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Cloud server techs ebook


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Cloud Server Techs is owned and operated by Bobby Umphlett and Umpco Technical Services.

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Cloud server techs ebook

  1. 1. How do I know if my company needs an IT consultant? 10 Tips on choosing and IT consultant…Does my company need technical support and what types should I choose? Technology is a competitive edge. Maintaining access to data is essential and in times of disaster, crucial. Technology is a tool, but its not your business. It is ours!
  2. 2. About CloudServer Techs… CEO —Bobby UmphlettCloudServer Techs works with businesses Bobby and his team bring over 18 years of technology andwho want the best technical solutions and business experience working for large, midsize and smallsupport. We have grown and served many companies. He has extensive experience with thebusinesses across the globe with our blend application of technology in serving business needs, whileof technical and business expertise. working in technical and management roles.We manage your IT infrastructure by Prior to starting CloudServer Techs, Bobby was the VP -automating your data backups to our Director of Information Technology at the Bank ofremote servers, and helping you to expand Hampton Roads for almost 7 years.with reliable, state-of-the-art equipment, atminimal cost.Our goal is to help businesses avoidcomputer and server headaches, byproviding our unique process of evaluation,implementation and support. We provide awide range of services, follow-thru andmaintenance so our clients can focus ontheir core business and leave the technical Contact Informationissues to us. 252-548-6011 www.cloudservertechs.comOur services help ensure business umphlett@cloudservertechs.comcontinuity, and provide you with the ability Check out me out on LinkedInto access your network from anywhere. Technology is a competitive edge. Maintaining access to data is essential and in times of disaster, crucial. Technology is a tool, but its not your business. It is ours!
  3. 3. As business related technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and complex, many business owners,office managers and systems operators are turning to IT consultants to develop high tech businesssolutions that keep a company ahead of the competition and ensure that their operation has the toolsand technical support needed to run smoothly and efficiently.Is an IT consultant right for you…Does your company need a skilled IT consultant that will help you grow and support your company’s in-house technical shortcomings?Some frequently asked questions are…What should we expect from an IT consultant?They provide day-to-day IT management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving youroperations.What do IT consultants normally charge?Normally they will bill an upfront setup fee and then transition you into an ongoing flat/fixed monthlyfee, which benefits you by providing you with predictable IT support costs that are less than hiring a fulltime employee.How do you go about finding and hiring a qualified IT consultant who understands your businessneeds?Here are 10 tips to picking the right IT Consultant. 1. Don’t allow the consultant to blow you away with technical jargon. Make sure it is explained in basic English. 2. Your consultant should listen to your questions and problems before offering a solution. 3. Check references as they are the best way for you to gauge what type of consultant you are hiring. 4. Be sure to question the relationships the consultant has with his vendors. You don’t want to be stuck in a position that you cannot get the technical support needed to keep your business operations running smoothly. 5. Make sure your consultant is providing you with the best recommendations without any financial incentives to rule their objectiveness. 6. Does your consultant know who will be their backup if something freak should happen to him. Does his firm or does that person have a backup person who can fill in at the 11th hour. 7. Work in an accountability process into your relationship with your IT consultant/company to make sure you have consistent updates on a pre-arranged schedule. 8. If a consultant charges an hourly or daily rate, don’t just look at the lower rate vs. the higher rate. 9. Ask how long a project should take. The right consultant for you should be able to estimate their time commitment. Technology is a competitive edge. Maintaining access to data is essential and in times of disaster, crucial. Technology is a tool, but its not your business. It is ours!
  4. 4. 10. Find out if your potential consultant/company has memberships in computer associations or certifications. Continued education in their field shows a commitment to their continued growth of knowledge and providing you with the most cutting edge systems available.Now that you have a better idea of finding an IT consultant what about technical support…Since computers have become a much needed business tool in practically everyone’s daily functions,your issues related to software and/or hardware has also increased. If you are computer savvy or arefortunate enough to have someone working for you that can solve computer related problems in house,then you are ahead of the game.But most companies’ do not have that proficient computer person in their ranks; they will want andneed that IT consultant to help them through the issues with an on-call technical support team.Technical support has been there since the creation of the first computer and with the increase in theusage of electronic equipment, people and companies’ need to locate the right kind of technical supportplans for their business needs.The following are 4 popular types of technical support available:  On Site technical support: The speed and quality of service that measures the On Site technical service team’s caliber. As they are trained technicians they should fix the problems as early as possible.  Live Chat support: This is a very common and useful type of technical support service. Most people use this kind of technical support service due to its effectiveness and ease of use.  Remote PC support: Your IT expert can take control of your computer for some time to figure out the problem and solve it.  PC repair service: o Virus, spyware and malware removal o PC tune up and optimization o Data backup and recovery solutions o Installing, repairing and upgrading operating system o Trouble shooting software errors o Technical support for desktop or laptop repair o Installing and configuring accessories like printers, scanners, monitors etc. There can be one solution, but most businesses create a hodgepodge of technical support types to save money and to have a backup plan if something were to happen in the normal course of business. Technology is a competitive edge. Maintaining access to data is essential and in times of disaster, crucial. Technology is a tool, but its not your business. It is ours!