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Salahdine Ourzik Cv 201103 V031


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Salahdine Ourzik Cv 201103 V031

  1. 1. Objectives<br />Consulting or management opportunities to share my experience supporting a management team facing a strategic organizational change, change management challenges, business planning and performance management requirement.<br />Profile Summary<br />Based on a continuously updated academic background, I have developed an evolving “hands on” experience of more than 25 years in different business domains (industrial marketing, supply chain management, services development, information systems analysis, operations, training, government), mainly in the following managerial and consulting areas:<br /> <br />Business transformation programs<br />Change management involving technology introduction, communication strategy and capacity building<br />Organizational design and development, manpower planning<br />Business planning and performance management (BSC), PBO<br />Business process reengineering and business process management involving IT leverage<br />Project and program management, PMO implementation and management<br />Information management systems analysis, <br />Languages<br />FRENCH: Mother tongue, excellent writing and speaking<br />ENGLISH: Advanced <br />ARABIC: Functional<br />GERMAN: Basic<br />Experience<br />Freelance Senior Management Advisor 2003-2011 Jan<br />Uninterrupted flow of consulting, freelance contracts, with SAUDI TELECOM COMPANY since 2003<br />Key projects and achievements: <br />“Business planning practice and process implementation” for a general department in charge of Telecom value added services development (2010)<br />Organizing and executing Leadership development program through workshops and coaching activities<br />Business Planning:  Business vision, Values, SWOT analysis, defined initiatives to take opportunities and transform the threats, defined the road map (transition plan), governance requirement to achieve the business vision, etc.<br />Performance management: criteria, measurement, KPIs, dashboard<br />Reward and Recognition program: designed and implemented to support the change implementation<br />Processes automation (2010) <br />Services development layer, project management layer with go/no-go gates, Business intelligence capabilities to manage the performance objectives, dashboard (projects progress, RFPs, action items, finance/invoicing status...), web enabled interfaces with 4 Strategic Business <br />PMO design, development and operation (2008-2009)<br />The Pilot was including in average 30 projects, involving 9 senior project/program managers (engineers) and 3 design sections. The interface was with 4 strategic Business units, key vendors like Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, Huwawei, Logica, etc. the cumulative budget was more than US $ 250 Millions.<br />Organizational Implementation, re-alignment and development (2008)<br />Network Services Solution is a new General Department, project centric to be implemented in the Network Sector: I have driven the project, in collaboration with Booz Allen & Hamilton consultants,<br />The Organizational design implementation, manpower planning, organizational structure optimization and fine tuning, Implementation pre-requisites definitions, design and implementation<br />Identified and designed Key cross functional NSS processes, clarified documented the responsibilities, borders and: NSS mission, internal interfaces, external interfaces (Network sector departments and Business units) set single points of contacts definition and responsibilities, metrics and KPIs (SLA).<br />Develop and get Business Units agreement on service development process, go/no-go gates, standards, evaluate and improve<br />Organizational Strategic Change, implementation (2007-2008)<br />Supervised a team, including STC engineers and consultants to design the new organizational structure for Network Sector. The new structure had mainly three strategic targets:<br />First to aligning the organization on the new strategy “customer centric organization” with the introduction of the concepts of shared services, Cost centers and Profit and Lost centers (4 business units),<br />Second to merge the Fixed Network organization with the Mobile Network Organization in one single network organization<br />Design Key cross-functional business processes and interfaces / Single Points of Contact definitions.<br />Corporate Strategic Planning Process Reengineering (2007) <br />Contributed to the design and implementation of the new concept of corporate strategic planning (strong de-concentrated sponsorship for portfolio of initiatives with planning, KPIs and control system)<br />Supervised the team in charge of implementing the new concept coordinating initiatives planning and monitoring achievements and reporting<br />Organized workshops and coaching sessions to facilitate the change and the objectives achievements<br />Reported monthly for the Management committee on Network Sector achievements.<br />Organizational Capacity Building Program (2005-2006) <br />Designed, developed, implemented and managed a 3-wave large program targeting, during three years, the organizational Capacity Building based on a “Learning by Doing” approach <br />Scoped 45 development projects covering HR capabilities Building, Organizational Fine Tuning, Quality and Performance, Policies and Processes, Planning Capabilities, Data and Systems. Each project was assigned to a team of 4 to 6 engineers. <br />Business planning, Network Sector Organizational Alignment on Strategic Corporate Planning (2004-2005) <br />Enhanced and aligned the business planning effectiveness and efficiency, set and coached business planning team for Network Sector mapped objectives and developed Balanced Score Cards. Impacted 4500 employees. <br /> <br />Supply Chain Management Processes Re-engineering (2003-2004)<br />Pre-qualification, tendering and evaluation processes, performance evaluation, politics and procedures review, IT requirements… Yearly average purchasing of US 2 billion services and equipment.<br /><br />Training Needs Analysis to develop and implement Training Career Paths for resources (2003-2004)<br />Conducted job families and job titles (180) analysis, <br />Developed training objectives for job titles, training curricula to support individual career training path<br />Operationalization Program Design and Implementation (2002-2003)<br />To support the newly implemented organization and managers to be effective and efficient within a shorter term:<br />Clarified responsibilities/activities and borders, <br />Identified processes, practices, procedures that support activities, <br />Documented interfaces inputs outputs and criteria of success, <br />Identified potential conflicts, overlaps, gaps redundancy in the organization, <br />Organized activities to ensure that the organization is integrated and optimized at all levels. <br />It involved 1 VP, 6 general managers, 36 directors and 36 engineers to be completed and validated.<br /> <br />Project Management Culture Implementation (2002-2003)<br />Project management processes reengineering, <br />PMO (Project management office) organizational and capacity development, <br />Trained line managers, project managers and project team members on project management, project management processes. <br />Impacted an average of US$ 2 billion projects budget.<br />TELCORDIA Technologies, New Jersey, USA 1999-2002 <br />Business Transformation, Senior Management Consultant <br />Key projects and achievements. Business Transformation Program (3 years, US $ 45 Millions): TELCORDIA Technologies (USA) Assisted STC (Saudi Telecom Company: 22 000 employees, Top 100 companies in the world (62nd) to transform its business from monopolistic Governmental Agency to Commercial “Privatized” company and to prepare it for the deregulation and competition:<br />Managed “Transformation Program Implementation Projects” (05/2001 – 06/2002)<br />Leading a team of 12 TELCORDIA Subject Matter Experts and more than 50 Saudi Telecom engineers<br />Involved in the achievement of divers projects during 14 months: new organization structure and benefits implementation, Project Management Processes, Business Case Core Process Development and Implementation, Network Cost Modeling Analysis, Network Planning Processes, Network Engineering Processes, Network Access Processes, Network Access Operations Review Processes, PMO design and implementation.<br />Lead consultant for Business Processes Reengineering for Network Sector (08/2000 - 04/2001)<br />Assessed BPR requirements and defined priorities with top management, <br />Developed the approach and developed tools, <br />Planned and conducted workshops with Business People for design and developments: Documented and assessed Present Method of Operation, designed and developed Future Method of Operation<br />Lead consultant, Change Management (11/1999 - 07/2000) <br />Designed, developed and implemented the Business Transformation approach<br />Developed “transition plan” a road map for sustainable change and capacity building<br />Developed a corporate communication strategic plan to support the change implementation<br />Developed an approach for “Benefits Management” to enhance the outcome from transformation program.<br />LGS Consulting Group (an IBM company), Montreal, Canada 1998 Aug -1999 Oct<br />Senior Management Consultant <br />Change Management ERP People Soft implementation (LGS GROUP INC. corporate, Canada-Montreal (07/1998-09/1999) <br />Supported the team with change management activities planning, <br />Developed communication plan, <br />Identified and evaluated project benefits, intermediary results, actions, leverages and the strategy to insure their achievement.<br /> <br />Business Process Reengineering (“Laurentian Bank”, Canada-Montreal, 1998-1999)<br />Reengineered merchant’s loan requests processes to enhance bank competitiveness, <br />Achieved the strategic target of giving a response to any merchant request, yes or no for the loan, within 15 minutes instead of 120 minutes (OCR/ICR, and workflow engines). <br /> <br />Business Transformation (HYDRO-QUEBEC, 33000 employees, Canada- Montreal (1998-1999) <br />Transform Central IT Department from a Functional Unit to a Strategic Business Unit (SBU). <br />Designed the Business Processes for the newly created and Implemented “Business Development” and “Offer management” taking in charge the demand and qualification of the request, realization of the technical solution, elaboration of the offer, presentation to the customer and negotiation, project transfer; <br />Designed and documented the process “Introduction of a New Product or Service” to support the function “Product management.<br />ROCHE Consulting Group , Quebec, Canada 1995 Dec – 1998 June<br />Organizational Architect <br />  <br />Information System analysis and Processes engineering (INGEOMINAS, Colombia-Bogota (1998)<br />Project manager of a team of experts to develop standards for a geoscientific information system (GIS) to support natural resources and geological information management: Assessed organizational readiness, trained customer resources on BPR and organizational design, Conducted Business processes reengineering <br /> <br />Organizational Design and BPR (Merging hospitals: CHUQ (university), Hotel-Dieu, St-Francois d’Assise, Canada-Quebec (1997)<br />Feasibility study for Electronic Medical Files Archiving and eCommerce opportunity. <br />Developed an Organizational Diagnosis,<br />Identified business processes and estimated the operation cost, <br />Envisioned the Future Method of Operation and standardized/optimized the processes. <br />Documented the IT leverages to support the imaging and documentary management, in the perspective of medical files digitalization.<br />Environmental Information System Development (Egyptian environment Information System –Cairo 1997)<br />Supported Egyptian government in setting the environmental management strategy to support policy and sustainable development projects: The EEIS (GIS) consists of a federated set of databases in the Environmental agency and the participating agencies, linked together through the EEIS Wide Area Network (EEIS net). As Organizational architect, defined strategic goals and objectives for the system, defined and documented products and services/customers, identified and designed business processes, developed the logical frame work for the project (outputs and outcomes), developed risk management plan.<br />Roche consulting group/DMR (Fujitsu company) Consortium<br />Public Territory Information System Design (GIS) (natural resources ministry, Canada-Quebec (1998) <br />Developed the business model and defined the requirements<br />Analyzed the existing systems and defined integration requirements<br />Designed the system processes and documented the interfaces requirements with other systems, enabling electronic remote operation by ministries and customers. <br />Smart Service Center and Information Management System (Russian government to support Land Reform after communism (liberalization), Moscow 1995-1996) <br />This solution supports government agencies to manage the privatization of Real Estate. It is based on a back office-front office approach with integration trough a Hub (smart service center). <br />Developed critical customer requirement, <br />Supported the design of the system architecture, <br />Reengineered business processes and procedures (registration and conservation of land ownership rights, cadastral registration, request services from governmental agencies), <br />Developed a training plan as well as the content for user’s readiness.<br />Freelance Senior Management Advisor, Ministry of Justice, Quebec – CIVILIAN CODE REFORM project <br />1991 Sept -1995<br />Organizational design and Business Process Reengineering (Ministry Of Justice, land right registration general directorate Canada-Montreal, Phase II - 1993-95)<br />Organizational design and Processes reengineering to support radical change in procedures resulting from the reform of the Civilian Code where the governmental agencies services are defined by the law. As Senior Advisor:<br />Design of the future organization and the future mode of operation of the registration offices (73) on the basis of the new mission and taking into account: the radical change in the mission roles and responsibilities, the directive from the Treasury Board calling for a 40% reduction in operating expenses, the leverage provided by IT.<br />Managed the business process reengineering initiatives <br />Designed a strategy to recover background information (information on paper) on an electronic support, considering legal requirements <br />Analyzed Critical Customers Needs, clientele of the system (notaries, financial institutions, municipalities, appraisers, real estate agents) <br />Strategic Planning and Change Management (Ministry Of Justice, land right registration general directorate Canada-Montreal, Phase I - 1991-93)<br />Developed a strategic planning approach targeting the integration and optimization of all the major Reform Projects (4) being carried out simultaneously by different general directorates<br />Carried out studies supervision of multidisciplinary teams (law, technology, and organization) on the impact that the drafted bills by the legislator may have on the existing organization, procedures and processes <br />Conducted Organizational Design development of the future land register,<br />Designed and carried out a national wide survey on the needs/requirements of the of the Ministry of Justice’s clientele in terms of land right registration services (lawyers, notaries)<br />Other Management experiences<br />Supply Chain Management (1983 -1991)<br />OCP world leader in phosphate and fertilizers export <br />DIRECTOR Control/Performance and Process Management<br />Industrial Marketing (1980 – 1981)<br />ACEC, Charleroi, Belgium <br />Industrial marketing consultant<br />Communication Strategy to foster the exports out of EEC<br />VEGLA GmbH, Aachen, Germany<br /> Industrial marketing consultant <br />Strategy to extend the maturity phase in industrial glass products lifecycle<br />Education<br />MBA (cum laud), Strategic planning Liege University, Belgium<br />Commercial Engineering HEC - Liege University, Belgium<br />Other Training<br />PMP (Project Management Professional), certified PMI (Project Management Institute) - USA  (2004)
<br />"Doctorate in Business Administration" courses at Robert Kennedy College - Switzerland  (Taken courses 2004-2005):
<br />Knowledge Management (45 hours),<br />Performance management (45 hours),<br />Mergers and Acquisitions (45 hours),<br />Advanced marketing (45 hours),<br />Change management (45 hours)<br />Laval University – Quebec Canada ( 2003)<br />E-Learning Applications design and development (45 hours) <br />HEC - Montreal University (1994)<br />Training for Trainers certification, Advanced Technology Institute, Montreal - Canada (1995)<br />Information systems analysis and development (45 hours)<br />Data base management (45 hours)<br />Information technology (45 hours)<br />International Trade (45 hours)<br />BPR (Business Processes Reengineering) (1993)<br />