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Ppt1 afl


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Published in: Sports
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Ppt1 afl

  1. 1. Australian Rules football was first played in the 1850s, the first club formed was the MelbourneFootball Club founded in 1859 and during that year the game received its first coded rules.
  2. 2. The year 1897saw the formation of a league, The Victorian Football League, with a membership of eight teams. To reflect the expansion of the game to otherstates the league was renamed The Australian FootballLeague in 1990 and now (2012) has 18 teams Australia wide.
  3. 3. The game is played with teams of 18 players on thefield (generally an oval) and the objective is to kick the ball through the opposing team’s goal posts. The ball used in this game is slightly smaller than a rugby ball and the ends are more rounded.
  4. 4. Any part of the body may be used to propel the ball but generally it is kicked, handballed or it may be run with provided it is intermittently bounced making it aspectacularly quick game. Physical match ups betweenplayers and the high scoring nature of the game adds to its excitement.