How to help your fans help you! Nico Henderijckx, Sony


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How to help your fans help you! Presentation delivered by Nico Henderijckx (European Community and Forum Manager, Sony) at The Social Customer 2012 Paris

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  • Headline > Attempt to keep the title to ONE LINE ONLY – so creative titling may be requiredSlide Summary Statement > a soundbite that people could read an immediately understand what the slide is referring to, and what is expected of them as reviewers/audience – keep this to ONE LINE ONLYPrimary bullet > DO NOT allow this bullet to go beyond one line – creative abbreviating is required. Remember slides are an aid memoire for you as a presenter, and an attractive Segway into your discussion, not a document that needs to be read by the audience – hand outs can be prepared if takeaway data is necessary for the audience to understand more.Spaces between bullets > To space out the distance between primary bullets – add a carriage return AFTER a sub-bullet. Where no sub-bullet is required, a carriage return after the primary bullet will suffice.Picture > A nice to have as it breaks up the monotony of text only – it can be relevant, humorous or emotive.For any of the elements above – please feel free to ask me to help out (images and look/feel)  Paul Tucker
  • How to help your fans help you! Nico Henderijckx, Sony

    1. 1. How to help your fans help you! Sony Europe Forum and Communities Nico Henderijckx
    2. 2. EU Sony Electronics Forum » Provide a Self-Service area with Moderation and Escalation process taking the 1st level support workload away from Sony. » Call avoidance for CIC » Allow End-Users to help End-Users » Provide Sony News and Technical/Corporate announcements » Link to other Sister Company Forums like PSE, PlayStation and Sony Ericsson
    3. 3. • Vitality (Monthly Unique Visitors) H2FY12 H1FY12 • Engagement (Super Active UK/Ireland 9 9 Participants) Italy 4 5 Iberia 4 4 Super Users7000 Benelux 3 46000 France 4 650004000 Germany 6 83000 Turkey 2 22000 Russia 2 31000 Switzerland 2 4 0 Oct Oct Feb Feb June June Aug Aug Aug Apr Apr Dec Dec Total 35 45
    4. 4. New KPI: Quality of Service
    5. 5. What do We offer • Monthly local trainings – And participation to local tradeshows, dealer events, etc… • Monthly On-Line catch up sessions with European Management • Bi-annual Super User Conference – Somewhere in European City for a week (2 day training, 1 day Marketing and Strategy, 1 day Fun) – All expenses paid • New products – On strategic product launches we supply Super Users with new product. Eg Sony Tablet
    6. 6. Challenges • East to West – Everybody is different – Lots of personalities – Can’t expect same commitment from all of them • How to quantify Value and Effort – Link into Super User behaviour report. – How do they act on other platforms (Facebook, twitter & other for a) • Build local relationship between forum Manager and SU vs European relationship – They think European relationship will get them more
    7. 7. Super User Conference – Copenhagen Beg/September 2012 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 7th Agenda 4th 5th 6th• 65 participants• Ranging from AM: Technical AM: Service AM: Fly-in training PISE and Support• Super Users Team Building• Marketing Europe PM: PM: PM: Forum Technical Technical &• IS Europe training training Community VAIO,Tablet, Walkman, MKTG• Forum Managers & Reader HV, TV, SEN update• Technical trainers• Sony Mobile Forum
    8. 8. 3 Tips to success 1. We are working with Humans 2. Explain clearly your goals to your Super Users 3. Put your Top management in front of them.