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Boden & Facebook Customer Services - Leo Tennant, Boden


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Leo Tennant, Social Media Advisor at Boden, at Social Media Week 2013. Hosted by Our Social Times, 26/9/13

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Boden & Facebook Customer Services - Leo Tennant, Boden

  1. 1. Boden & Facebook: An Insight into Customer Relations   1  
  2. 2. 2   Boden  was  founded  in  1991     Ini1ally  launched  with  just  8  menswear  products     Launched  womenswear  in  1992  and  childrenswear  (Mini  Boden)   followed  in  1996     Today  we  employ  over  800  hard  working  staff     On  average  we  ship  13,000  parcels  per  day  from  our  warehouse  in   Leicester     Boden’s  uniquely  Bri1sh  brand  of  fashion  makes  life  lovelier  for  the   whole  family.         Background  
  3. 3. 3   Where  are  we  now?       Original  venture  into  Social  Media  was  Boden  Community  (BC)       Online  community  with  forum,  blogs,  compe11ons  etc       Migrated  BC  onto  external  social  plaQorms       Ac1ve  on  Facebook,  Pinterest,  TwiUer,  Instagram,  Google+       Majority  of  CS  interac1on  is  via  Facebook    
  4. 4. 4   Iden-fy  and  encourage  Brand  Advocates    .  .  .     Marie  Jackson   How  come  Winter  preview  orders  haven't  dispatched  yet,  the  collec-on  is   online  and  a  top  up  order  I  placed  (winter  items)  yesterday  has  already   dispatched!?  Was  there  any  point  in  me  ordering  through  the  preview?   Like  ·∙  ·∙  17  September  at  18:47       Margaret  Jenkins  There  have  been  lots  of  posts  about  this  in  previous   seasons.  The  advantages  of  the  preview  are  the  20%  discount  and  also   that  you  are  guaranteed  your  items  -­‐some  of  which  sell  out  very  quickly   indeed.   Like  ·∙  Reply  ·∙  17  September  at  18:54      
  5. 5. 5   Share  Responsibility  .  .  .     Kathy  Hill   Have  just  spent  a  very  enjoyable  hour  or  so  browsing  through  the  new   catalogue  Was  very  pleased  to  note  that  the  Bistro  trousers  sit  at  natural   waist  however,  on  the  website  it  says  sits  below  natural  waist.  Which  one   is  the  correct  descrip-on??  Am  desperately  hoping  the  catalogue  is  right.   Could  you  check  that  for  me  please?  Thank  you     Like  ·∙  ·∙  16  September  at  21:13     Boden  Clothing  How  confusing  Kathy!  Leave  it  with  us,  we'll  be  right  back  :)   Like  ·∙  Reply  ·∙  1  ·∙  17  September  at  08:46     Boden  Clothing  Our  inves1ga1ons  have  discovered  that  the  website  is   correct  and  they  sit  below  the  waist.  Once  again  we're  really  sorry  for  the   confusion  Kathy.   Like  ·∙  Reply  ·∙  17  September  at  13:36  
  6. 6. 6   Share  Responsibility  .  .  .     Kate  SeamarkThanks  for  poin-ng  me  in  the  direc-on  of  your  ethical  policy  -­‐   I've  read  it  thoroughly  and  commend  you  on  having  one.  They're  few  and   far  between!!  But  I'm  s-ll  not  sure  if  your  clothing  is  currently  sweatshop-­‐ free  or  if  it's  something  you're  s-ll  working  on.  Could  you  clarify,  please?     Boden  Clothing  Hi  Kate  our  Ethical  Trade  Manager  appreciates  your  concerns   and  would  like  to  assure  you  that  we  do  not  source  from  sweatshops  and  do   everything  possible  to  ensure  proper  working  prac1ces  are  upheld  in  the   factories  that  we  do  source  from    .  .  .    
  7. 7. 7   Be  Human  .  .  .     Elizabeth  Evans   I'm  so  sad  -­‐  a  hole  is  appearing  in  the  toe  of  my  navy  ribbed  -ghts,  worn   only  twice!  I  have  scru-nised  my  toenails  and  shoes  but  cannot  see  a   reason  for  it.  Most  disappointed  -­‐  I  don't  usually  make  a  habit  of  spending   more  than  £10  on  a  pair  of  -ghts  so  I  was  hoping  for  reinforced  toes!   Like  ·∙  ·∙  17  September  at  22:34     Boden  Clothing  Don't  be  sad  Elizabeth  please  email   and  we'll  sort  this  out  for  you  :)   Like  ·∙  Reply  ·∙  1  ·∙  Yesterday  at  08:13     Elizabeth  Evans  Thank  you  Boden  :)   Like  ·∙  Reply  ·∙  Yesterday  at  09:20  via  mobile  
  8. 8. 8   Be  Gracious  .  .  .     Joan  Olson   Thanks  for  such  great  customer  service!  I  will  keep  coming  back  not  only   because  I  love  the  clothes  but  also  because  of  your  customer  service.   17  September  at  19:48  near  SeaUle,  WA,  United  States     Boden  Clothing  Thank  you  Joan  this  is  our  favourite  kind  of  feedback  J       Donna  Eberle  Ummmm  wish  I  could  say  the  same  Joan,  emailed  them  on   the  10th  and  not  heard  back  yet  :-­‐(  except  for  the  we  will  get  back  to  you   asap  email......not  so  asap!!     Boden  Clothing  Hi  Donna  if  you  could  please  re-­‐send  your  email  to  we'll  chase  up  the  maUer  with  our  CS  team.      
  9. 9. 9   Be  transparent  .  .  .       Anita  Tweedale  Not  at  all,  am  off  to  M  and  S  this  year  their  clothes   are  fabulous  x  x  x   Like  ·∙  Reply  ·∙  2  hours  ago  via  mobile     Boden  Clothing  We're  really  sorry  this  doesn't  float  your  boat  Anita   let's  hope  we  can  win  you  back  with  our  Spring  range  :)   Like  ·∙  about  an  hour  ago  
  10. 10. 10   Be  Prompt  .  .  .     Rose  Petal:  Good  morning  Boden.  I  was  hoping  that  when  the   winter  range  went  live  you  would  sort  out  the  Key  to  grid  .  When  I   am  using  my  I  pad  it  won't  let  me  click  on  the  colour  swatch  so  that   the  picture  changes  with  the  diifferent  colours  and  paYerns  and  the   colours  don't  come  up  at  the  boYom  of  the  grid.  Thank  you.     Like  ·∙  ·∙  16  September  at  10:03     Boden  Clothing  We're  sorry  for  the  inconvenience  Rose,  we  spoke  to   our  Techies  and  it's  definitely  on  their  'To  do'  list     Rose  Petal  Thank  you  Boden  for  your  prompt  reply.   Like  ·∙  16  September  at  10:26  
  11. 11. 11   To  summarise  .  .  .     Iden-fy  and  encourage  Brand  Advocates   Share  Responsibility   Be  Human       Be  Prepared   Be  Gracious   Be  Transaparent   Be  Prompt   And  to  conclude,  I’ll  leave  you  with  the  words  of  customers  Michelle  Springer   &  Monica  Richardson,  over  to  you  ladies.  .  .        
  12. 12. 12     Michelle  Springer   Have  I  ever  men-oned  that  you  have  the  coolest  staff?  Once  again,  they  have   been  very  pa-ent.  Thanks  for  having  such  pa-ence  with  me!   Like  ·∙  ·∙  16  September  at  15:18     Monica  Richardson   Boden  customer  service  are  the  best!!  Thank  you  as  ever  for  all  your  help  and   efficiency.  Mon  x   Like  ·∙  ·∙  5  hours  ago  near  Beetley