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NoSQL BOF at Devoxx


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Some impressions from the NoSQL BOF at Devoxx in Antwerp

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NoSQL BOF at Devoxx

  1. 1. NoSQL LQS ylnO toN Devoxx BOF 2009
  2. 2. Advise / Answers Questions rolling updates? + data migrations? Dare to have a big enough cluster Management / monitoring Dare to have high enough specs for HW of nodes in cluster Backup / Assurance / Replication Backup/Migration via map/reduce Choice platform / project Saturating your network → fast! back up into HDFS community ! you can make them incremental Analyse your problem, understand the What hardware? benefits of the chosen platform CAP theorem Bottleneck services like single node Lucene? Ser / de-Serialize? byte[] Investigate GC tuning Consistency? Use cases? Getting around it? Complex log/failure analysis
  3. 3. LET’S STAY IN TOUCH ! nosql mailing list / google group twitter : @nosql @nosqlberlin @stevenn @larsgeorge @atoro dirk at @mfiguiere @outerthought @infinispan ds at @hbase #infinispan @mathildelemee @manisurtani #nosql jan-serneels at bogaert.bram at delicious !!! @michaljemaia @galderz @mitceamarkus