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Task 1 PPM - Group 8 - Skill Development


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Task 1 PPM - Group 8 - Skill Development

  1. 1. Mathematics teaching planning Skill development Group 8 : 1. Kartika Candra (A1C010019) 2. Eki Rahmad (A1C010042) 3. Miftahul Jannah (A1C010020) 4. Rika Febrianti (A1C010021) 5. Mariza Elianora (A1C010038) Teacher : Dewi Rahimah, S.Pd.,M. Ed Mathematics Education Faculty of Teacher and Education University of Bengkulu
  2. 2. 1. A teacher given quis as way sudden without given information at before. It’s material about circumference of rectangle. The answer as like below : rectangle has a length 5 cm and width 8 cm. calculate the circumference of a rectangle? In the lesson study mathematic’s, a students faced with case, isthat he asked for finding circumference of table(with real condition thetable have form rectangle and that form not notified to students) Cognitive knowledge =>> Students thinking to combining the form of tableas like rectangle, base on it’s character. comprehension=>> A students try to think about formula to findingthe circumference of rectangle. application =>> Students have a conclusion to applyingcircumference of rectangle to calculate circumference of table. Analysis =>> Student determine length and width table as planecomponent of the table. Syntesis =>> Student using formula circumference of rectangle tocalculate the circumference of the table. Evaluation =>> Teacher correction result of student had working,if the result is true, so student’s passed the evaluation stage. The affective After cognitive process that doing by student and based result ofthink in analysis stage, synthesis stage. The student begin a process tostimulus receive that gived, if us do calculate with empiric method andused manual method and using scale gauges and the result it’s same
  3. 3. (proven). Then response that other student give is them want to doingsomething that same, like that teacher give with the first student. Psychomotor domains Student do measurement with scale gauges as proven to calculatecaircumference of rectangle. 2. Teacher give student question to calculate 1+2+3+4+ . . . + 100 = … Cognitive kowledge =>> Student try to look that the question that want towork connected with material series. comprehension =>> after students see and understand, and thequestion has mind to calculate sum n tribe first series (Sn). It’s sum 100tribe first series (S100) applying =>> so the formula that want to apply is Sn = (n/2) x ( a +Un). Analysis =>> student analysis component to measurement andfinding n= 100 a= 1 U100 = 100 a = tribe first series syntesis =>> process to work the question by student withcalculate sum of 100 tribe first series S100 = (100/2) x ( 1 + 100) S100 = 50 x 101 S100 = 5050
  4. 4. Evaluation =>> teacher correct the work of student and if theresult it’s true, so evaluation stage has complete. The affective With the work has passing, so we can see attitude the student,what the student receive or refuse?. If them understand with thatmaterial, could we say that student receive the material and want to trythe other matter or question about series. Psychomotor domains Psychomotor stage can be seen with the involvement of thestudent. For example, the teacher asks the student had been working infront of the classroom.