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Integrasco at Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp, London 2010


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Integrasco looks beyond social media monitoring tools to the human analytics required for effective social media monitoring.

Published in: Technology
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Integrasco at Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp, London 2010

  1. 1. Social Media Analytics - Beyond the tools Aleksander M. Stensby Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp March 2010
  2. 2. Presentation outline What does your tool do? The human element? Real Life
  3. 3. What does your tool do? This is the most common question asked of us by big brands seeking to better • understand Social Media Social media is creating a lot BUZZ... It is only relatively new to big brands... And it • appears to be a pretty confusing space There are 10’s if not 100’s of tools on the market claiming to be THE ANSWER to a • brand’s needs for social media access and analysis Well presented dashboards, sentiment data, and CRM interfaces LOOK GREAT.... • But do they do a GOOD job? To answer that questions, you need to ask, “What’s the job?” •
  4. 4. The Human Element This is the job big brands ask us to do: • • Accurately track and measure ALL relevant Social Media mentions • Allow us to define the competitive landscape • Allow us to define the categories for tracking that are relevant for us • Allow us to find our lead influencers and learn from their conversations • Allow us to learn actionable insights from online conversations • Allow us to access the information in the way we want • Work with us to integrate Social Media into our measurement systems We provide a SERVICE to clients to meet the needs of the question they ask • We DO NOT sell Tools alone • Without the HUMAN element and the use of experienced analysts... There are no • simple button you can press to get THE ANSWER
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  6. 6. Real Life The Data Universe • The Brand Taxonomy • The Category Taxonomy • Concept mining, Location and Influencers • BUZZ and Sentiment Measurement • Customised integration with client’s key measurement systems • • In our experience, most big brands are not looking for TOOLS, they are looking for SOLUTIONS... We provide SOLUTIONS
  7. 7. The Data Universe (1 of 2) Integrasco WoM Portal 2.0 Data Access Service Search Index – Shard 1 Search Index – Shard 2 Search Index – Shard n Raw data Raw data Raw data Raw data Raw data Raw data Raw data Shard 1 Shard 2 Shard 3 Shard 4 Shard 5 Shard 6 Shard m
  8. 8. The Data Universe (2 of 2) Raw data Raw data Raw data Raw data Raw data Raw data Raw data Shard 1 Shard 2 Shard 3 Shard 4 Shard 5 Shard 6 Shard m A1 A2 Storage Agents A3 A4 Buffer C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10 C11 C12 Crawlers C13 C14 C15 C16 C17 C18 C19 C20 C21 C22 C23 C..
  9. 9. The Brand Taxonomy (Orange OR subject:Orange -subject:light -light -"Clockwork Orange" -subject:"Clockwork Orange" -"orange box" -subject:"orange box" -juice -subject:juice -fruit -subject:fruit -peel -subject:peel -"Orange Wednesday" -subject:"Orange Wednesday" -"orange county" -subject:"orange county" -"clock work orange" -subject:"clock work orange" -"orange ink" -subject:"orange ink" -"bright orange" -subject:"bright orange" -"dark orange" -subject:"dark orange" -"light orange" -subject:"light orange" -("color orange"~3) -subject:("color orange"~3) - ("style orange"~3) -subject:("style orange"~3)) AND ( (SMS OR MMS OR HDSPA OR "Mobile Phone" OR GSM OR GPRS OR 3G OR SIM OR handset OR "Sony Ericsson" OR Nokia OR HTC OR Motorola OR BlackBerry OR iPhone OR PAYG OR "pay-as-you-go" OR "Network Provider" OR UMTS OR WAP OR PDA OR "PAC Code" OR Cellphone OR OFCOM OR phones4u OR voda OR vodafone OR tmobile OR tmob OR "T-mobile" OR T-Mob) OR subject:(SMS OR MMS OR HDSPA OR "Mobile Phone" OR GSM OR GPRS OR 3G OR SIM OR handset OR "Sony Ericsson" OR Nokia OR HTC OR Motorola OR BlackBerry OR iPhone OR PAYG OR "pay-as-you-go" OR "Network Provider" OR UMTS OR WAP OR PDA OR "PAC Code" OR Cellphone OR OFCOM OR phones4u OR voda OR vodafone OR tmobile OR tmob OR "T-mobile" OR T-Mob) )
  10. 10. The Category Taxonomy (((schermo OR luminosità OR luminosita OR risoluzione OR schermi OR controluce OR resoluzioni OR "A tutto schermo") OR (Panta lla OR resolución OR resolucion OR pantallas OR pulgada OR pulgadas OR resoluciones) OR (skjerm OR lysstyrke OR oppløsning OR OR skjermer kontrast OR glass OR tomme OR tommer OR baklys OR oppløsninger OR lysere) OR (Bildschirm) OR (Écran OR Afficher OR résolution -éclairage") OR (screen OR display OR brightness OR bright OR resolution OR protector OR glossy OR matte OR s displays OR OR "rétro creens OR contrast OR viewing OR glass OR inch OR inches OR backlight OR "back light" OR lcd OR resolutions OR brighter OR widescreen Oscreen") OR (( R "wide 屏幕 ) OR (显示) OR (亮度) OR (明亮的) OR (分辨率) OR (保护膜) OR (光滑的) OR (无光粗糙 OR (屏幕) OR (显示) OR 层) (对比) OR (浏览) OR (玻璃) OR (寸) OR (几寸) OR (背光) OR (分辨率) OR (更明亮) OR (宽屏)) OR (tela OR resolução OR telas OR resoluçoes)) OR ((Tastatur) OR (Teclado OR teclas OR tecla OR "palanca de mando" OR OR deslizante) OR (tastatur OR taster OR tast OR ados tecl "trykke p OR taste OR skrolle) OR (Tastiera OR tasti OR tasto OR tastiere OR "Tasto morbido") OR (clavier) OR (keyboard OR keypad OR pad OR qwerty OR "navigation keys" OR keys OR key OR joystick OR navi OR pressing OR keyboards OR pressed OROR å" dpad OR slideout 键盘) "slide out" OR typing OR scroll OR scrolling OR wheel OR softkey) OR (( OR (键盘) OR (衬垫) OR (导航键) OR (按键) OR (按键) OR (摇杆) OR (按) OR (键盘) OR (按) OR (滑出) OR (键入) OR (滚屏) OR (滚屏) OR (滚轮) OR (软键))) OR (("Portrett modus" OR "Landskap modus" OR "Finger vennlig" landskapsmodus OR portrettmodus OR fingervennlig) OR (touchscreen OR (touch AND NOT ("htc touch"~2 OR "touch pro" OR "touc stylus OR flo OR handwriting OR haptic OR haptics OR touchscreens OR tactile OR touchsensitive OR OR h hd")) OR "portrait mode" OR "l andscape mode" OR "landscape oriented" OR "portrait oriented" OR landscapemode OR landscapeoriented OR portraitmode OR portra OR fingerfriendly OR touchscreenbased OR touchbased OR touchscreenenabled OR touchenabled OR styluses OR itoriented touchsmart OR gstures OR multitouch OR touchpanel OR haptikos) OR (( e 触摸屏) OR (手写笔) OR (手写) OR (触摸屏) OR (可触摸的) OR (肖像模式) OR (风景模式) OR (风景优先) OR (肖像优先) OR (风景模式 OR (风景优先) OR (肖像模式) OR (肖像优先) OR ) (便于手指操作的 OR (基于触摸屏的 OR (基于触摸的 OR (可用触摸屏的 OR (可用触摸的 OR (手写笔) OR (智能触摸) OR (姿势) OR (多触点) OR (触摸板)) OR (caligrafia OR "Modalidade retrato" OR "Modalidade paisagem" OR "Orientado ao paisagem" OR "Orientado ao ) ) ) ) ) retrato" OR modalidadepaisagem OR Orientadoaopaisagem OR Modalidaderetrato OR Orientadoaoretrato OR "Fácil de usar com osOR (stilo OR "Sensibile al tatto" OR "Modalità ritratto" OR "Modalità paesaggio" OR "Orientato al paesaggio" OR "Orient dos") de atato al ritratto" OR modalitapaesaggio OR orientatoalpaesaggio OR modalitaritratto OR orientatoalritratto OR "Facile di usaredita") OR ("Pantalla táctil" OR "pantalla tacil" OR puntero OR Escritura OR caligrafia OR "pantallas táctiles" OR as tactiles" OR "Sensible al tacto" OR "Modalidad de le con "pantall retrato" dos" OR 设计) retrato" OR "Modalidad de paisaje" OR "Orientado al paisaje" OR "Orientado al OR Modalidaddepaisaje OR Orientadoalpaisaje OR Modalidadderetrato OR Orientadoalretrato OR "Fácil de usar con los de Punteros OR multitáctil)) OR ((schön) OR (( OR (漂亮的) OR (苗条的) OR (外表) OR (紧凑的) OR (轻量级的) OR (设计) OR (丑陋的) OR (美学的) OR (笨重的) OR (微笑的) OR (极漂亮的 OR (人体工程学 OR (更大) OR (华而不实的 OR (最小) OR (华丽的) OR (吸引) OR (时髦的) OR (新颖的) OR (滑盖) OR (完成) OR (感觉) OR ) ) ) (感觉) OR (多维) OR (雅致的) OR (时髦的) OR (风格) OR (设计) OR (块状糖) OR (更薄) OR (更小) OR (薄) OR (更轻) OR (人体工程学 OR (金属质感的) OR (重) OR (更重) OR (厚度) OR (厚) OR (更厚) OR (更大) OR (印象深刻的 OR (圆圆的) OR (优雅的) OR (重量) OR ) ) (时尚) OR (人体工程学 OR (因素)) OR ((diseño) OR (delgado) OR (apariencia) OR (compacto) OR (liviano) OR (diseñado) OR (Feo) OR (Estética) OR (estetica) OR ) (Voluminoso) OR (grueso) OR (Pequeño) OR (imp actante) OR (Ergonomía) OR (ergonomia) OR ("Más grande") OR ("mas grande") OR (atrayente) OR ("más pequeño") OR ("mas pequeño") OR (Hermoso) OR (bonito) OR (lindo) OR (atraer) OR (Elega nte) OR ("con clase") OR (Innovador) OR (Deslizante) OR (dimensiones)(Liso) OR (elegante) OR ("con estilo") OR (estiloso) OR (estilo) OR R O (diseños) OR (barra) OR ("Más delgado") OR ("más Delgado") OR ("Más liviano") OR ("mas liviano") OR (Ergonómico) OR (ergonomi co) OR (Metálico) OR (metalico) OR (Pesado) OR ("Más pesado") ("mas pesado") OR (grosor) OR (grueso) OR ("Más grueso") OR ("mas grueso") OR OR (impresionante) OR (redondeado) OR (elegante) OR (moda)) OR (desenho OR Belo OR lindo OR delgado OR aparência OR compacto OR desenhado OR Feio OR estética OR volumoso OR Pequ OR Ergonomia OR atraente OR "mais pequeño" OR atrair OR chique OR acabamento eno OR sensação OR dimensoes OR Elegante OR chique OR estilo OR desenhos OR "Mais magro" OR "Mais pequeño" OR magro OR Ergonomico OR Metálico OR metalico OR Pesado OR "Mais pesado Espessura OR grossura OR Grosso OR espesso OR "Mais grosso" OR "mais " OR espesso" OR "Mais grande" OR impressionante OR arredondado OR elegante OR Peso OR Moda OR Fator) OR (vakker OR tynn OR OR kompakt OR lettvekt OR designet OR stygg OR klumpet liten OR større OR minst OR appellerende OR innovativ OR føles OR de utseen e OR dimensjoner OR stilig OR stil OR tynnere OR mindre OR tynn OR lettere OR ergonomisk OR tung OR tyngre OR tykkelse OR tykkere OR imponerende OR avrundet OR vekt OR mote) OR (desi slider OR weight OR fashion OR ergonomic OR factor OR finish OR feel OR tykk OR gn OR feels OR dimensions OR sleek OR stylish OR "like style"~5 OR designs OR candybar OR thinner OR smaller OR thin OR lighter OR OR metallic OR heavy OR heavier OR thicknes thick OR thicker OR larger OR impressive OR rounded OR elegant OR beautiful OR slim ergonomic s OR OR appearance OR compact OR lightweight OR designed OR ugly OR aesthetics OR bulky OR tiny OR stunning OR ergonomics OR bigge candy" OR smallest OR gorgeous O r OR "eye R appeal OR classy OR innovative) OR (Bello OR carino OR aspetto OR compatto OR leggero OR disegnato OR Brutto OR estetica OR voluminoso OR Piccolo OR sbalorditivo OR ergonomia OR attraente OR appello OR "Di classe"OR innovativo OR slider OR finitura OR s ensazione OR "Si sente" OR dimensioni OR liscio OR elegante OR stile OR candybar OR "Più sottile" OR sottile OR Piú leggero OR Ergonomico OR metallico OR pesante OR "Più pesante" OR "piu pesante" OR spessore OR grosso OR "PiùOR "piu grosso" OR "Pi grande" OR "piu grande" OR imponente OR arrotondato OR fattore) OR ((magnifique) OR (léger) OR (esthétique) OR grosso" ù (ergonomie) OR (innovantes)))) AND (("sony ericsson" OR "sony ericson" OR "sony erikson" OR "sony OR "sonyericson" OR "sonyerikson" OR Сони OR эриксон OR ериксон OR "Сони ериксон" OR "Сони -ericsson" - - -ериксон" OR "Сони эриксон" OR "Сони -эриксон" OR ericsson) OR ((W380 OR W380i)) OR ((W900 OR W900i)) OR ((K200 OR K200i) OR (K205 OR K205i) OR (K220 OR K220i) OR (K300 OR K300i) OR (K3 10 OR K310i) OR (K320 OR K320i) OR 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ORR (J300O J300i)) O ((T68 OR T68i) OR (T100 OR T100i) OR (T105 OR T105i) OR (T200 OR T200i) OR (T206 OR T206i) OR (T230 OR T230i) J230i) OR R OR (T250 OR T250i) OR (T280 OR T280i) OR (T290 OR T290i) OR (T300 OR T300i) OR (T310 OR T310i) OR (T600 OR T600i) OR (T606 OR (T608 OR T606i) OR T608i) OR (T610 OR T610i) OR (T650 OR T650i) OR (T630 OR T630i)) OR (c902 OR c902i OR "c 902") OR ((w760 OR "w 760" OR w760i)) OR (X2 OR (( "sony ericsson" OR "SE" ) AND vulcan) OR ( xperia AND vulcan)) OR ((p990 OR p990i OR "p 99 0")) OR ((k660 OR k660i R "k 660")) OR ((g900 OR g900i OR "g 900")) OR (d750 OR "d 750" OR d750i) OR ((k850 OR k850i OR "k 850")) OR O (aino) OR ((K810 OR K810i)) OR ((sonyericsson OR se) AND (t715 OR t715i)) OR ((W300 OR W300i) OR (W550 OR W550i) OR (W600 OR (W700 OR W70 OR (W710 OR W710i) OR (W810 OR W810i) OR (W830 OR W830i) OR (W850 OR W850i) OR (w508 OR W600i) OR 0i) w508i) OR (w707 OR w707i) OR (w750 OR w750i OR frankenphone) OR (w790 OR w790i) OR (w958 OR w958i) OR 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OR (HPM85 OR "HPM OR "HPM 85") OR (HGE100 OR "HGE OR "HGE 100") OR (HBH300 OR "HBH -120" -100" -85" -100" -300" OR "HBH 300" OR "akono 300") OR (HBH600 OR "HBH OR "HBH 600" OR "akono 600") OR (HBH602 OR "HBH OR "HBH 602" OR "akono 602") OR (HBH608 OR "HBH OR "HBH 608" OR "akono 608") OR (HBH610 OR "HBH OR "HBH 610" OR "akono -600" -602" -608" -610" 610" OR hbh610a "hbh-610a" OR "hbh 610a") OR (HBH660 OR "HBH OR "HBH 660" OR "akono 660") OR (HBH662 OR "HBH OR "HBH 662" OR "akono 662") OR (HBH OR -660" -662" -DS205 OR DS205 OR "HBH 205" OR "DS 205")) OR ((s312 OR s312i OR "s 312")) OR ((k330 OR k330i OR "k 330")) OR (((sOR ericsson OR sony OR sonyericsson) AND ((Z300 OR Z300i) OR (Z310 OR Z310i) OR (Z320 OR Z320i) OR (Z500 OR Z500i) OR (Z520 OR (Z550 OR Z550i) OR (Z600 OR Z600i) OR (Z610 OR Z610i OR miyu) OR (Z710 OR Z710i))) e OR Z520i) OR (((Z200 OR Z200i) OR (Z250 OR Z OR (Z525a OR Z525i OR Z525) OR (Z530 OR Z530i) OR (Z555 OR Z555i) OR (z558 OR z558i) OR (Z700 OR Z700i) OR (Z750 OR 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  11. 11. Concept Mining, Location and Influencers
  12. 12. BUZZ and Sentiment Measurement 18% 10% 17% 14% 30% 11% Customer Services – Connectivity & Coverage Pricing & Promotions – Handsets Broadband & Wireless – Mobile Entertainment Services
  13. 13. Customised integration with client’s key measurement systems • Brand Management & Measurement • Reputation Management & Measurement • Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) • Other key measures
  14. 14. Brand Tracking Buzz Awareness Measuring the exposure that the brand or product is receiving in online social media, through breadth and reach across platforms and audiences, looking at the share of mentions or buzz. Awareness also encapsulates brand positioning and impact. Sentiment Rating The sentiment rating covers brand popularity, customer satisfaction and perceived credibility through both automated sentiment analysis and manual qualitative analysis. User Engagement The user engagement is evaluated by looking at conversation involvement in the different discussions, as well as influencer authority and drivers of the industry. Delivering One Brand
  15. 15. The first iPhone announcement in 2007 didn’t make a very significant impact in social media, but the fan base and buzz have gone through a massive growth over the past years iPhone 3GS is announced on June 8, 2009 and iPad is announced launched together with OS together with high 3.0 on the 17th of June expectations for a 4th The iPhone 3G is gen iPhone launched on July 11, 2008 iPhone OS 3.0 previewed with The iPod Touch is copy/paste and announced together MMS support with next generation The iPhone 3G is Nano. The 4GB announced on June iPhone discontinued 9, 2008 and 8GB price dropped iPhone launched iPhone announced, January 10, 2007 The iPhone SDK is announced alongside of exchange support and push-email
  16. 16. What do our clients say about us? ” “Integrasco provides Vodafone with a complete overview of online and social media. Their product as well as analyst expertise help us get detailed insight into what is being said about our brand, products and services. This allows us to interact with our customers and key influencers real-time via the Internet." Jakub Hrabovsky, Head of Communications ” “Thanks to the active work with Integrasco information, Sony Ericsson could launch internal investigations and apply counter-measures. Call centres were equipped with information and shops arranged to swap [K800] units to prevent brand damage." Anders Lindquist, Director Head Of Launch Project Office Launch Support and Management Page 16 Integrasco©2009. All rights reserved. Commercial in confidence.
  17. 17. Conclusion In our experience, most big brands are not looking for TOOLS, they are looking for SOLUTIONS... Integrasco provides SOLUTIONS… using state of the art tools
  18. 18. Contact This report has been prepared by Integrasco for information purposes only. The report is based on information No liability whatsoever is accepted for any obtained from public sources which direct or indirect (including consequential) Integrasco has not independently verified, loss or expense arising from the use of this and Integrasco makes no guarantee, report. representation or warranty as to its accuracy or completeness. Distribution of this research report is restricted to its intended recipients and it Any opinions expressed herein by third may not be published, broadcast, rewritten parties do not necessarily reflect the or redistributed without the prior written opinions of Integrasco. consent of Integrasco. Any opinions expressed herein by Please contact Integrasco for further Integrasco reflect Integrasco’s judgement information and inquiries regarding this at the time the report was prepared and are report. subject to change without notice. Aleksander Stensby +47 412 28272  Neil Scaife +44 7768 446870 Lawrence Wintermeyer +47 954 94000
  19. 19. THE END facebook/integrasco youtube: "integrasco" s.19 Integrasco©2009. All rights reserved. Commercial in confidence.