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6 steps to success after graduation


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6 steps to success after graduation

  1. 1. 6 Steps to Success Post Graduation
  2. 2. Do an Internship• Having relevant experience as an intern for a company can definitely give you an advantage over the competition. Companies prefer to hire a person that already has previous experience in their industry and tend to re- hire interns.
  3. 3. Review Your Spending• Once the graduate begins their professional career, you no longer have to worry about tuitions fees, but you do gain another group of monthly costs like housing, transportation, medical insurance, food and professional clothing. Reviewing your financial situation will serve you well in future endeavors.
  4. 4. Keep Your Resume Current• Make your resume highlight your best characteristics and achievements. Make sure your resume is free of grammar errors, unambiguous, while showcasing relevant experience and skills.
  5. 5. Make Goals• Ask yourself what success means? Based on your answer, create a series of goals to accomplish in a reasonable timeframe.
  6. 6. Find A Job• Define a career path for yourself, and stick to it but be open to newly developing opportunities. Maintain a professional image at all times, and put forth some work and effort and you will be poised for success.
  7. 7. Start Your Own Business• Starting a business is a fairly risky than being employed, but it also has a lot of advantages. Simply put, owning a business gives you the opportunity to control your own destiny and earn more money than working a 9-to-5 hourly job.
  8. 8. • Learn more successful tips in life at• Or check out this Amazon book• Brian Moaddelis review of The 3 Cs of SUCCCESS