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Marmarati Case Study - We Are Social - Tom Ollerton


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Marmarati Case Study - We Are Social - Tom Ollerton

  1. 1. Unilever: The Return of the Marmarati
  2. 2. Over the past 3 years We Are Social has worked with Unilever to create a secret and exclusive society of Marmite lovers: The Marmarati we are social
  3. 3. Our original campaign involving the Marmarati, the launch of Marmite XO, marked Unilever’s first product launch solely using social media, with no supporting media spend
  4. 4. It won 13 industry awards, including 2 BIMAs, 2 WOMMYs and Best Use of Social Media in the 2011 Revolution awards we are social
  5. 5. Marmite XO has recently been re-branded with new labeling and a new jar we are social
  6. 6. This served as the perfect opportunity not only to get XO back into consumers minds but also deepen the membership of the Marmarati we are social
  7. 7. We reactivated the existing Marmarati by staging a trial, attended by 60 members from around the country
  8. 8. The previous Lord Marmarati (Marmite’s Brand Manager) was tried and found guilty of crimes against Marmite
  9. 9. St. John O. Skelton (the Master Blender of Marmite) was elected by the jury to become the new Lord Marmarati
  10. 10. After the trial we launched the refreshed we are social
  11. 11. Where we one again chose to target only the most hardcore Marmite lovers to become new members we are social
  12. 12. Where they had to prove themselves worthy of joining the Marmarati by completing a series of challenges
  13. 13. And they proved worthy indeed
  14. 14. Over the course of the 8 challenges users could upload text, photo or video entries
  15. 15. There was an easily browsed gallery of users’ entries
  16. 16. And a ‘hot or not’ style voting mechanic encouraged users to vote on and share other peoples’ entries we are social
  17. 17. Once submissions were closed, we had received 1,888 entries, from which we chose the 300 new members of the Marmarati we are social
  18. 18. They and the existing Marmarati were then given access to an exclusive members only shop featuring Marmite XO merchandise we are social
  19. 19. Including teapots, silver tankards, pocket watches, cufflinks and scarves as a thank you for joining we are social
  20. 20. We further strengthened the passion around Marmite XO And Unilever now have a bigger, more engaged community of Marmite lovers, ready for participation in new product development and to feedback on all things Marmite