Part time job or an internship


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Part time job or an internship

  1. 1. Part-time Job or an Internship? What is the Better Choice for the Summer?
  2. 2. • Nearly all of college students crave nothing more than to hang out with friends, get a suntan at the beach, and go to some wild summer parties. While you ought to actually take a while to relax and your brain some, you should also consider working part-time or an internship.• The problem is, which of the two should you go after?
  3. 3. Internships• An internship is supposed to provide you an inside look into a specific career or industry group and provide you with helpful recommendation and guidance.• Hours could differ, however internships commonly fit in real nice with the typical 9-5 work week. That will allow you to still have some summer fun during the evenings and weekends.
  4. 4. • For those who do a great job interning, the company will probably want you there longer, and youll have leg up on other grads for a permanent position.• If not, employers are always impressed with students who’ve invested in their time, and are likely to hire somebody who has an internship or two on their resumes over those who don’t.
  5. 5. Part-time Jobs• If you are hard up for cash, then part-time work is a good choice to rustle up some cash and keep your student loan debt to an non-stressful amount.• The paycheck is an obvious positive, however the value of a part-time job goes past that. Youll learn skills that are important like courtesy and being on-time.• A lot of jobs that are part-time are in the service industry like retail or fast-food, so you will be interacting with the public.
  6. 6. • While it is true part-time jobs are great additions to your resume, they are usually less of a boost to your resume than an internship.
  7. 7. Conclusion Internships may have job-like similarities, and there are jobs with minimal hours to get your feet wet that have internship-like aspects.• In the end, it’s necessary that you just explore positions that you are interested in, so you know what youre getting your self into. Whatever you pick, simply recognize that both internships and part-time jobs are excellent methods to spend your summer away from school.•