Reasons for a Bone Scan


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Learn some of the reasons you should get a bone scan

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Reasons for a Bone Scan

  1. 1. Reasons for a Bone Scan
  2. 2. Osteomyelitis• A infection in the bone the arms and legs, affecting the hips, knees, shoulders, and wrists in children. In adults, it is more prevalent in the bones of the spine (vertebrae), pelvis, or the feet.
  3. 3. Metastatic Cancer• Metastatic cancer starts in one area and spreads to another like in, breast cancer, which can spread to the lungs. A bone scan is able to help doctors confirm if a metastatic cancer is present and how far it has developed.
  4. 4. Fractures• Fractures occur when • and/or complete there is a break in a failure for the bone bone. A complete ends to mend. fracture occurs when the bone completely fragments. Patients need protection from re-injury and infection during the process of • A physician may use healing. If infection a bone scan instead occurs, the result may of an x-ray to receive be a deformity a clearer view of the fracture.
  5. 5. Bone Pain• When a patient feels pain in their bones, the doctor will diagnose the bone pain by asking about the area, pattern and time of the pain. A bone scan may assist in finding out if the pain is from cancer or from extended use on a leisure walk.
  6. 6. Bone Trauma• A bone scan can check the extent of bone trauma in a person involved in a car accident. The person may not experience the trauma at the outset but the procedure can help determine the level of trauma and design a treatment plan.
  7. 7. Paget’s Disease (Metabolic Disorders)• A chronic condition that brings on irregular bone growth. Bone is always going through substitution as bone tissue is divided into smaller parts and absorbed into the body, it is then regenerated with new cells.
  8. 8. Rickets Disease• A developing bone that is distinct to children and adolescents. It is caused by a non- performance of osteoid to calcify in a growing person. It may cause skeletal deformity and short in height
  9. 9. Osteonecrosis• A condition that occurs when there is loss of blood to the bone. Since bone is living tissue that needs blood, a stop in continuity to the blood supply causes bone to die. If not stopped, this process ultimately makes the bone collapse.
  10. 10. To Get a Bone Scan go to