Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT)                  A City for the Next Generation India
"The vision of Gujarat would be               incomplete without capitalising on the               in-house financial busi...
Indias Potential: Financial Services/ITeS                                                                                 ...
GIFT: Gujarats gift to India and the World                                                                                ...
The Location                                   The Concept                                                 GIFTs propositi...
The Blueprint of Success                                                        The Visionary Skyline                     ...
The Iconic Buildings     The Diamond Tower                         The Gateway Towers                       The Crystal To...
External Transport Connectivity                                                                                           ...
Water Supply and Sewage System                                               Power                                        ...
Implementation Framework/ Opportunities     Public Private Partnership                                 Corporate Social Re...
Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Company Limited            3rd Floor, A Wing, Khanij Bhavan,  Near University Groun...
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GIFT - Brochure


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GIFT - Brochure

  1. 1. Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) A City for the Next Generation India
  2. 2. "The vision of Gujarat would be incomplete without capitalising on the in-house financial business acumen. To tie-up with technology, to create a hubcomplete with infrastructure, to meet the needs ofmodern Gujarat, modern India and to create a space inthe global financial world… that is my dream"Shri Narendra Modi,Chief Minister, Gujarat 01
  3. 3. Indias Potential: Financial Services/ITeS The Growth of India’s Financial No. of Jobs (Thousands) Value add to GDP (USD Billion) Market Capitalisation (USD Billion) Services/ITeS Sector How to unlock the potential? Core 2,750-2,900 30-35 175-190 India is not able to fully realise its Financial Services The last decade has seen an unprecedented vast potential in financial services 7,400-7,600 240-250 1,150-1,250 growth in Indias financial services sector. It because our cities do not have the required infrastructure. If India wants Capital Markets & 4-5 ~1 6-7 employs over 3 million people, constitutes to compete with international financial hubs, our cities will have to Trading 19-20 8-10 65-75 about 5% of the GDP and has an estimated provide global standards in 80-90 market capitalisation of over USD 200 billion. infrastructure, office space, internet and telephone connectivity and IT for 500-600 14-18 Financial 300-350 lifestyle opportunities which would 2,000-2,200 100-120 Services As India experiences continued economic growth, the financial attract top talent. sector could generate about 10 million jobs and a GDP contribution 175-225 3-4 11-16 Gujarat; an ideal destination for ITeS/ BPO for of USD 350 to 400 billion by 2020. With sustained growth and rapid Financial realising this dream 750-850 25-35 100-150 development in technology and infrastructure, an increasing share Services of financial services would get centralised. McKinsey market Time and again, Gujarat has proved assessment report estimates potential of about 6 million itself to be one of the fastest growing 3,500-3,700 50-55 275-325 states in the country with more than centralised jobs across multiple services. Total 10,000-11,000 375-425 1,600-1,800 10% average GDP growth during the past six years. It leads in chemicals, Several developed countries have successfully established high- petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, Source: McKinsey & Company cement, ceramics and diamond 2007 2020 tech financial hubs, which over time have evolved as international industries. Gujarat contributes 30% to financial service centers. These centers provide suitable regulatory the Stock Market Capitalisation, 16% regimes and create business environment to promote talent and to countrys total output and 19% to increase capital flow. As they develop, they create significant exports. Recent studies show that economic value for their domestic economies; London and New Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are the favoured destinations to migrate Employment Potential at GIFT York account for 10% of the GDP and about 5% of jobs. Emerging in India because of good urban financial service centers like Singapore and Hong Kong have infrastructure, business friendly achieved similar levels of concentration of economic activity in a environment and good living Financial Services Estimated No. of Jobs short period of time. conditions. (Thousands) by the year 2020 Financial Services Operations 125-150 Core Financial Financial Services Corporate Centre 100-125 Services Select Product Markets 10-15 Capital Markets & Trading 2-4 IT for Financial Services 200-225 ITeS for Financial Services 75-100 Total 500-600 Source: McKinsey & Company02 03
  4. 4. GIFT: Gujarats gift to India and the World ASSOCIATES A team of some of the best names in the business has been put together GIFT aspires to cater to Indias large financial services potential by offering global firms a world-class for the planning and designing of GIFT infrastructure and facilities. It aims to attract the top talent in the country by providing the finest quality of life. It is estimated that GIFT would provide 5,00,000 direct and an equal number of indirect jobs which would require 90 million square feet of real estate office and residential space. Design and Architecture Fairwood India Pvt. Ltd. East China Architectural The Backbone (Lead Member) Design Institute Fairwood To develop and implement the Project, the Government of Gujarat through its agency Gujarat Urban Consortium of Fairwood India Pvt. Ltd. and East China Architectural Design Institute Development Company Limited (GUDC) and Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS) have established a 50:50 joint venture Company, “Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Talent Demand Assessment Real Estate Assessment Market Demand Assessment Company Limited” (GIFTCL). Gujarat Urban Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Hewitt Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj McKinsey&Company Development Company Limited (IL&FS) Limited (GUDC) GUDC Legal Consultant Environmental Aspect ICT Advisory Services GUDC facilitates urban development by assisting the state IL&FS is the foremost infrastructure company in the country government in formulation of policy, institutional capacity which has catalysed over USD 8 billion of infrastructure Environment building, project implementation, and in raising funds from projects and is currently developing several innovative Luthra&Luthra Law Offices British Telecom multilateral agencies for urban projects. projects. Like GIFT, most of its projects are in Public-Private IL&FS Ecosmart Limited Luthra and Luthra Law Offices Partnership (PPP) format. IL&FS also provides consultancy in IT, financial, environmental, water management, education and a host of other services. It employs more than 3,000 people. Infrastructure IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited04 05
  5. 5. The Location The Concept GIFTs proposition includes GIFT: The Magnificent Coliseum in Making the following: The project has been located on the The Project has been globally l urban planning Robust Recognising the potential of the State as a centre for the financial services industry, bank of the river Sabarmati and is benchmarked with International l form and façade, attractive skyline Urban the Government of Gujarat formulated GIFT to realise this vision. Land between about 12 kms from Ahmedabad Financial Centers. GIFT is planned to l of self-sustainable city Concept International Airport, and 8 kms from be a hub for IT/ ITeS for Financial Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar region has been identified to create a Central Finance Gandhinagar. GIFT will have easy l Intelligent transportation system Services and other multi-services Business District (CFBD). The land of CFBD will subsequently be expanded and access from all directions through 4-6 sectors. l cooling system District surrounded by Institutional Areas, Knowledge Parks and Integrated Townships. The lanes State and National Highway. l River front CFBD is presently planned in 550 acres of land. The project regenerates an ideal l Technology backbone for a tech-finance hub blend of high quality residential, commercial and open space facilities that optimise l Data centers land and real estate values, global connectivity and gen-next infrastructure. l conservation measures, low per Energy capita energy consumption l Comprehensive water management plan l Integrated township with the best of social and physical infrastructure ldevelopment programme Talent Gandhinagar Ahmedabad GANDHINAGAR -8 R NH VE RI I AT RM BA ECOPOLIS SA Parcel 2 ECOPOLIS Parcel 1 GIFT Knowledge City S. P .R ING ROA D NARMADA MAIN CANAL SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AHMEDABAD AHMEDABAD RAILWAY STATION06 07
  6. 6. The Blueprint of Success The Visionary Skyline A necklace of artistically designed high rises with their glittering glass Fulfillment of Maintenance of ecological human needs for integrity through facades located on the curve of the River Sabarmati provides GIFT its unique skyline. Clean Low Energy Environment Consumption 500 M 500 M 400 M 400 M Professional City Management Food & Shelter 300 M 300 M 200 M 200 M 100 M 100 M Education 0M 0M Efficient Waste The Fortune Island Art & Culture Management and Discharge The heart of the city is the Fortune Island, created by the River Sabarmati on one side and Dream River on the other. It will house the tallest tower of the city- the Diamond tower and the shortest- the Convention Green Spaces, center. It will have 8 Museums showcasing the history, Employment Protection of Natural art, culture and socio-economic life of Gujarat. Vegetation, Water Bodies Land Use BUA Above Ground- 92 Million sq ft CBD - Central Business District shall have three main components: 23% Residential 60% Commercial l Residential and commercial 2% Hotel l Large open space, water bodies 5% Retail and public areas 9% Public Building l Public and Semi-public Several 1% Recreation (PSP) facilities BUA Basement- 52 Million sq ft Total- 144 Million sq ft08 09
  7. 7. The Iconic Buildings The Diamond Tower The Gateway Towers The Crystal Towers Convention Center The Diamond Tower, located on the The tall archways of the Gateway The glowing Crystal Towers are one of It has several halls, auditoriums and an beautiful Fortune Island, symbolises Towers frame the majestic Diamond the most beautiful buildings of the city opera with capacity exceeding 10,000. Gujarats flourishing diamond industry. Tower and create a picture perfect skyline. Synonymous with their Its design is inspired by Salt Crystals Designed to portray the elegant edges setting. Straddling the main avenue of names, the four office Crystal Towers and Dandi march. of diamond facets, each floor of the the city, the Gateway Towers have have beautiful terrace gardens and Built-up Area: 6.5 Million sq ft tower is different and yet uniquely elaborate terrace gardens and rooftop offer a spectacular view of the Dream forming one large whole. The restaurants. The Gateway Towers River, Diamond Tower and the Diamond Tower will be the tallest draw design inspiration from Buland Convention Center. building in India. Darwaja and herald Indias arrival in Built-up Area: 8.5 Million sq ft Built-up Area: 4.29 Million sq ft the new millennium. Built-up Area: 7.3 Million sq ft Transport Node The Transport Node is the urban hub of the city. The complex is designed with hotels, malls, theaters, food streets and multi-dimensional transport stations. Built-up Area: 5.4 Million sq ft The River Front Designed to woo, mesmerise and entertain the visitors, the river front will be dotted with restaurants, craft bazaars, leisure activities to provide an evening of fun and relaxation in a serene ambience. Built-up Area: 2.5 Million sq ft10 11
  8. 8. External Transport Connectivity Transport VisionA grid of six external connectivity gateways to GIFT from National Highway-8 and Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar State Highway has been created, and the Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS) is being l Segregating vehicular &extended by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The Metro Rail Transport System (MRTS) connecting pedestrian movementGandhinagar, Ahmedabad and GIFT is being taken up by the Government of Gujarat. loriented development Transit where people walk-to-work lsplit of 10:90 between Modal private and public transport l for zero accident city Aiming Transport Components l roads (2/4 lane) for Surface pedestrians & emergency vehicles l roads - underground Recessed for motorised vehicles l River tunnel l Bridges ltransport system Public (BRTS/ MRTS) l transport system Intelligent 5000 l Two transit hubs l walkways Elevated l Four external parking hubs 5000 l Independent logistics center Personalised Rapid Transport 10000 5000 System (PRTS) CROSS SECTION THROUGH LIVING BRIDGE PRTS PODS l Automatic personalised driver-less pods l on demand: 24 x 7 Available l travel direct to Non-stop destination Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Transit oriented development (TOD) RIVER TUNNEL TRAVELLATOR shall be concentrated near transit nodes to make travel convenient for people through multimodal transport. LIVING BRIDGE SIGNATURE BRIDGE Each transit node also offers hotel & office with commercial facilities. It To Gandhinagar shall enhance walk-to-work concept. H 8 To N Transit Station MRT Route Boulevard Street Underground Vehicular Road To Ahmedabad Entry Exit Point TRANSIT ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT (TOD) 13
  9. 9. Water Supply and Sewage System Power Information and Communication District Cooling System l Total water requirement: 20 MGD l Underground cabling for power distribution within GIFT Technology l through economies of scale Efficiency l Narmada main canal Source: l Substation and distribution automation (ICT) l energy costs up to 30% Reduces l and reuse of wastewater Recycling l Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS) substation for sub- l maintenance costs Reduces l harvesting Rainwater transmission and distribution GIFT will offer leading-edge infrastructure, services and l air quality and temperature control Improves l 24 x 7 water supply l reliability: 99.999% System platforms and offer financial services enterprises, a l noise and vibration Reduces l of zero discharge city Concept i.e. outage of 5.3 min per annum significant competitive advantage to operate regionally l Total estimated capacity: ~ 3,25,000 TR l water front by construction of three barrages Perennial and globally. on river Sabarmati l Landscaped promenade at the river bank along GIFT GIFT occupants would have access to following pre- enabled on demand ICT Services. B1 TO G AND HIN Road AGA R Infrastructure ID • High speed fiber network • Diverse local and A international connectivity PUMP STATION IB • Pervasive wireless and Cold Water Supply B2 mobile network Hot Water Return • Data centers GIFT Service Trenches 10 Platforms 5 KM • Financial extranets l A common underground service corridor for all utilities Road B loptimisation Space • CUG to exchanges 7 l maintenance Ease in 8 NH • Voice L • Industry specific platforms B3 SABARMATI RIVER • City e-portal • Sensor networks • IPTV • Internet gateway Solid Waste Management Services l Automated Waste collection System (AWS) through • Data chute system • Voice ltreatment through plasma technology Waste l impact on health Minimise • Wi-Fi lsucked through pipes at a speed of 90 kms/hr Waste • Tier-IV data centres l human intervention Minimise • Business continuity l space requirement Minimise • Security • High-speed internet access Small Medium Enterprises • Monitoring es Bus ncial Resid WAN IPTC n s ie s Fina Data ents Data Fibre Voice Centre Cellular Extranet IB National Voice es Vis vic i to Ser rs ty Ci14 15
  10. 10. Implementation Framework/ Opportunities Public Private Partnership Corporate Social Responsibility In line with PPP philosophy, the Project encourages Talent Development significant private sector participation. To upgrade the identified skill gaps, a dedicated programme involving private sector participation is being pursued by Unbundling the Components setting up the following entities/ programmes: l Nodal agency for talent development Core Infrastructure l schools Finishing Site development and basic infrastructure would be l schools Training contracted out by GIFTCL inducting the latest in l city development Education construction technology. l education and infrastructure development School Utilities Construction Skill Development and Welfare Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) have been setup to The Company has started a special multi-agency implement the critical utility components through major programme at skill upgradation of workers. This would help private sector participation. generate employment for the local and the tribal people which would lead to betterment of safety, health and l GIFT District Cooling Systems Limited environmental practices for the workers and their families. A l GIFT Water Infrastructure Limited separate township is being developed for construction and l GIFT Waste Management Services Limited other site workers. l GIFT Transport Infrastructure Development Limited l GIFT Power Company Limited l Services Limited GIFT ICT Real Estate GIFT offers real estate packages in the form of shell, furnished, plug and play or press and play spaces. Uniformity of design and aesthetics would be maintained. To facilitate developers, GUDC has been designated as the single-window Area Development Authority. A separate building code is being written for GIFT.16
  11. 11. Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Company Limited 3rd Floor, A Wing, Khanij Bhavan, Near University Ground, 132 feet Ring Road, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 052, Gujarat, INDIATel: +91 79 2791 2511 / 2791 2518 Fax: +91 79 2791 2516 E-mail: