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Outer conf 2013 welcome


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Paula Hunter, Outercurve Executive Director welcomes the community to OuterConf2013

Published in: Technology, Education
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Outer conf 2013 welcome

  1. 1. Welcome!  Paula  M  Hunter,  Execu4ve  Director  #OuterConf2013  
  2. 2. We  Have  Come  a  Long  Way  •  28  Projects  •  358  Contributors  •  6.8  Million  LOC  •  15.4  Million  Downloads  •  8  New  Mentors  Non-­‐MicrosoM  64%  MicrosoM  36%  #OuterConf2013  
  3. 3. Your  Team  Execu4ve  Director,  Paula  Hunter  Technical  Director,  Stephen  Walli  Project  Mentors  Developer  Advocate,  Eric  Schultz  Virtual  Staff  Program  Management      Finance  Governance  PR  Fusion  PR  Legal  Gesmer  Updegrove  Greenberg  Trauig  Board  of  Directors  #OuterConf2013  
  4. 4. Looking  to  the  Future  •  Automated  Code  Signing  •  Project  Archival  •  Governance  Ini4a4ve  •  Open  Source  Project  Framework  •  New  Marke4ng  Ini4a4ves  •  Technical  Advisory  Board  #OuterConf2013  
  5. 5. Where  to  Find  More  Details  hCp://  #OuterConf2013  
  6. 6. Or  Contact  Us  Directly  #OuterConf2013