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Outercurve foundation survey summary


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Outercurve foundation survey summary

  1. 1. Developer Survey Results 14 December 2011
  2. 2. Summary Findings• 90% of respondents use open source in their work.• 80% indicated they use OSS to save time and money by using existing code instead of creating code from scratch.• The drive to be more productive is met for many respondents (62 %) by open source’s greater choice of tools, platforms, communities, and projects.• 44% of developers contribute to open source to improve their careers and credibility. The theme of developing software to improve credibility is a common one.• 70% percent of Outercurve survey respondents use forums to stay in touch with project communities.
  3. 3. OSS – Frame of Reference W he n I think a b o ut o p e n s o urc e s o ftwa re I: (c he c k a ll tha t a p p ly )100.0%90.0%80.0%70.0%60.0%50.0%40.0%30.0%20.0%10.0% 0.0% What the hell palpitations Yawn it bores Appreciate that is out great code Get heart because I all of the love it so source? is open me.
  4. 4. What Do Respondents Use OSS For? I us e OSS fo r: (c he c k a ll tha t a p p ly )90.0%80.0%70.0%60.0%50.0%40.0%30.0%20.0%10.0% 0.0% My work as a My work as a Fun – I like to Save time and Find and use high Greater choice of The Four Freedoms Open source developer in developer for a develop my own money by using quality code that has tools, platforms, community street corporate IT hardware/ software projects as a hobby existing code instead already been tested communities, cred vendor of creating code from and is constantly projects e.g. Git, scratch being refined Android, Apache, Linux, SourceForge
  5. 5. How and Why Developers ContributeW hic h b e s t d e s c rib e s y o ur p a rtic ip a tio n in OS S p ro je c t c o mmunitie s ? I’m a project committer. (I have write access to the code base) I constantly contribute back to OSS project communities. I frequently contribute back. I occasionally contribute back. I use OSS, but rarely contribute back. I use OSS, but never contribute back. W ha t b e s t d e s c rib e s y o ur re a s o ns fo r c o ntrib uting o r no t I use OSS, but never contribute c o ntrib uting to p ro je c t c o mmunitie s ? Che c k a ll tha t a p p ly . back - but only because my company’s lawyers won’t let me 60.0% 50.0% 40.0% 30.0% 20.0% 10.0% 0.0% I’d like to contribute because I want to because it benefits I contribute back I had no idea I was my reputation and required according I contribute back contribute back. I contribute back back, but I don’t give back and supposed to because it’s know how.
  6. 6. Maintaining Project Activity How do you keep OSS projects going? (Check all that apply.)50.0%45.0%40.0%35.0%30.0%25.0%20.0%15.0%10.0% 5.0% 0.0% Meritocracy approach Rewards and incentives Community – we’ve built PR/ marketing – we Open source software Self reliance – do the I don’t – I don’t manage NA (not applicable) – I to encourage active and maintain an active promote the project and foundations – we rely on best I/ we can on my/ our any OSS projects don’t use OSS contribution community of developers encourage participation the support and own committed to projects through PR and resources of an open marketing source software foundation/ organization (Examples: Free Software, Apache, Perl, Eclipse, Mozilla, Outercurve, Linux H o w d o y o u k e e p in to uc h with y o ur d e v e lo p e r c o mmunity ? 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 Forges Forums Wikis IRC Other
  7. 7. Top 3 Barriers to Using OSS
  8. 8. Most Underappreciated Project
  9. 9. Making Use of OSS Foundations D o y o u o r d o e s y o ur c o mp a ny / o rg a niza tio n re ly o n OS S o rg a niza tio ns lik e the Linux Fo und a tio n, the Fre e S o ftwa re Fo und a tio n, the A p a c he Fo und a tio n a nd / o r the Oute rc urv e Fo und a tio n? Yes, I/we rely on OSS support foundations to facilitate our use of OSS as well as contributing back to the community. No, I/we don’t work with such foundations. I’m aware of OSS support foundations, but I’m not certain of their purpose and how it applies to me and/or my company/organization. I don’t know anything about OSS support organizations.
  10. 10. Favorite Mascot
  11. 11. Developer Experience H o w lo ng ha v e y o u b e e n d e v e lo p ing s o ftwa re ? More than 40 years 30-40 years 20-30 years 10-20 years 5-10 years 2-5 years Just getting started
  12. 12. Demographics