Tips To Make Ex Jealous


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Learn some tactics that help you make an ex-boyfriend jealous or that guy you had your eye on.

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Tips To Make Ex Jealous

  1. 1. Post Pics of Yourself With Hot Guys• In truth, they dont really have to be hot. Any photos of you on Facebook with some guys that he doesnt know will make him go insane like those guys in the hangover.
  2. 2. Tweet About Fun Stuff• A relationship ends but the fun stuff should live on. It doesnt hurt for everyone to know it either. Ready? Post an update about that amazing live concert you and your girls went to, or the funny thing your barista mentioned today. Make it appear like hes out of the loop.
  3. 3. Introduce Him To New Girl• If hes the kind to think youre still crying over him, he needs to get over it. One such was is to do the following: The next time you see him, tell him you think he should meet this new girl. Itll totally make his mind with his head.
  4. 4. Go To The Party With a New Man• Attend the same party you normally do with friends but now with a new guy. Whether hes over the relationship or not, hell truly get rattled over this event.
  5. 5. Get A Cool New Look• You know you are already an eye catcher, but any improvement over what you looked like when you were dating is a perfect way to make him doubt himself. So if youve been wanting to tone up more, go to the gym. Get that new chic hair do. You get the point.
  6. 6. Ignore His Social Page• Even if you saw it posted all over his Facebook page for the past month, pretend to be ignorant of any news in his life, like a promotion or his cool new digs. Hell think you’re completely passed him when your paths cross months ahead.
  7. 7. Make Some News• Create your own land breaking news. Get that promotion, land that hot new job, or run a half marathon—and make sure he knows about it by leaking it to your mutual friends.
  8. 8. Do That Adventure!• Remember that cool skydiving, safari , or canoeing youd always tried to get him to do as a couple? Go ahead and do it. Even if he doesnt know about it, youll get the pleasure of accomplishing a goal and you didnt need “whats his name” to keep your life exciting.
  9. 9. Pictures• Have any photos of you looking sexy and hot. This can be anywhere like out with friends and family at work events, social outings, birthday dinners, traveling, etc. You want to look confident, happy, and successful.
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