizing Committee President: Dr Sadhana Desai On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you Secretariat to the global meeting: *“The Ovary Address Unraveled”*from December 11 to 13, 2009 Flat 23 A,2ndfloor, in Mumbai, India. The meeting is been jointly ElcoArcade,Hill Road, organized by ISAR - Indian Society of Bandra(W), Mumbai 400050. Assisted Reproduction & MOGS - Mumbai Tel: +91 22 26406070 Obstetric & Gynecological Society. The Fax: +91 22 26456488 scientific program committee is already well on Email: info@ovary2009.org the way to compile a scientific program of the Website:www.isarindia.net highest quality. It will be an exciting & wide ranging programme designed to engage all delegates on topics of vital importance related to the ovary. The event will be the perfect occasion for the international experts to share Bruno Lunenfeld Denny Sakkas H.R.Tinneberg their leading edge knowledge on innovation and technology balanced by critically important insight into their practical application. Sadhana K Desai Gautam N The congress will be preceded by 5 pre- President, ISAR Allahbadia congress workshops & followed by 3 post President, MOGS congress workshops. 2009 As you all know, Mumbai, the capital state of Jan Gerris Jose Remohi Liselotte Mettler Maharashtra is an island city with an infinite source of beauty, art & history & a pot pourri of many community & cultures. This is a city where you can feel the heart of the Indian people just by walking around the streets. The picturesque venue of *“The Renaissance Mumbai Hotel”*will make your stay memorable & we are sure you will enjoy every Marco Filicori Martina Ribic Paul Devroey moment of your stay. Pucelj The previous meeting on “International Congress on Infertility” held in 2003 had demonstrated your interest and we sincerely hope that you will join us again in this meeting to share with us your experience on this much researched organ. We are looking forward to meeting you in Mumbai. Paul Gassner Roy Homburg Robert Casper Robert Norman S.L.Tan