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Why OneNote?


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This is the English version of my presentation "Miksi OneNote? 7 fiksua ominaisuutta".

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Why OneNote?

  1. 1. WHY OneNote? 7 cool features
  2. 2. WHY OneNote?
  3. 3. because a Post-it just disappeared? Have you ever forgotten something critical #informationsecurity
  4. 4. How quickly would you find them from this pile? You took notes but cannot remember exact date. #search
  5. 5. #collaboration How to share this with a colleague? Could you update what you shared?
  6. 6. in the train! Would you get it back? Just imagine leaving your paper notebook #informationsecurity
  7. 7. Rumour has it that some pets love to chew up paper notebooks. #informationsecurity
  8. 8. What does information mean to you? My notes and links must be safe. I cannot risk losing them. Critical information must be available on all my devices, and it has to be up to date. Information is useless unless I can share it. The tool for saving and retrieving information must be always available. @outilammi
  9. 9. 7 cool features(* *) Why only 7? If I told them all this presentation would be far too long
  10. 10. @outilammi The texts in the screen captures in the seven following slides are in Finnish, an exotic language spoken by approximately 5,5 million people. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience!
  11. 11. You can dock OneNote to the desktop or over other Microsoft program windows when you are taking notes from a file or a browser window. You notes remain visible but OneNote is out of your way. #1 Dock to desktop @outilammi
  12. 12. #2 Add links You can create a link from your notebook to a Web page, to another file and to another notebook. Wiki links are a way to link to another page in a notebook. Write a page name in double brackets. Use wiki links e.g. to create a table of contents. @outilammi
  13. 13. #3 Record and sync You do not always have to write your notes. You can record them as an audio or video clip. If you write something during a recording OneNote automatically links your text and recording. Use the ”Play” icon to jump to the time in the recording you entered the note. @outilammi
  14. 14. #4 Share a notebook You can share your notebook with colleagues or partners. Just send an invitation or a link. During a Skype for Business (Lync) meeting, you can share notes and co-edit them with other participants. @outilammi
  15. 15. #5 Work with Outlook Send the content of an e- mail to your notebook from Outlook. You can also create an Outlook task from Onenote. Your tasks are synced: when you mark a task as complete in Outlook, the task is marked as complete in OneNote. @outilammi
  16. 16. #6 Office Lens Office Lens is a light weight scanner app for mobile devices. Use it to take photos on whiteboards, notebook pages and documents. Office Lens is clever: it trims, enhances and straightens the picture automatically. When you are finished, Office Lens will add the photo to OneNote. @outilammi
  17. 17. #7 On all your devices! @outilammi
  18. 18. OneNote is…
  19. 19. like the Swiss Army knife.
  20. 20. bigger on the inside!
  21. 21. @outilammi
  22. 22. For Windows and OS X, for browser and mobile devices(* Microsoft Office 2013 Included in all versions. Office 365 iTunes iOS OS X Stores Windows Phone Google Play Free Premium *)All versions in all platforms are synchronized. @outilammi
  23. 23. @outilammi Thank you for the photos: SLIDE NR SOURCE 1,2, 8, 9,10 Flickr, Markus Spiske 3 Death to the Stock Photo 4 Flickr, Petr Dadak 5 Flickr, Geek Calendar 6, 7 Pixabay 19 Flickr, Edgar Pierce 20 Pixabay
  24. 24. @outilammi Training, webinars, blog posts and tweets on OneNote and other great software: