Mobile Marketing - France holds enormous potential


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With a growing penetration of 108% in mobile subscriptions it can be argued that France will soon become the ‘crème de la crème’ for mobile marketing expenditure in the not too distant future.

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Mobile Marketing - France holds enormous potential

  1. 1. { France Presents a Substantial Market for Exploration Mobile marketing has seen strong growth in France during 2012, but the poten- tial for editors of mobile sites and brands remains enormous. 2007FIRST IPHONE: 3.5 INCHES, 163 DPI 55%OF INTERNET USERS USE THE MOBILE WEB ON A DAILY BASIS 70,5 MILLION MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS For a total population of 65 million, which is a penetration of 108% 41% OF THE FRENCH POPULATION IS EQUIPED WITH A SMARTPHONE 15% OF THE FRENCH POPULATION OWN A TABLET DISTRIBUTION OF MOBILE PHONE MODELS Windows 4,1% +30% MOBILE MARKET GROWTH IN 2012 USA: +180% UK: +70% DE: +84% 11,3 times MORE CLICKS ON SPONSORED POSTS THAN ON DISPLAY ADVERTISING IN SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES 10% CTR OF CONTENT RECOMMENDATIONS ON MOBILE, WHICH IS HIGHER THAN ON THE WEB (6 - 10%) UNBALANCED INVESTMENTS 2011FIRST MOBILE- FRIENDLY WEBSITES FOR RESPONSIVE DESIGN 2012FIRST PROMOTED CONTENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA ON MOBILE 2012THE USE OF A SECOND SCREEN REACHES NEARLY 50% 2013LAUNCH OF THE 4G NETWORK DEVELOPMENT OF CONTENT MARKETING ON MOBILE 2013 Think “second screen: 48% of the French aged 25-43 use their mobile while watching TV. Choose responsive design: One site for every platform (desktop, mobile, tablet...). Courtesy of Sources: niques-de-presse/73590c3aea8d9310vgnvcm2000003356f70arcrd.htm A HISTORY OF MOBILE IN FRANCE THE IMPORTANCE OF MOBILE MARKETING Web Mobile WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO WIN THE MOBILE CHALLENGE? PUBLISHERS BRANDS Create content: articles and videos are easily read and shared on mobile. Choose quality over quantity: deceptive clicks are even worst on mobile. AGENCIES Be native: native ads are less intrusive, which is a great advantage for mobile content. Adopt a recommendation strategy to amplify your campaigns and build greater impact with your audience. 98% INVESTMENTS 2% 67% 33% AUDIENCE VS. { { Other 1,5% RIM 4,7% Symbian 5,3% iOS 25,6% Android 58,7% TIME SPENT ON CONNECTED DEVICES Other 10% Social Networking 6% Utility 8% Entertainment 8% Facebook 18% Games 32% Browsing 20% MOBILE IN FRANCE DURING 2013 MOBILE MARKETING | | @outbrainFR Outbrain helps people discover the most interesting, relevant and trusted content wherever they are. World- wide Outbrain is currently installed on more than 100,000 sites and generates more than 10 billion page views per month. Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in New York, with 15 offices globally, including the U.S., UK., France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Israel, Singapore and Australia.