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Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011 - District Profile : Bhavnagar

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Bhavnagar - District Profile

  1. 1. Bhavnagar
  2. 2. INDEX 1 Bhavnagar : A Snapshot 2 Economy and Industry Profile 3 Industrial Locations / Infrastructure 4 Support Infrastructure 2 5 Social Infrastructure 6 Tourism 7 Investment Opportunities8 Annexure 2
  3. 3. 1 3Bhavnagar: A Snapshot 3
  4. 4. Introduction: Bhavnagar§ Bhavnagar is located near the Gulf of Cambay in the Arabian Map1: District Map of Bhavnagar with Talukas Sea, a part of Saurashtra peninsula, in central part of Gujarat§ Proximity of Bhavnagar with commercial districts of Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surendranagar, and Amreli has made the district an important industrial location§ The district has 11 talukas, of which the major ones are Bhavnagar (District Headquarter), Shihor, Talaja, Mahuva, Botad, Palitana, Ghogha and Vallabhipur 4§ Focus industry sectors: Diamond cutting & polishing, cement & gypsum, inorganic salt-based and marine chemicals, ship- Botad building, ship-repairs, oxygen, foundry, re-rolling, ceramics, Gadhda Umrala fabrication and food processing industries Vallabhipur Bhavnagar§ World’s largest ship breaking yard is at Alang in the district Sihor Ghogha Gariadhar Palitana§ Major tourist attractions in the district are Velavadar National District Headquarter Talaja park-Blackbuck sanctuary, Takhteshwar Temple, Talukas Mahuva Gaurishanker Lake, Jain Temples of Palitana and Talaja 4
  5. 5. Fact File 71.15o East (Longitude)Geographical Location 21.47o North (Latitude)Average Rainfall 605 mmRivers Shetrunji, Ranghola and KaludharArea 8,628 sq. km.District Headquarter BhavnagarTalukas 11 5Population 24,69,630 (As per 2001 Census)Population Density 205 Persons per sq. km.Sex Ratio 937 Females per 1000 MalesLiteracy Rate 66.20%Languages Gujarati, Hindi and EnglishSeismic Zone Zone IIISource: Bhavnagar District Profile 2006-07 5
  6. 6. 2 6Economy and Industry Profile 6
  7. 7. Economy and Industry Profile§ Industrial development in Bhavnagar district could be attributed to the presence of a large number of diamond cutting and polishing units, salt and marine chemicals, plastics, ship building, and breaking industries§ Bhavnagar stands second in diamond cutting & polishing industry after Surat in India, with 6,000 units operating from the district and employing more than 3 lakh people§ Bhavnagar is the largest producer of salt, with 34,500 tons of salt being produced annually in the district§ Bhavnagar manufactures FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) boats and steel vessels at ship building 7 facility of Alcock Ashdown (Gujarat ) Ltd§ At Alang, Bhavnagar houses the largest ship breaking yard in the world§ Bhavnagar has about 150 units manufacturing plastic monofilaments, and more than 400 units manufacturing plastic cloth, twine, ropes, films, and multifilament yarn§ Some sections of the society depends upon agriculture for their livelihood Source: District Industries Centre, Bhavnagar 7
  8. 8. Agriculture§ Major crops produced in the district are citrus, onion, Fig 1:Total Area and Production of Food and guava, banana and chiku Non Food Crops (2006-07) 2800 5000 Total Production (in 00 M.T.)§ In 2006-07, Bhavnagar had the highest production of 2100 onion and guava in the State, accounting for 4,99,112 Total Area (in Hec) 2112 2553 and 52,061 Metric Tonnes (MT) respectively 1400 1779 2500§ The district was the third highest producer of chiku 700 (sapota) with a production of 31,886 MT (2006-07) 862 0 0§ Total production of cotton for the year 2006-07, in Cereals Oilseed Bhavnagar was 12,73,500 Bales, the second highest Area (in Hec) Production (in 00 M.T.) in the State after Rajkot Fig 2:Total Area and Production of Food Crops Fig 3:Total Area and Production of Major Food Crops (2006-07) (2006-07) 30000 800000 24000 600000 Total Production (in M.T.) Total Production (in M.T.) 499112 629495 600000 Total Area (in Hec) 18000 Total Area (in Hec) 20000 400000 24167 400000 12000 10000 27454 19383 260785 200000 200000 6000 6892 4811 52061 5417 46907 784 0 0 24303 2584 0 0 Fruits Vegetables Spices Citrus Banana Onion Guava Area (in Hec) Production (in M.T.) Area (in Hec) Production (in M.T.) Source: Department of Agriculture, 2006-07 8
  9. 9. Major Industries§ There are 112 medium and large scale industries located Map 2: Major Industry Players in Bhavnagar* in Bhavnagar district§ Some of the major medium and large scale players present in the district are mentioned in Table 1. Table 1: Major Industries Present in Bhavnagar* Name of Company Taluka Production Nirma Ltd. Kalatalav, Bhavnagar Chemicals Clay Mineral Products Ashapura Minechem Ltd. Chitra, Bhavnagar including Bentonite Chhatariya Foods Private Mahuva Onion Dehydration Units Ltd. Alcock Ashdown Ltd Anik Ship Breaking Talaja Shipbreaking 9 Industries Ltd. Volvo Steels Ltd. Mahuva Stainless Steel Ingots Iota Chemiculture Ltd. Ghogha Chemicals Alcock Ashdown Ltd Bhavnagar Ship Building Facility Skylink Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Sihor Chemicals Vegetable Oils and Wipro Limited Bhavnagar Vanaspati Ruparel Plastics (P) Ltd. Mahuva Polypropylene Ropes Vimal Dyes and Gas India Shampara Industrial Oxygen (P) Ltd. Investment & Precision Bhavnagar Investment Castings Castings Ltd * Indicative List Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 9
  10. 10. Small Scale Industries (SSI) § The district has 10,080 SSI units with employment of 49,587 involving a total investment of INR 28,955 lakhs (USD 70.62 million) § Around 4,460 SSI units are present in Bhavnagar taluka, witnessing investments to the tune of INR 9,956 lakhs (USD 24.28 million) § Maximum number of industries are engaged in repairing & servicing, textiles, chemicals, glass & ceramics, and wood products Fig 4 : Talukawise major Investments and Employment in SSIs 12000 24000 19551 Total Investments (in Lakhs) 9000 18000 Total Employment 6000 12000 9956 6441 3000 5674 3979 6000 2888 2112 4942 3616 1996 1359 1184 0 0 Bhavnagar Shihor Mahuva Batod Palitana Gadhda Investments (in Lakhs) EmploymentSource: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 10
  11. 11. Small Scale Industries (SSI) 643 SSI Map 3 : SSI Clusters in Bhavnagar units 270 SSI units Botad 323 SSI units Gadhda 133 SSI units Umrala Vallabhipur 4460 SSI units Bhavnagar 270 SSI 1266 SSI Sihor units 11 units 221 SSI Ghogha units Gariadhar Palitana 356 SSI units 557 SSI Talaja units 1532 SSI units MahuvaSource: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 11
  12. 12. Industry Investment Trends§ As per the Industrial Entrepreneur Memoranda (IEMs) Fig. 5: Investments in 1988 -97 Vs 1998-07 Comparative Data in Last Two Decades filed, the total investment during 1988-97 was INR 2,693 6000 Crore (USD 657 million), and during 1998-2007 In ve stm en ts (IN R C ro re ) 5000 investments worth INR 4,775 Crore (USD 1,164.6 million) 4000 3000 4775§ Around 87% of the investments during 1998-07 has been 2000 2693 1000 contributed by infrastructure projects, cement and 0 gypsum, and chemicals sector, while 89% of the 1988 - 1997 1998 - 2007 12 Years investments during 1988-97 was contributed by industries such as chemicals, cement and gypsum§ Miscellaneous machinery and engineering sector showed increase in number of units while chemicals, plastic and food processing industries showed remarkable growth in investments during 1998-2007 Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 12
  13. 13. Investment Trends: 1988-97§ During 1988-97, the chemical sector attracted Fig. 6: Major Investments & Employment During 1988-97 maximum investments to the tune of INR 1,209 Crores (USD 295 million) contributing 45% to the Highest Investment total investments. The sector proved to be the In vestm ent an d E m plo ym en t Highest 100 0 0 8585 Employment 90 0 0 second highest employment generator with 7,154 80 0 0 7154 70 0 0 60 0 0 jobs 50 0 0 3536 40 0 0 30 0 0§ Cement and gypsum sector attracted next 20 0 0 1209 1180 577 1027 13 10 0 0 187 40 22 0 highest investments of INR 1,180 Crore (USD 288 D ye Stu ff s M etallu rg ical C h em icals C em en t an d Pro cessin g In d u st ries in d u stries G yp su m Food million) contributing 44% to total investments in the decade Sectors§ Highest employment was generated by Investment Employment metallurgical industries creating 8,585 (INR crore) employment opportunities and contributing 38% to the total employment Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat,2007 13
  14. 14. Investment Trends: 1998-07§ Infrastructure sector attracted the highest investment of INR 2,200 Crore (USD 536.5 Fig. 7: Major Investments & Employment During 1998-07 million) contributing 46% to total investments generated during 1998-07 4 50 0 3997 Highest 4000 Employment§ The next highest investment was generated Highest Investment and Employment 3 50 0 Investment 3000 by cement and gypsum sector of INR 1,637 2 50 0 2200 2223 Crore (USD 399.26 million) growing by 39% 2000 1637 150 0 and contributing 34% to the total investments 14 10 0 0 938 306 400 250§ Highest employment was generated by the 50 0 186 96 79 94 0 chemical sector creating 3,997 jobs s re s m s s al al rie tu rie su ic tic c m st yp st ru eu he du du G t ac as contributing 36% to the total jobs created C In In nd fr m ng s In ta ar ou si Ph en ne es em d lla oc an C ce Food processing industries grew by over Pr§ gs is od ru M Fo D Sectors 250 times during 1998-07 with an investment Investm ent Em ploym ent of INR 79 Crore (USD 19 million) (INR crore) Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 14
  15. 15. Investments in Pipeline§ A total of 11 MoUs were signed during Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summits (VGGIS) 2003, 2005 and Fig 8: Sectorwise MoUs Signed during VGGIS during 2003,2005 & 2007 2007, in several sectors, such as, ports, power, agro & food Processing, tourism and mineral-based industries 1 1§ The power sector witnessed investments of over INR 2 2 4000 crore (USD 975.60 million) during VGGIS 2003 and 2005 by Nirma Chemicals Limited and Gujarat 5 Petro Chemical Limited respectively Mineral Based Industries Power§ Port sector witnessed maximum number of MoUs Port Tourism Agro & Food processing during 2003 and 2005 in the district§ Gujarat State Petronet Corporation (GSPC), has signed an MoU during Vibrant Gujarat 2007, for the privatisation of Bhavnagar port Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007 15
  16. 16. Economy Drivers§ Major investments were witnessed in infrastructure projects during 1998-07 which would further enhance the image of the district as a commercial region§ Recent surge in the growth of food processing industries in the district has increased employment opportunities for the masses§ Presence of Bhavnagar port has helped in catalyzing the growth of industries, making it an important terminal for export and import of goods 16§ Proximity with other major industrial hubs of the State, such as Ahmedabad, and Rajkot has helped the district in attracting investments§ Small scale industry sectors such as repairing & servicing, textiles, chemicals, glass & ceramics and wood products are the supporting pillars of the economy providing numerous employment opportunities Source: District Industries Centre, Bhavnagar 16
  17. 17. 3 17Industrial Locations / Infrastructure 17
  18. 18. Industrial Estates Map 4: Industrial Estates in Bhavnagar Table 2: Industrial Estates in Bhavnagar Industrial Estates Area in Hectare Vallabhipur 0.75 Dhasa 0.93 Botad 6 Viithalwadi 9 Sihor 1 12 Sihor 2 18.73 18 Palitana 33.95 Mahuva 18 Vartej 73.58 Chitra 174.71 LegendSource: Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, Government of Gujarat, 2007 18
  19. 19. 4 19Support Infrastructure 19
  20. 20. Road and Rail Connectivity Road Map 5: Bhavnagar Road and Rail Network§ National Highway 8E passes through the district connecting it to Junagadh (205 km) and Amreli (113 km)§ Bhavnagar is also connected to Ahmedabad (170 km), Vadodara (280 km), Jamnagar (266 km), Surat (447 km), Rajkot (178 km), Ankleshwar (364 km), Vapi (514 km), Gandhinagar (228 km) and Mehsana (274 km)§ Connectivity with major industrial centers of India: Delhi 20 (986 km), Mumbai (622 km), Kolkata (1981 km), Hyderabad (1138 km), and Chennai (1,686 km) Rail§ Almost all the talukas of Bhavnagar are well connected to cities such as Amreli, Ahmedabad and Mumbai by rail Source: Bhavnagar District Profile 2006-07 20
  21. 21. Airports and Ports Air § Bhavnagar is one of the first cities to have an airport in Gujarat § Air services are available between Bhavnagar and Mumbai Mumbai § Nearest international airport is in Ahmedabad (200 km) Port 21§ Bhavnagar port is well connected with a broad gauge railway line§ The port handles oil cakes, salts, scrap, onions, clay and rape seeds§ The port is 10 km away from Bhavnagar city which is well connected to Ahmedabad and Mumbai§ There is a minor port at Ghogha and ship breaking yard at Alang§ Government of Gujarat plans to develop Mithivirdi and Mahuva ports for handling steel products, iron ore, coal, iron plates and automobiles§ The nearest natural port of Pipavav is 113 km Source: Bhavnagar District Profile,2006-07, Gujarat Maritime Board, Government of Gujarat 21
  22. 22. Power Supply Network Power Map 6 : Bhavnagar Power Supply § Bhavnagar has a well developed network of Sub stations in the district to cater to the industrial and domestic power requirements § There are five 220 KV sub stations at different locations in the district at Dhasa, Vartej, Sagapara, Otha and Savarkundla, and a 132 KV sub station is at Vallabhipur 22 § Twenty one, 66 KV sub stations are spread across the district § One power station is under implementation at Ghogha taluka.Source: Gujarat State Electricity Board, Government of Gujarat, 2007 22
  23. 23. Gas Supply Gas§ Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL) has proposed a gas pipeline in Bhavnagar with a length of 141 km originating from Jafrabad connecting Pipavav with Bhavnagar Map 7: Bhavnagar Gas Grid Network B H A V N A G A R Route Identification Complete Commissioned Under Construction Source: Gujarat State Petronet Limited 23
  24. 24. Bhavnagar Port§ Bhavnagar port is well connected with a broad gauge railway line§ The port handles oil cakes, salts, scrap, onions, clay and rape seeds§ The port is 10 km away from Bhavnagar city which is well connected to Ahmedabad and Mumbai by road and rail.§ There is a minor port at Ghogha and ship breaking yard at Alang§ Government of Gujarat plans to develop Mithivirdi and Mahuva ports for handling steel products, iron ore, coal, iron plates and automobiles§ The nearest natural port of Pipavav is 113 km Source: Bhavnagar District Profile,2006-07, Gujarat Maritime Board, Government of Gujarat 24
  25. 25. Bhavnagar Port§ Bhavnagar port is an all – weather direct berthing port for smaller vessels Gujarat§ It is located in the Gulf of Cambay on the west coast of India and has a draft Bhavnagar upto 4 metres§ The concrete jetty is 270 metres in length and 12.8 metres in width and also having North quay of 120 m§ The port is illuminated by five high – mast towers and 75 KVA DG set for emergency power supply§ The port exports – oil cakes, salts, scrap, onions, clay and rape seeds§ Minor ports in the district are at Mahuva, Ghogha, and Talaja§ Alcock Ashdown Ltd, a major company for ship building, ship conversion and Performance overhauling projects, has a manufacturing shipyard in Bhavnagar 2005-06 (lakh tonnes)§ Alcock Ashdown has one of the biggest centrally air conditioned FRP Import Export boat building shops in Bhavnagar 1.01 1.32§ Alang (50 km from Bhavnagar city) is the largest ship breaking yard in the Source: The Ports of Gujarat, Gujarat Maritime Board ,2005-06 world 25
  26. 26. Proposed Infrastructure Projects Road Network § The Government has proposed privatisation of bus services in Bhavnagar, to enhance the standards of transport facilities. Further, a “Transport Nagar” proposed by the Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation will provide the much needed connectivity in the district § Gujarat State Road Development Corporation (GSRDC) has proposed development of Bhavnagar-Vallabhipur-Dhandhuka Road and Bhavnagar- Dholera-Wataman Road 26 Port § Mithivirdi, situated 40 km south of Bhavnagar and 10 km north of existing ship breaking yard at Alang is the proposed site for cargo handling which includes steel products, iron ore, coal, iron plates, and automobilesSource: Indian Real Estate: Growth and New Destinations ,FICCI and Ernst & Young, 2007 26
  27. 27. Proposed Infrastructure Projects Power § Lignite based power station is proposed at Ghogha taluka having a capacity of 315 MW by Nirma Ltd. with investments of about INR 2,000 crore (USD 487.8 million) Kalpasar Project § Kalpasar Project envisages to build a dam (64 km) across the Gulf of 27 Khambhat in Gujarat in the Arabian Sea to create a sweet water lake across Ghogha in Bhavnagar district and Hansot in Bharuch district. It is a multi- dimensional project with power generation, water conservation, and bridging Saurashtra (west Gujarat with south Gujarat). The distance between Saurashtra and south Gujarat will be reduced by 225 km after the successful completion of the projectSource: Indian Real Estate: Growth and New Destinations ,FICCI and Ernst & Young, 2007 27
  28. 28. 5 28Social Infrastructure 28
  29. 29. Education§ Bhavnagar has a university of its own offering courses in Table 3 : Educational Institutions in Bhavnagar professional disciplines such as management, computer Educational Institutes Total applications, etc apart from the conventional courses. Primary Schools 961§ Bhavnagar hosts a number of Engineering, Medical, Nursing, Secondary & Higher ayurvedic, and physiotherapy Colleges and Industrial Training Secondary Schools 214 Institutes ITIs 8§ Engineering colleges offering courses in chemical, civil, Polytechnics 1 electrical, electronic and communication, 29information MCA Colleges 2 technology, production and mechanical engineering are Pharmacy College 2 present in the district Engineering Colleges 2§ The Government Medical College and Swami Vivekanand Others * 15 Homeopathic Medical College affiliated with Bhavnagar * Arts, Commerce, Science,B.Ed & Law Colleges University in Bhavnagar city offer MBBS and BHMS degrees respectively Source: Bhavnagar District Profile 2006-07, Industries Commissionerate 29
  30. 30. Health§ Bhavnagar has several hospitals for providing a comprehensive range of medical services backed by modern technology and trained clinicians.§ There are 13 community and 47 primary health centers present in the district.§ Sir Takhtsinhji Hospital in Bhavnagar specializes in 30 Sir Takhtsinhji Hospital psychiatry, ophthalmology, cardiology, gynecology, etc§ Sihor taluka has a Tuberculosis and Research Centre at Amargadh which provides excellent treatment facilities§ Indian Red Cross associated hospitals are also present in the districtSource: Bhavnagar District Profile, Health and Family Welfare Department, 2007 30
  31. 31. 6 31Tourism 31
  32. 32. Tourism§ Some of the renowned tourist destinations in Bhavnagar city are Gandhi Smriti, Takhteshwar Temple, Gaurishanker Lake, Sardar Vallabhai Patel (Pill Garden), and old Darbargarh§ The Velavadar National Park, which is situated 40 km from Bhavnagar city, is a sanctuary for blackbuck, wolf, pelicans, flamingoes, white storks, sarus cranes etc§ Talaja is a picturesque and serene town in the district. Located on the Blackbuck in Velavadar National Shetrunji river, it is known for the presence of 30 Buddhist caves 32 Park§ Shihor Darbargadh, royal residence of the Gohil Rajputs between 1570 and 1723 is known for paintings which potray the attire of the period, the weapons used, and the expressions on the warriors’ faces§ Bhavnagar city provides royal accomodation facilities for tourists. The district has many hotels such as Nilambagh Palace Hotel, Hotel Bluehill, Hotel Sunshine, and Hotel Apollo Hotel Bluehill Source: India Guide Gujarat, 2007 32
  33. 33. 7 33Investment Opportunities 33
  34. 34. Investment Opportunities Agriculture & Food Processing § Cotton spinning mill and surgical cotton manufacturing unit § Fruit pulp and juice canning industries § Poultry and cattle feed § Cold storage and dehyderation plant Minerals § Cement plant § Mosaic chips § Stone crushing 34 Engineering § Tractor & agricultural equipments § Auto parts / machinery parts & foundry § Electrical equipments § Steel re–rolling mills * Detailed Sector/ Project Profiles for investment opportunities available at 34
  35. 35. Investment Opportunities Ports § RO-RO terminals § Special purpose jetty with import facility for oil, waste & sludge, export facility for ship scrap , etc § Ship building and ship repairing Plastic § Plastic wares, toys § Multi packing bags 35 § Plastic automotive parts § Fishing nets * Detailed Sector/ Project Profiles for investment opportunities available at 35
  36. 36. Annexure I Maps Figures Tables Figure 1 : Total Area and Production of Food Table 1 : Major Industries Present inMap 1: District Map of Bhavnagar with Talukas and Non Food Crops 2005-06 BhavnagarMap 2 : Major Industry Players in Bhavnagar Figure 2 : Total Area and Production of Food Table 2 : Industrial Estates in Bhavnagar Crops 2006-07Map 3 : SSI Clusters in Bhavnagar Figure 3 : Total Area and Production of Major Food Crops in 2006-07 Table 3 : Education Institutes in BhavnagarMap 4 : Industrial Estates in Bhavnagar Figure 4 : Talukawise Major Investments and employment in SSIsMap 5: Bhavanagar Road and Rail Network Figure 5 : Investments in 1988-97 vs 1997-07Map 6: Bhavnagar Power Network – Comparative Data in Last Two DecadesMap 7: Bhavnagar Gas Network Figure 6 : Major Investments and Employment during 1988-97 Figure 7 : Major Investments and Employment during 1998-07 Figure 8 : Sectorwise MoUs Signed (VGGIS 03, 05, 07) 36
  37. 37. Annexure II : AbbreviationsSMEs : Small and Medium EnterprisesIEM : Industrial Entrepreneur MemorandumMoU : Memorandum of UnderstandingSSI : Small Scale IndustriesVGGIS : Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors SummitGoG : Government of GujaratGSPL: Gujarat State Petronet LimitedGPCL: Gujarat Power Corporation LimitedGSRDC: Gujarat State Road Development CorporationGMB: Gujarat Maritime BoardITI: Industrial Training InstitutesMBBS: Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of SurgeryMV: Mega VoltMT: Metric Tonnes 37