S03 - GREENHOUSE 2010: Environmentally sound greenhouse production forpeopleCONVENERSNicolas Castilla, IFAPA, SpainOlaf va...
Monday, 23 August10.30-12.30h                              Aud.IISession 1Greenhouse Production Systems IChairperson: Jung...
Monday, 23 August13.30-15.00h                                Aud. IISession 2Greenhouse Production Systems II - Environmen...
17.00 - Oral | Controlling Botrytis and Saving Energy in GerberaMarcelis, L.; Benninga, J.; Hofland-Zijlstra, J.; Körner, ...
SP | Greenhouse Energy Consumption for Rose Production in Different Regions of Portugal: Importance of Set-Points Definiti...
SP | Effects of Diluted Biogas Slurry as Fertilizer on the Growth and Yield of Tomato in GreenhouseLiu, X.; Jiang, W.; Yu,...
SP | Applying Cooling Below or Above the Crop: An Experimental Study in Semi-Closed GreenhousesSapounas, A. A.; Dieleman, ...
SP | New Techniques for Ethylene and Nitric Oxide Control in GreenhousesTe Lintel Hekkert, S.; Kamp, M.; Van Voorst, P.; V...
Poster | Population Dynamics of Thrips and Development of an Integrated Pest Management Program Using thePredator Franklin...
Poster | Mirid Bugs as Biological Control Agents in Protected Tomato in the Oeste RegionFigueiredo, E.; Rodrigues, S.; Pri...
Poster | Lettuce Growth and Quality Responses to Applied N LevelsStefanelli, D.; Winkler, S.; Jones, R.; Tomkins, B.; Brad...
Poster | Effects of Different Rootstocks on Yield, Quality and Plant Vigour of Watermelon Grown in GreenhouseOztekin, G. B...
Poster | Effect of NK Level on the Uptake and Nutrient Distribution in Pepper Plant under Greenhouse in theMediterranean A...
Poster | Coloured Covering Materials for Peach Protected CultivationSchettini, E.; de Salvador, F. R.; Scarascia-Mugnozza,...
Poster | Simulation Analysis of North Wall Thermal Release Controlling Mode and Effects in Chinese SolarGreenhouseWang, S....
Poster | Effects of Three Cooling Systems on the Microclimate of a Greenhouse with a Pepper Crop in theMediterranean AreaG...
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Sessions S03 Final 07 Jul10


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Sessions S03 Final 07 Jul10

  1. 1. S03 - GREENHOUSE 2010: Environmentally sound greenhouse production forpeopleCONVENERSNicolas Castilla, IFAPA, SpainOlaf van Kooten, University of Wageningen, The NetherlandsSadanori Sase, National Institute for Rural Engineering, JapanJorge Meneses, ISA, Tech. Univ. of Lisbon, PortugalSCIENTIFIC COMMITTEEBernard Bailey, Silsoe Research Institute, United KingdomThierry Boulard, INRA-URIH, FranceSilvia Bures, Bures S.A., SpainManuel Caballero-Ruano, ICIA, SpainJavier Calatrava, IFAPA, SpainSusana Carvalho, Portuguese Catholic Univ. Porto, PortugalGeoff Connellan, Univ. of Melbourne, AustraliaStefania De Pascale, Univ. of Naples, ItalyFeije De Zwart, Univ. of Wageningen, The NetherlandsAnja Dieleman, Univ. of Wageningen, The NetherlandsMartine Dorais, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, CanadaEnrique Espi, Repsol YPF S.A., SpainGene Giacomelli, CEAC-Univ. of Arizona, USATheo H. Gieling, Univ. of Wageningen, The NetherlandsAbdellaq Hanafi, IAV Hassan II, MoroccoJongju He, Beijing Vegetable Research Center, ChinaEp Heuvelink, Univ. of Wageningen, The NetherlandsConstantinos Kittas, Univ. of Thessaly, GreeceKenji Kurata, Univ. of Tokyo, JapanCherubino Leonardi, Univ. of Catania, ItalyPilar Lorenzo, IFAPA, SpainWeihong Luo, Nanjing Agricultural Univ., ChinaLeo F. M. Marcelis, Univ. of Wageningen, The NetherlandsPedro F. Martinez-García, IVIA, SpainJuan I. Montero, IRTA, SpainSilvana Nicola, Univ. of Torino, ItalyAlberto Pardossi, Univ. of Pisa, ItalyMary M. Peet, North Carolina State Univ., USAJunk-Eek Son, Seoul National Univ., KoreaCecilia Stanghellini, Univ. of Wageningen, The NetherlandsMeir Teitel, Volcani Center, IsraelYuksel Tuzel, Ege Univ., TurkeyEldert J. Van Henten, Univ. of Wageningen, The NetherlandsSYMPOSIUM SPONSORSMardenkro + Silvex
  2. 2. Monday, 23 August10.30-12.30h Aud.IISession 1Greenhouse Production Systems IChairperson: Jung-Eek Son (Korea), Nicolas Castilla (Spain)10.30 – Inv. Speaker | Greenhouse Production Systems for PeopleGiacomelli, G. A.; Sase, S.; Cramer, R.; Hoogeboom, J.; Mckenzie, A.; Parbst, K.; Sacrascia-Mugnozza, G.; Selina,P.; Sharp, D. A.; Voogt, J.O.; van Weel, P. | S03.00111.00 - Oral | ZINEG – Greenhouse with Maximum Thermal Insulation -Climate Control Based on ´Speaking Plant´ApproachAkyazi, G.; Tantau, H. J. | S03.00211.15 - Oral | Greenhouse with a CPV System Based on NIR Reflecting LamellaeSonneveld, P.; Swinkels, G.; Tuijl, B.; Hans, J.; Bot, G. | S03.00311.30 - Oral | Performance of Photovoltaic System to Supply Electrical Energy to GreenhousesCampiotti, C. A.; Bibbiani, C.; Di Carlo, F.; Dondi, F.; Scoccianti, M.; Alonzo, G.; Campodonico, A.; Pecoraro, N.;Incrocci, L. | S03.00411.45 - SP | SustGreenhouse: A Horticultural Response to Climate ChangeMezzetti, M.; Fecondini, M.; Orsini, F.; Gianquinto, G. P. | S03.005SP | Applicability of a Semi Closed Greenhouse Concept in the Mediterranean: Possible Effects on GreenhouseClimate and Resource Use EfficiencyVant Ooster, A.; Van Ieperen, W.; Kalaitzoglou, P. | S03.006SP | Effects of Vertical Temperature Gradient in Semi-Closed Greenhouses on Assimilate Production andDistribution, and Organ DevelopmentQian, T.; Dieleman, J. A.; Elings, A.; De Gelder, A.; Van Kooten, O.; Marcelis, L. F. M. | S03.007SP | Solar Energy Delivering Greenhouse with Advanced Linear Fresnel LensesSonneveld, P.; Swinkels, G.; Van Tuijl, B.; Hans, J.; Bot, G. | S03.008SP | ZINEG the Low Energy Greenhouse – Preliminary Experiments with Effects of a Semi-Closed Greenhouse onVegetative Growth, Fruit Yield, and Secondary Plant Compounds of Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicon L.) duringGrowthDannehl, D.; Huber, C.; Rocksch, T.; Schmidt, U. | S03.009SP | “ZINEG, the Low Energy Greenhouse” Extremely Insulated Greenhouse Concept with Non Fossil Fuel HeatingSystemMeyer, J.; Schlüpen, M. | S03.010SP | Comparison of Cultivation Systems for Asian Herbs in GreenhouseBöhme, M. H.; Pinker, I. | S03.011SP | Lessons Learned from Experiments with Semi-Closed Greenhouses on Commercial Farms in the NetherlandsRaaphorst, M.; Verkerke, W.; Kempkes, F.; Ruijs, M. | S03.012SP | ICT in Dutch Horticulture: State of the Art and Future ChallengesVerdouw, C. N.; Wolfert, J.; Beulens, A. J. M.; Ravensbergen, P. | S03.013SP | Use of Greenhouses in Hybrid Crop Production and Photovoltaic Energy Generation: An Earliest FeasibilityAnalysisRivera, C. M.; Rea, E.; Di Carlo, A. | S03.014
  3. 3. Monday, 23 August13.30-15.00h Aud. IISession 2Greenhouse Production Systems II - Environmental Impact. Greenhouse Residuesand Wastes. RecyclingChairperson: Gene Giacomelli (United States), Leo Marcelis (Netherlands)13.30 – Inv. Speaker | Environmental Assessment of Tomato Crop Production in a Venlo GlasshouseAntón, A.; Torrellas, M.; Montero, J. I.; Ruijs, M.; Vermeulen, P.; Stanghellini, C. | S03.01514.00 - SP | Re-Using Greenhouse Growing Media: Biological, Technological and Environmental ImplicationsPardossi, A.; Diara, C.; Incrocci, L.; Minuto, A. | S03.016SP | Cascade Crops: An Alternative Solution for Increasing Sustainability of Greenhouse Tomato Crops inMediterranean ZoneMuñoz, P.; Vijay, A.; Montero, J. I.; Anton, A. | S03.017SP | Chemically Processed Anaerobically Digested Fiber from Dairy Manure as an Organic Constituent for ContainerMedia SubstrateMacConnell, C. B.; Collins, H. P. | S03.01814.12 - Oral | Photoselective Shade Netting for Improving Vegetable Productivity, Quality and Pest ControlShahak, Y.; Antignus, Y.; Ratner, K.; Zur, N.; Yehezkel, H.; Offir, Y.; Ben-Yakir, D. | S03.01914.27 - Oral | Coordinated Developments in Protected Horticulture: the "Cenit Mediodia" ProjectEspi, E.; Calvo, M. R. | S03.02014.42 - SP | Sustainable Tomato Crop Production in Multi-Span-Tunnel GreenhouseTorrellas, M.; Antón, A.; Montero, J. I.; Baeza, E. J.; López, J. C.; Pérez, J. | S03.021SP | ZINEG - The Low-Energy Greenhouse: Lower Constraints for Air Temperature in Greenhouse CucumberProductionKlaering, H. P. | S03.022SP | A Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) with Tilapia in a Hydroponic System with TomatoVergote, N. A.; Vermeulen, J.; Gobin, B. | S03.023SP | A Model to Calculate the CO2 Footprint of Greenhouse CropsVermeulen, P.; Myrtille, D. G. | S03.024Monday, 23 August16.30-18.00h Aud. IISession 3Integrated and Organic Systems - Plant ProtectionChairperson: Yuksel Tuzel (Turkey), Abdel Hanafi (Morocco)16.30 – Inv. Speaker | The Ecological Approach of Greenhouse Agro-Ecosystem: Practical Interest for IPMPoncet, C.; Mailleret, L.; Desneux, N.; Muller, M.; Bout, A.; Brun, R.; Pizzol, J.; Boll, R.; Bresch, C.; Parolin, P.;Fatnassi, H. | S03.025
  4. 4. 17.00 - Oral | Controlling Botrytis and Saving Energy in GerberaMarcelis, L.; Benninga, J.; Hofland-Zijlstra, J.; Körner, O.; Van Os, E.; De Visser, P.; Westra, E. | S03.02617.15 - Oral | Comparison of Different Strategies for Fruit Set in Greenhouse Cucurbita pepo L. Crops (Bombusterrestris and Apis mellifera vs Phytohormones/Biostimulants)Gázquez, J. C.; Meca, D. E.; López, J. C.; Baeza, E. J.; Perez-Parra, J. J. | S03.02717.30 - Oral | Use of Decision Rules to Manage IPM on Rose and Tomato Crops: An Example with WhiteflyBrun, R.; Ridray, G.; Jeannequin, B.; Metay, C.; Wdziekonski, C.; Doutres, H. | S03.02817.45 - SP | Effects of Partial UV-Blocking on the Plant Growth and Insect ControlNishizawa, T.; Shishido, Y.; Sasaki, B.; Sato, C.; Hanawa, Y.; Matsumura, K.; Nguyen, S. M.; Prachayaratanamatee,N. | S03.029SP | Reducing Pesticide Inputs in Protected CultivationWhite, S.; Clarkson, J.; Napier, R.; Bálint, A.; Garcia, N.; Pirondini, L.; Romero, E. J. B.; Skirvin, D. |S03.030SP | Testing Banker Plants: Which Characteristics of Additional Plants Help to Increase the Efficacy of IPMGreenhouse Crop Systems?Parolin, P.; Bresch, C.; Bout, A.; Ruiz, G.; Poncet, C.; Desneux, N. | S03.031Tuesday, 24 August10.30-12.30h Aud. IISession 4Efficient use of InputsChairperson: Meir Teitel (Israel), Alberto Pardossi (Italy)10.30 – Inv. Speaker | Resource Use Efficiency in Protected Cultivation: Towards the Greenhouse with ZeroEmissionsStanghellini, C.; Montero, J. I. | S03.03211.00 - Oral | Water Use Efficiency with Rapid Watering of Potted Plants on Flooded FloorsGent, M.; Elmer, W.; McAvoy, R. | S03.03311.15 - Oral | Infogrow. Business Intelligence in the Greenhouse Production Chain with Initial Focus on DecreasingEnergy ConsumptionLund, J. B.; Winther, M.; Jensen, J. M.; Aaslyng, J. M. | S03.03411.30 - Oral | Response of Rhamnus alaternus to Five Shading LevelsMiralles, J.; Loira, R.; Bañón, S.; Martínez-Sánchez, J. J. | S03.03511.45 - SP | Dynamic Management of Supplemental LightOttosen, C.; Noerregaard Joergensen, B. | S03.036SP | New Design of a Combi-PV Panel for Greenhouse Energy Supply and Water RecoveryBibbiani, C.; Campiotti, C. A.; Dondi, F.; Scoccianti, M.; Incrocci, L. | S03.037SP | How to Reduce Irrigation Water without Losing Quality, Irrigation Models Based on Radiation Sum versusWater ContentDe Groot, J. F. | S03.038SP | A Decision Support System to Optimise Fertigation Management in Greenhouse CropsPardossi, A.; Incrocci, L.; Massa, D.; Battista, P.; Rapi, B.; Bacci, L. | S03.039
  5. 5. SP | Greenhouse Energy Consumption for Rose Production in Different Regions of Portugal: Importance of Set-Points Definition and Energy UsedBaptista, F.; San Jose, E.; Guimaraes, A.; Navas, L. M.; Meneses, J. F. | S03.040SP | Local Optimization of Thermal Storage for Greenhouses: Reduction of Energy Input and Improvement ofGreenhouse ClimateStanghellini, C.; Van t Ooster, B.; Kalaitzoglou, P. | S03.041SP | Protected Cultivation in Portugal: An Investment for the 21st CenturyCosta, J. M.; Palha, M. G.; Ferreira, M. E.; Vargues, A.; Almeida, D. P. | S03.042SP | Tomato Yield, Nitrogen Uptake and Use Efficiency in Relation to Nitrogen FertilizationGiuffrida, F.; Cassaniti, C.; Scuderi, D.; Caturano, E.; Leonardi, C. | S03.043SP | A Planning Tool for Improving Greenhouse Energy ConsumptionKörner, O.; Rasmussen, P. | S03.044Tuesday, 24 August16.30-18.30h Aud. IISession 5Modelling I - Crop Growth Optimization and QualityChairperson: Stefania Pascale (Italy), Ep Heuvelink (Netherlands)16.30 – Inv. Speaker | Lettuce Growth and Morphology under Different Red, Blue, Green LED Spectra and Analysisof LED EfficiencySon, J. E.; Park, J. S.; Ahn, T. I.; Kang, W. H. | S03.04517.00 - Oral | Evaluation of Crop Reflectance Indices for Greenhouse Irrigation SchedulingTsirogiannis, I.; Savvas, D.; Katsoulas, N.; Kittas, C. | S03.04617.15 - SP | Development of a Model-Based Digital and Visual Muskmelon Growth SystemChang, L.; Huang, D. | S03.047SP | Performance of Gerbera Varieties under Shade HouseMantur, S. M.; Patil, S. R. | S03.048SP | Early Flurprimidol Substrate Drenches Reduce Final Height of Four Euphorbia pulcherrmia CultivarsCurrey, C. J.; Lopez, R. G. | S03.049SP | A Computer Program for Calculation of Nutrient SolutionsHakansson, B. | S03.050SP | Effects of Low Light on Assimilation Accumulation in Non-Heading Chinese CabbageHu, C.; Ji, J.; Hou, X. | S03.051SP | Effect of Different Rootstocks on the Plant Growth, Yield, Fruit Quality and Water Consumption of Cucumberin Greenhouse ConditionsUysal, N.; Tuzel, Y.; Oztekin, G. B.; Tuzel, H. I. | S03.052SP | Means to Control Flower and Fruit Abortion in Sweet PepperHeuvelink, E.; Wubs, A. M.; Bakker, M. J.; Elings, A.; Hemerik, L.; Tiwari, A.; Marcelis, L. F. M. | S03.053SP | Effect of N:K Molar Ratio in Fertigation on Quality of Greenhouse-Grown Strawberries in BrazilMaldonade, I. R.; Guedes, I. M. R.; Ferreira, N. A. | S03.054
  6. 6. SP | Effects of Diluted Biogas Slurry as Fertilizer on the Growth and Yield of Tomato in GreenhouseLiu, X.; Jiang, W.; Yu, H.; Ning, X. | S03.055SP | Reduced Temperature Finishing of Euphorbia pulcherrimaLopez, R. G.; Krug, B. | S03.056SP | Effect of Transplant Date on the Phenology and Production of 4 Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill)Hybrids Grown under GreenhouseCremaschi, G.; Andreau, R.; Martinez, S.; Garbi, M.; Morelli, G.; Bidondo, D. | S03.057SP | Effect of Cell Volumes in Lettuce Baby Leaf Production Inside GreenhousePurquerio, L. F. V.; Sanches, J.; Baqueiro, L. H. R.; Cia, P.; Tivelli, S. W. | S03.058SP | Comparison of the Effect of Surface and Subsurface Drip Irrigation on Water Use, Growth and Production of aGreenhouse Tomato CropBidondo, D.; Andreau, R.; Martinez, S.; Garbi, M.; Chale, W.; Cremaschi, G. | S03.059Wednesday, 25 August10.30-12.30h Aud. IISession 6Modelling II - Crop Growth Optimization and Quality - Consumers, Markets andSocio-EconomicsChairperson: Sadanori Sase (Japan), Cherubino Leonardi (Italy)10.30 – Inv. Speaker | Greenhouse Horticulture in the 21st Century; Can We Stay Competitive?Van Kooten, O. | S03.06011.00 - SP | Economics of Reduction of Inputs in Greenhouse ProductionRuijs, M.; Vermeulen, P.; Torrellas, M.; Anton, A. | S03.061SP | Input Use Intensity and Cost Variation in Protected Horticulture: A Survey Analysis of Greenhouse in theAlmerian Coast-Line (Spain)Calatrava, J.; Villa, J. | S03.06211.08 - Oral | Effect of Fertilizer Formulations on Growth, Yield, Chlorophyll and Photosynthesis at DifferentPhysiological Stages of Greenhouse Bell Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) Plants Grown in RockwoolSabli, Z. | S03.06311.23 - Oral | Towards Stochastic Simulation of Crop Yield: A Case Study of Sweet PepperWubs, A. M.; Heuvelink, E.; Hemerik, L.; Marcelis, L. F. M. | S03.06411.38 - SP | Can Grafting in Watermelon Plants Enhance Tolerance to Bicarbonate in Nutrient Solution?Colla, G.; Rouphael, Y.; Cardarelli, M.; Salerno, A.; Rea, E. | S03.065SP | Characterisation of Plant Water Stress of Greenhouse Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) and Tomatoes(Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Grown in CoirVan der Westhuizen, R. J.; Van Rensburg, L. D.; Agenbag, G. A. | S03.066SP | Evaluation of Salinity Tolerance of Pepper Cultivars under Greenhouse ConditionsAlsadon, A. A.; Wahb-Allah, M. A. | S03.067SP | Effect of Different Irrigation Regimes and Frequencies on Yield and Quality of Hydroponic Cut RosesFascella, G.; Maggiore, P.; Zizzo, G. | S03.068
  7. 7. SP | Applying Cooling Below or Above the Crop: An Experimental Study in Semi-Closed GreenhousesSapounas, A. A.; Dieleman, J. A.; Campen, J. B. | S03.069SP | Rootstocks Improve Fruit Yield and Quality of Greenhouse Produced Determinate and Indeterminate TomatoCultivarsCantliffe, D. J.; Shaw, N. L.; Vinh, N. Q.; Sargent, S. A.; Berry, A. D.; Zhao, X. | S03.070SP | CO2 Gas Exchange of Petunia Cuttings Affected by Irradiance, CO2 Concentration and TemperatureKlopotek, Y.; Druege, U.; Klaering, H.-P. | S03.071SP | Future Greenhouse Vegetable Production in Sweden from an Entrepreneurial PerspectiveEkelund Axelson, L. | S03.072SP | Functional-Structural Plant Model for Greenhouse Grown Crops – New Techniques for Modelling LightDistribution in Canopies and Manipulation of Plant StructureBuck-Sorlin, G.; Burema, B.; Van der Heijden, G.; Heuvelink, E.; Sarlikioti, V.; De Visser, P.; Vos, J.; Marcelis,L. | S03.073Wednesday, 25 August13.30-15.00h Aud. IISession 7Greenhouse Materials, Equipments and Climate Control IChairperson: Jorge Meneses (Portugal), Constantinos Kittas (Greece)13.30 – Inv. Speaker | Screen Constructions for Environmentally Sound Crop ProductionTanny, J. | S03.07414.00 - Oral | Recent Progresses on the Application of LEDs in the Horticultural ProductionBergstrand, K. -J.; Schüssler, H. K. | S03.07514.15 - Oral | Performance of a Day/Night Water Heat Storage System for Heating and Cooling of Semi-ClosedGreenhouses in Mild Winter Climate AreasBaeza, E. J.; Stanghellini, C.; Pérez-Parra, J. J.; Kempkes, F.; López, J. C.; Gázquez, J. C.; Meca, D. E.; Montero, J.I. | S03.07614.30 - SP | Calculation of NIR Effect on Greenhouse Climate in Various ConditionsKempkes, F.; Hemming, S. | S03.077SP | Intermittent Monochromatic and Mixed Light from Blue and Red Light-Emitting Diodes with Different PulseRecurrence Frequencies Affects Net Photosynthetic Rate of Strawberry LeavesFujiwara, K.; Yoshihara, T.; Yano, A. | S03.078SP | Analysis of Cooling Ventilation Efficiency in a Naturally Ventilated Almeria-Type Greenhouse with InsectScreensMolina-Aiz, F. D.; Valera, D. L.; Lopez, A.; Alvarez, A. J. | S03.079SP | Effect of Two New Cover Materials on Greenhouse Energy Consumption and Cooling LoadBartzanas, T.; Katsoulas, N.; Tsouknidas, A.; Kittas, C. | S03.080SP | The Effect of Colored Shade Nets on Sweet Bell Pepper Quality after Prolonged Storage and Shelf LifeFallik, E.; Goren, A.; Alkalai-Tuvia, S.; Perzelan, Y.; Aharon, Z.; Shahak, Y. | S03.081SP | Evaluation of a Sensor for Online Measurement of Stem Diameter Variation of Leafy VegetablesBleyaert, P. J.; Vermeulen, K.; Dekock, J.; Steppe, K. | S03.082
  8. 8. SP | New Techniques for Ethylene and Nitric Oxide Control in GreenhousesTe Lintel Hekkert, S.; Kamp, M.; Van Voorst, P.; Van den Dungen, R.; Harren, F. | S03.083Wednesday, 25 August16.30-18.00h Aud. IISession 8Greenhouse Materials, Equipments and Climate Control IIChairperson: Thierry Boulard (France), Juan I. Montero (Spain)16.30 - Oral | Energy Efficient Climate Control for Cut Flower AlstroemeriaLabrie, C. W.; Zwart, H. F. | S03.08416.45 - Oral | Improvement of Greenhouse Microclimate Distribution by Means of Air Mixing FansKittas, C.; Katsoulas, N.; Bartzanas, T.; Papa, K.; Thanasenaris, A. | S03.08517.00 - Oral | Evaluation and Use of a Protype of the Phytometric Irradiance Measuring InstrumentDa Costa, G. J. C.; Cuello, J. L. | S03.08617.15 - Oral | Wireless Sensor Technology and Potted Ornamental Plant IrrigationZheng, Y.; Cayanan, D.; Kennedy, C.; Dixon, M. | S03.08717.30 - SP | Design and Modelling of Novel System for Heating and Cooling of Semi-Closed Greenhouses in MildWinter Climate Areas Based on Fine Wire Heat Exchangers and Water Storage on TankLopez, J. C.; Bailey, B. J.; Baeza, E. J.; Gazquez, J. C.; Perez-Parra, J. J.; Montero, J. I. | S03.088SP | The Effect of Screenhouse Roof Shape on the Flow Patterns - CFD SimulationsTeitel, M.; Wenger, E. | S03.089SP | Neuro-Fuzzy Models for Air Temperature and Humidity of a GreenhouseLopez-Cruz, I. L.; Hernández-Larragoiti, L. | S03.090SP | Response of Greenhouse Tomatoes to Dynamic Temperature Integration with Low Pre-Night TemperatureHao, X.; Zhang, L.; Zheng, J. | S03.091SP | Development of a Measuring Device for Determining the Energy Saving Properties of Energy ScreensBaart de la Faille, L.; Janssen, E.; Campen, J. | S03.092SP | One the Determination of the Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient at the Greenhouse Cover under Semi AridClimatic ConditionsMesmoudi, K.; Soudani, A.; Bournet, P. E.; Bougoul, S. | S03.093SP | CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Night-Time Condensation Prediction of a Multi-Span GreenhousePiscia, D.; Montero, J. I.; Flores, J. | S03.094Monday, 23 August15.30-16.30h Pav. 2Poster Session 1Greenhouse 2010 I
  9. 9. Poster | Population Dynamics of Thrips and Development of an Integrated Pest Management Program Using thePredator Franklinothrips vespiformisPizzol, J.; Nammour, D.; Hervouet, P.; Maignet, P.; Poncet, C.; Mailleret, L.; Desneux, N. | S03.200Poster | Dispersal Study as Trichogrammatidae Selection Criteria for Biological Control in Cauliflower GreenhousesTabone, E.; Bardon, C.; Desneux, N. | S03.201Poster | Indirect Two-Way Interactions between Aphids and a Pathogen on RosesDesneux, N.; Mouttet, R.; Bearez, P.; Poncet, C. | S03.202Poster | Textiles and Organic Wastes as a Substrates for Greenhouse Soilless Tomato CultivationKaniszewski, S.; Dysko, J.; Kowalczyk, W.; Wojtysiak, J. | S03.203Poster | Photovoltaic Greenhouses, a Non-Sense or a Real Opportunity for Greenhouse Systems?Poncet, C.; Muller, M-M.; Brun, R.; Fatnassi, H. | S03.204Poster | Evaluation of Global Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and its Incidences on Quality for Rose CropBrun, R.; Metay, C.; Wdziekonski, C.; Gronier, M. | S03.205Poster | Organic Greenhouse Tomato Production in Raised Bed Containers under Commercial Conditions:Conclusion of a 3-Year StudyGravel, V.; Ménard, C.; Dorais, M. | S03.206Poster | Optimizing Irrigation and Fertilization for Soils Used in Organic Greenhouse Tomato ProductionGravel, V.; Ménard, C.; Dorais, M. | S03.207Poster | Comparison of Two Extraction Methods on Variations in the Behavior of Burnt Rice Husk Used forCarnation CropsQuintero, M. F.; Ortega, D.; Melgarejo, M. R.; Valenzuela, J. L.; Guzmán, M. | S03.208Poster | ZINEG - The Low-Energy Greenhouse: Upper Constraints for Air Temperature in Tomato Production inSemi-Closed GreenhousesKlopotek, Y.; Klaering, H.-P. | S03.209Poster | Use of Urea-Derived Ammonium Loaded Zeolites in Zeoponic CultivationPisanu, A. B.; Chessa, F.; Meloni, S.; Fadda, N.; Vacca, M.; Sanna, F.; Corda, M. | S03.210Poster | Chemical Characterization of the Substrate According to Its ReutilizationCardoso, A. F.; Charlo, H. C. O.; Corá, J. E.; Braz, L. T.; Ito, L. A. | S03.211Poster | Alterations in the Physical Properties of Coconut Husk Fiber, According to Its ReutilizationCardoso, A. F.; Charlo, H. C. O.; Corá, J. E.; Braz, L. T. | S03.212Poster | Content and Evolution of Mercury in Greenhouse Soils of Almería (Spain)Ramos Miras, J. J.; Roca Perez, L.; Boluda Hérnandez, R.; Gil de Carrasco, C. | S03.213Poster | Characterization of Greenhouse Soils Integrated Control Practices of the Poniente Almeriense (Spain)Gil de Carrasco, C.; Ramos Miras, J. J.; Padilla Sánchez, J. A.; Plaza Bolaños, P.; Garrido Frenich, A.; MartínezVidal, J. L. | S03.214Poster | Influence of the Drip Irrigation on the Characteristics on Greenhouse SoilsRamos Miras, J. J.; Roca Perez, L.; Boluda Hernández, R.; Gil de Carrasco, C. | S03.215Poster | Influence of Urban Wastewater Purified and NK Fertilization on Greenhouse Pepper Yield and QualityContreras, J. I.; López-Segura, J. G.; Eymar, E.; Segura, M. L. | S03.216Poster | ZINEG - Greenhouse with Maximum Thermal Insulation Climate Control Based on Thermal StorageManagementKnösel, K.; Tantau, H. | S03.217
  10. 10. Poster | Mirid Bugs as Biological Control Agents in Protected Tomato in the Oeste RegionFigueiredo, E.; Rodrigues, S.; Prieto, R.; Costa, C. A.; Godinho, M.; Mexia, A. | S03.218Poster | Bougainvillea Potted Plants: Bioagronomical Evaluation and LCA for a Mixed Composted Conditioner asGrowing MediumVecchietti, L.; De Lucia, B.; Russo, G.; Rea, E.; Leone, A. | S03.219Poster | Retractable Flat Roof High Tunnels for Managing Crop Production under Extreme High Latitude DayLengthsWerner, J.; Karlsson, M. | S03.220Poster | Using of some Microorganisms in Soilless Grown Squash (Cucurbita pepo) as Bio-FertiliserDasgan, H. Y.; Aydoner, G.; Akyol, M. | S03.221Poster | Use of Sexual Pheromone Trapping on Risk Assessment for Noctuids on Protected CropsFigueiredo, E.; Rodrigues, S.; Salvado, E.; Mexia, A. | S03.222Poster | Bee Pollination of Crop Plants under Environmental Conditions Unique to EnclosuresDag, A. | S03.223Poster | Current Status and Technological Development of Horticultural Greenhouses in Mediterranean SpainGarcia-Martinez, M. C.; Balasch, S.; Alcón, F.; Fernández-Zamudio, M. A. | S03.224Poster | Dependence of Thrips Infestation on Climate Spatial Distribution in a Rose Greenhouse CropFatnassi, H.; Pizzol, J.; Boulard, T.; Poncet, C.; Voisin, S.; Zigler, M. | S03.226Poster | LCA as Tool to Optimise the Global Warming Potential of Greenhouse ProduceKörner, O.; Iversen, A. | S03.227Poster | Health Status in Hydroponic Tomato ProductionAlsanius, B. W.; Gustafsson, A. K.; Hultberg, M.; Larsen, R. U.; Wohanka, W. | S03.228Poster | Influence of Agronomic Practices, Cultivar and Inoculum Dose on Survival of E. Coli O157:H7 onGreenhouse and Field Grown SpinachGutiérrez-Rodríguez, E.; Sbodio, A.; Gundersen, A.; Suslow, T. | S03.229Tuesday, 24 August15.30-16.30h Pav. 2Poster Session 2Greenhouse 2010 IIPoster | Partial Root Drying (PRD) in Soilless Grown CucumberDasgan, H. Y.; Kusvuran, S.; Kirda, C. | S03.230Poster | Effect of the Nutrient Solution Electrical Conductivity (EC) on the Growth, Development and Quality ofEndive (Cichorum endivia L.) Cultivated under CoversKowalczyk, K.; Gajc-Wolska, J. | S03.231Poster | Greenhouse Sweet Pepper Productive Response to Carbon Dioxide EnrichmentAlonso, F. J.; Lorenzo, P.; Medrano, E.; Sanchez-Guerrero, M. C. | S03.232Poster | Physiological Responses of Chrysanthemum to Irregular Changes in Day LengthKjaer, K. H.; Ottosen, C.; Jorgensen, B. N. | S03.233Poster | Training Systems and Plants Density on Yield of Mini Watermelon in GreenhouseCampagnol, R.; Mello, S. C. | S03.234
  11. 11. Poster | Lettuce Growth and Quality Responses to Applied N LevelsStefanelli, D.; Winkler, S.; Jones, R.; Tomkins, B.; Brady, S. | S03.235Poster | A Proposal of Irrigation Method for Strawberry Grown in Recycling Hydroponics SystemsMedrano, E.; Alonso, F. J.; Sanchez-Guerrero, M. C.; Lorenzo, P.; Marhuenda, A.; Briones, P. A. | S03.236Poster | Establishment of Stable Production Technology in Forcing Culture of Strawberry by Crown TemperatureControlSone, K.; Okimura, M.; Dan, K.; Nakahara, S.; Fushihara, H.; Kitanani, E.; Kimura, T.; Hidaka, K. | S03.237Poster | Yielding as well as Biological and Sensory Quality of Endive (Cichorum endivia L.) Cultivated in RockwoolSlabsGajc-Wolska, J.; Kowalczyk, K.; Radzanowska, J. | S03.238Poster | Effect of the Application of Monosilicic Acid Fertilizer on the Production and Quality of TriploidWatermelon in GreenhouseToresano-Sanchez, F.; Diaz-Perez, M.; Perez-Aguilera, L. M.; Camacho-Ferre, F. | S03.239Poster | Effects of Salinity and B Excess on the Growth, Photosynthesis, Water Relation and Mineral Composition inLaurustinus Grown in GreenhouseBañón, S.; Miralles, J.; Conesa, E.; Ochoa, J.; Franco, J. A.; Sánchez-Blanco, M. J. | S03.240Poster | Doses of Nitrogen and Potassium Fertigation Cabbage in Greenhouse CultureFeitosa Filho, J. C.; Botrel, T. A.; Pinto, J. M.; Camargo, A. P. | S03.241Poster | Incidence of Tomato Blossom-End Rot at Different Calcium LevelsBenko, B.; Borosic, J.; Poljak, M.; Osvald, J. | S03.242Poster | The Effect of Scion’s Root Pruning on Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) Grafted Seedlings Growth andStand Establishment Rate under Saline ConditionsBalliu, A.; Sallaku, G.; Babaj, I. | S03.243Poster | Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) Seedling’s Root Pruning Effects on Growth and Stand EstablishmentRate under Saline ConditionsBalliu, A.; Sallaku, G.; Elezi, F. | S03.244Poster | Comparison Performance of Four Tomato Cultivars in Temperature Controlled and Standard Plastic TunnelsMaboko, M. M.; Du Plooy, C. P.; Bertling, I. | S03.245Poster | Effects of the Mixture of NPK with Heterociclic Nitrogen Applied Via Irrigation to Watermelon (Citrulluslanatus cv. Reina de Corazones and Dulce Maravilla)Oscar, M. Z.; Fernando, D. M.; Francisco, C. F.; Trujillo, M. C.; Garcia Galiano, J. | S03.246Poster | The Biological Effects of Fruit Bagging in Overwintering Greenhouse TomatoWang, L.; Gao, F.; Xu, K. | S03.247Poster | Characters of Light Intensity, Photosynthesis Rate, and Fruit Quality at Different Canopy Position ofNectarine Tree in Chinese Lean-to GreenhouseKong, Y.; Yao, Y. | S03.248Poster | The Relationship between Light Transmittance and Canopy Structure Parameters of Nectarine Trees inChinese Lean-to GreenhouseKong, Y.; Yao, Y. | S03.249Poster | Agronomic Traits of Soilless Grown Bell PepperBorosic, J.; Benko, B.; Dobricevic, N.; Bucan, L.; Fabek, S.; Novak, B. | S03.250Poster | Potato Minituber Production at Different Plant Densities Using Aeroponic SystemAbdullateef, S.; Böhme, M.; Pinker, I. | S03.251
  12. 12. Poster | Effects of Different Rootstocks on Yield, Quality and Plant Vigour of Watermelon Grown in GreenhouseOztekin, G. B.; Tuzel, Y.; Uysal, N. | S03.252Poster | Evapotranspiration of Phalaenopsis OrchidsBaas, R. | S03.253Poster | Effects of Grafting on Growth, Yields and Quality of Tomato in GreenhouseYuan, T.; Yang, J.; Xu, K. | S03.254Poster | Effects of Nutrient Solution Concentration on the Nutrient Uptake Ability of Hydroponic TomatoMaruo, T.; Gonzales, J. A.; Shinohara, Y. | S03.255Poster | Basis for Sustainable Fertigation Management in Floriculture. Study of the Hidromineral Statice (Limoniumsinuatum) RequirementsRoca, D.; Bartual, J.; Fernández-Zamudio, M. A.; Verdeguer, A.; Miquel, A.; Martínez, P. F. | S03.256Poster | Alterations in Levels of NPK, Electrical Conductivity and pH of Substrate, in Cultivation of PeppersCharlo, H. C. O.; Castoldi, R.; Ferreira, A. F.; Melo, D. M.; Kämpf, A. N.; Braz, L. T. | S03.257Poster | Chemical Alterations of Substrate in the Cultivation of PeppersCharlo, H. C. O.; Castoldi, R.; Vargas, P. F.; Ferreira, A. F.; Braz, L. T.; Kämpf, A. N. | S03.258Poster | Performance of Net Melon Hybrids Grown in Substrates in Southeast BrazilBraz, L. T.; Melo, D. M.; Charlo, H. C. O.; Galatti, F. S.; Casotdi, R. | S03.259Poster | Leaf Diagnosis in Net Melon Cultivated in Reutilized Coconut Husk FiberCardoso, A. F.; Charlo, H. C. O.; Corá, J. E.; Braz, L. T. | S03.260Poster | Effect of EC Management of Nutrient Solution and Thinning Fruits on Quantitative and QualityCharacteristics of Greenhouse Tomato Cultivar in Hydroponics SystemZahedi, B.; Delshad, M.; Ehteshamnia, A. | S03.261Poster | Trend of Maximum Daily Stem Shrinkage in Greenhouse Tomato Crops under Different Water RegimesSirigu, A.; Chessa, F.; Mameli, M. G. | S03.262Poster | Influence of Grafting on the Yield and Quality of Two Tomato Cultivars Grown in a Greenhouse in CentralSpainHoyos Echevarría, P.; Rollón Martínez, G.; Gálvez Rodríguez, B. | S03.263Poster | Influence of Grafting and Soil Steam Disinfection on the Yield of Greenhouse-Grown Spanish CucumbersHoyos Echevarría, P.; Gálvez Rodríguez, B. | S03.264Poster | Saline Water Irrigation Effects on Glossy Abelia (Abelia grandiflora L.) at Different Leaching FractionsOchoa, J.; Miralles, J.; Conesa, E.; Franco, J. A.; Sánchez-Blanco, M. J.; Bañón, S. | S03.265Poster | Seasonal Difference of Dry Matter Content, Partitioning, and External Characteristics in Sweet Pepper FruitJeong, W. J.; Park, S. H.; Kim, H. S.; Kang, I. G.; Myoung, D. J.; Lee, S. A.; Park, G. Y.; Lee, J. H. | S03.266Poster | Ion Uptake by Pepper as Affected by Potassium Silicate Supplemented to the Nutrient SolutionSon, M. S.; Kim, G. S.; Hwang, S. J.; Jeong, B. R. | S03.267Poster | Response of Grafted Eggplant to Ion Availability in the Nutrient SolutionCassaniti, C.; Giuffrida, F.; Scuderi, D.; Leonardi, C. | S03.268Poster | Growth and Nutrimental Absorption for Tomato in an Open Hydroponic SystemRodriguez-Fuentes, H.; Vidales-Contreras, J. A.; Almaguer-Sierra, P.; Sanchez-Alejo, E. J.; Ojeda-Zacarias, M. D.C.; Hernandez-Escareño, J. J. | S03.269Poster | Development of DeGHY (Planting Density, Growth, Harvesting Time, and Yield) Chart and Its Applicationto Hydroponically-Grown Pak-Choi (Brassica campestris ssp. chinensis)Cho, Y. Y.; Son, J. E. | S03.270
  13. 13. Poster | Effect of NK Level on the Uptake and Nutrient Distribution in Pepper Plant under Greenhouse in theMediterranean AreaSegura, M. L.; Contreras, J. I.; García-Delgado, C.; Eymar, E. | S03.271Poster | The Effect of Grafting on some Quantities Traits in Two Greenhouse Cucumber CultivarsZahedi, B. | S03.272Poster | The Effects of Rootstock and Scion on some Quantities and Qualitative Tomato Characteristics at SalinityConditionMoradipour,F. | S03.273Poster | The Effect of Grafting on Absorption of some Leaf and Fruit Parameter in Two Cucumber CultivarsMoradipour,F. | S03.274Poster | Productive and Agronomic Response of Three Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) Cultivars to CO2Enrichment under Greenhouse ConditionsBaixauli, C.; Aguilar, J. M.; Giner, A.; Najera, I.; Maroto, J. V.; San Bautista, A.; Lopez, S.; Pascual, B. |S03.275Poster | Effect of Nitrogen Forms and Electrical Conductivity on the Growth Characteristics of Asparagus SeedlingsGrown in Hydroponic SystemKu, Y. G.; Woolley, D. J.; Chung, G. C.; Lee, J. H. | S03.276Poster | Affecting Lycopersicon esculentum Growth, Dry Mass Distribution and Quality Characteristics withRemoved Young Leaves and Fruit PruningKu, Y. G.; Jeong, W. J.; Kim, H. S.; Moon, H. H.; Kim, Y. S.; Lee, J. H. | S03.277Poster | The Effect of Plant Density and Pruning on Yield and some Agronomic Characters of Pepino (Solanummuricatum Ait.)Suyum, K.; Caymaz, G.; Solmaz, I.; Sari, N. | S03.278Poster | Fertigation Frequency and Phosphate Application Rate in HydroponicsKempen, E. | S03.279Poster | The Effect of Colored Plastic Films on the Pigment Content of some VegetablesAlsina, I.; Dubova, L.; Alsins, J.; Karane, I.; Petrova, G. | S03.280Poster | Effect of Water Management, Fogging and Ca Foliar Application on Tipburn of Romaine Lettuce (Lactucasativa L.) Cultivated in GreenhouseCorriveau-Boulay, J.; Gaudreau, L.; Gosselin, A.; Caron, J.; Jenni, S. | S03.281Poster | Greenhouse Cover: Micrometeorological Changes and Effects on Production and Quality of a Gerbera CropGuiselini, C.; Sentelhas, P. C.; Loges, V.; Pandorfi, H. | S03.282Poster | Flavoured Tomatoes in Soilless CultureLozano, M. G.; Escobar, I.; Berenguer, J. J. | S03.283Poster | Response of Leaf Photosynthesis of Greenhouse Tomato to PAR, Temperature and Elevated CO2 LevelsWeerakkody, W. A. P. | S03.284Wednesday, 25 August15.30-16.30h Pav. 2Poster Session 3Greenhouse 2010 III
  14. 14. Poster | Coloured Covering Materials for Peach Protected CultivationSchettini, E.; de Salvador, F. R.; Scarascia-Mugnozza, G.; Vox, G. | S03.285Poster | Thermal Simulation of Greenhouse under Semi-Arid ClimateSerir, L.; Benmousa, H.; Bournet, P. E.; Mesmoudi, K. | S03.286Poster | Predicting the Distributed Climate Inside a Venlo Glasshouse with CFD Considering the Variation of SolarRadiation at a Daily Time ScaleCablé, A.; Bournet, P. E.; Morille, B.; Chassériaux, G. | S03.287Poster | Shading and Electrical Features of a Photovoltaic Array Mounted Inside the Roof of an East–West OrientedGreenhouseYano, A.; Kadowaki, M.; Furue, A.; Tamaki, N.; Tanaka, T.; Hiraki, E.; Kato, Y.; Ishizu, F.; Noda, S. | S03.288Poster | New Laboratory Test Methods Determine the Dynamic Properties of Stonewool SubstratesMuusers, R.; Janssen, F.; Kassebaum, P.; de Kubber, D.; Van der Veen, D. | S03.289Poster | Air Patterns in a Mediterranean Greenhouse Equipped with a Cooling SystemLopez, A.; Valera, D. L.; Molina-Aiz, F. D.; Peña, A.; Alavarez, A. | S03.290Poster | Polyamide-Based Film as Greenhouse Covering in Soil SolarizationCascone, G.; DEmilio, A.; Mazzarella, R. | S03.291Poster | Quantification of the Evapotranspiration in Gerbera with and without Forced VentilationValiño, V.; Perdigones, A.; Porras, C. J.; Alcalá, D. | S03.292Poster | Air Temperature and Humidity Simulation in a Large Scale Greenhouse Equipped with Insect-Proof Nets:Model - Validation & Sensitivity StudyFatnassi, H.; Boulard, T.; Bouirden, L. | S03.293Poster | Evaluation of Optical and Mechanical Properties of Different Plastic Greenhouse CoversLuna, J. J. G.; Perez, A. P.; Salas, V. M. R.; Aguilar, L. A. V. | S03.294Poster | The Effect of Shading Net Position on Greenhouse MicroclimateTeitel, M.; Amir, R.; Barak, M.; Yechezkel, H.; Shemuel, D.; Gantz, S.; Esquira, I. | S03.295Poster | Thermal Behaviour of a Greenhouse Soil in a Mild Winter AreaGranados, M. R.; Bonachela, S.; Hernández, J.; López, J. C.; Magán, J. J. | S03.296Poster | Efficient Cooling of Strawberries: From Model Calculation to Implementation in a Commercial GreenhouseKempkes, F.; Maaswinkel, R.; Verkerke, W. | S03.297Poster | Application of Reflective Screen/Board to Improving Light Environment in Chinese Lean-to GreenhousesKong, Y.; Yao, Y. | S03.298Poster | Cucumber Growth and Yield in Two Different Roof Geometry Plastic GreenhousesHernández-Barros, G.; Hernández, J.; Soriano, M. T.; Castilla, N. | S03.299Poster | Effects of a Temperature Drop on Growth and Development of Young and Fruit-Bearing Tomato PlantsDieleman, J. A. | S03.300Poster | A Mathematical Model for Temperature and Humidity of Greenhouses Calibrated Using DifferentialEvolution AlgorithmsRuiz-García, A.; Lopez-Cruz, I. I.; Ramírez-Arias, A. | S03.301Poster | Eddy Covariance Measurements of Water Vapor, CO2 and Heat Fluxes in a Banana ScreenhouseDicken, U. L.; Tanny, J.; Cohen, S. | S03.302Poster | The Application Study of LED Drived by Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating System in Closed PlantFactoryHu, Y.; Bao, S.; Yang, Q. | S03.303
  15. 15. Poster | Simulation Analysis of North Wall Thermal Release Controlling Mode and Effects in Chinese SolarGreenhouseWang, S.; Yang, Q. | S03.304Poster | LED Lighting Systems for an Enhancement of Herbal ex-vitro Culture MethodsSelsemeier, B.; Tantau, H. J. | S03.305Poster | Effect of Different Photoselective Films on Quality of Tomato in Mediterranean ConditionsLopez-Marin, J.; Rodriguez, M.; Gonzalez, A.; Ochoa, J | S03.306Poster | Effect of Shading on Greenhouse Energy Balance and Crop Gas ExchangesKitta, E.; Katsoulas, N.; Savvas, D.; Bartzanas, T. | S03.307Poster | Differences in Required Structural Efficiency of Standard Commercial Steel Greenhouses among EUCountries: A Hellenic ExperienceDova, E.; Sophianopoulos, D. S.; Katsoulas, N.; Kittas, C. | S03.308Poster | Effects of Thermal Screen Management during the Day on Energy Consumption, Yield and Quality of aSoilless Tomato Crop under GlasshouseGilli, C. | S03.309Poster | Effects of Insect-Proof Screens Used in Greenhouse on Microclimate and Fruit Yield of Tomato (Solanumlycopersicum L.) in a Mediterranean ClimateMolina-Aiz, F. D.; Valera, D. L.; Escamirosa, C.; Lopez, A.; Alvarez, A. J. | S03.310Poster | Study by Sonic-Anemometry of the Effects of Surrounding Buildings on Natural Ventilation inMediterranean GreenhouseLopez, A.; Molina-Aiz, F. D.; Valera, D. L.; Alvarez, A. J. | S03.311Poster | Solid-State Lamps for the Short-Wavelength Supplementary Lighting in GreenhousesNovičkovas, A.; Brazaitytė, A.; Duchovskis, P.; Urbonavičiūtė, A.; Samuolienė, G.; Jankauskienė, J.; Sirtautas, R.;Bliznikas, Z.; Žukauskas, A. | S03.312Poster | Analysis of Harmful Gases Caused by Combustion-Type CO2 Generators in GreenhousesPark, J. S.; Park, K. S.; Son, J. E. | S03.313Poster | Development of Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) Irradiation Device and Its Application in TissueCulture for Gerbera jamesoniiHe, S. L.; Li, G. Y.; Wang, Z.; Tanaka, M. | S03.314Poster | Filtration of Drained Nutrient Solutions in Soilless Culture Using Raw Filter Materials and Modified Oneswith Exchangeable CationSon, J. E.; Jung, Y. K.; Ahn, T. I.; Cho, Y. Y. | S03.315Poster | The Impact of Energy Strategy and Temperature Regime on Growth and Development of Greenhouse PlantsGruda, N.; Gottschalk, S.; Schmidt, U. | S03.316Poster | Practical Monitoring and Evaluation of Light Transmission for Different Roofing Materials of GreenhousesVon Elsner, B.; Hinken, J.; Tantau, H. | S03.317Poster | Simplified Energy Balance of a Semi-Closed Greenhouse Compartment with a Day/Night Water HeatStorage System for Cooling and HeatingBaeza, E. J.; Stanghellini, C.; Pérez-Parra, J. J.; Bailey, B. J.; López, J. C.; Kempkes, F.; Gázquez, J. C.; Steennis,R.; Montero, J. I. | S03.318Poster | Development of a Multi Layer Ventilation Model for Determining the Micro Climate in the GreenhouseKnoll, B.; Janssen, E.; Chin Kon Sung, R. | S03.319Poster | Measuring and Evaluating Solar Radiative Properties of Different Plastic Shading NetsAl-Helal, I. M.; Abdel-Ghany, A. M. | S03.320
  16. 16. Poster | Effects of Three Cooling Systems on the Microclimate of a Greenhouse with a Pepper Crop in theMediterranean AreaGázquez, J. C.; López, J. C.; Baille, A.; Baeza, E. J.; González-Real, M.; Pérez-Parra, J. J. | S03.321Poster | Soil Temperatures in a Mediterranean Greenhouse with Different Solarization StrategiesGranados, M. R.; Bonachela, S.; Hernandez, J.; Lopez, J. C.; Gazquez, J. C.; Perez-Parra, J. J.; Baeza, E. J.;Magan, J. J. | S03.322Poster | Estimation of Water Holding Capacity of Growing Media Mixtures from Its Components RatioRivera, C. M.; Rea, E.; Ciaccia, C.; Alianello, A.; Verrasto, V.; Ceglie, F. | S03.323Poster | Various Simple Cooling for the Plastic Pipe House Cultivation in SummerInden, H.; Togou, Y.; Rahman, Md. J.; | S03.324Poster | Experimental Investigation of the Potential of Near Infrared Heating (NIR) in Comparison to Forced AirHeatingKavga, A.; Panidis, T.; Alexopoulos, G. | S03.325Poster | Identifying Indirect Factors Inducing Productivity in Protected Horticulture: The Case of Greenhouses in theSpanish Mediterranean CoastlineBertuglia, A.; Calatrava, J. | S03.326Poster | Present Status of Protected Cultivation of Vegetables and Cut Flowers in IndiaSingh, B.; Singh, M. C.; Hasan, M.; Thakur, S. | S03.327Poster | Adoption of Good Agrarian Practices in Plastic Covered Horticulture: An Aggregate Index Analysis inSoutheastern SpainBertuglia, A.; Calatrava, J. | S03.328Poster | Agrobiofilm Project. Development of Enhanced Biodegradable Films for Horticultural UseCosta-Rodrigues, C.; Martins, M.; Oliveira, M.; Duarte, E.; Monteiro, A. | S03.329Poster | Microclimate Distribution in a Greenhouse Cooled by a Fog SystemKatsoulas, N.; Bartzanas, T.; Kittas, C. | S03.330