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Social media marketing using proven synergy method


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Attention-Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, Marketing and PR Experts
everything you’ve learned about Social Media Marketing is Wrong. Find out how to correct your mistakes,
get on the right path, and learn everything about turning your social interaction into profitable brand
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Social media marketing using proven synergy method

  1. 1. Synergy is two or more thingsfunctioning together to producea result not independentlyobtainable
  2. 2. How Mercola.comHave createdSynergy Fusion
  3. 3.  Website that you can add content easily. Best use Wordpress (free & easy to set up)
  4. 4.  Mercola curate content from multiple sources Select controversial articles Add own perspective
  5. 5.  Long curated article works better -Mercola adds more various quotes, videos and reviews from different sources
  6. 6.  Mercola have created a strong community using US v THEM mentality
  7. 7.  Achieved by using controversial topics in articles and videos (that’s what gets shared and debate going).
  8. 8.  Strong Community Facebook Page Huge following of 300K + with 50k plus talking
  9. 9.  Content pre-planned (scheduled) Use images to link back to website articles Images with caption to draw attention and create viral Share links to news & videos from different sourcesCONTENT SHARED WITH ALL SOCIAL SITES
  10. 10.  Notice on website home page, links to social network sites not very visible because they put links inside each article to encourage like/share
  11. 11.  Lets look At Mercola Monetization Strategy
  12. 12.  Mercola Has Its Own Store
  13. 13.  Long sales page with informative article then they close the sale with a special offer Encourage customers to like and share sales page
  14. 14.  Home page has a subscription form Bribe with a free Ebook Ask for Email only Newsletter
  15. 15.  10% of people who read this entry will ultimately take this ideas apply them and will turn their social interaction into profitable brand loyalty That same 10% will experience greater success than those who didn’t Do yourself a favour and join our community