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Social Media Marketing Campaign (for summer camps)


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Social media is a key element of every online marketing campaign. This presentation is an overview of where social media fits into your marketing campaign with tips on increasing engagement on Facebook and twitter.

Originally presented at the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) conference, January 26, 2012 in Toronto. By Agnes Stawicki @AgnesStawicki on behalf of @OurKidsNet.

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Social Media Marketing Campaign (for summer camps)

  1. 1. Social Media MarketingFor Summer Camps
  2. 2. The Online Population Do you know what’s happening?North America’s online population ishighest in the world (78%). Google is the #1 search engine 80% of online activity begins with a search engine Everything begins with a keyword 17+ million Facebook users in Canada 9.7 million aged 34 to 55 3.9 million aged 16 or under SOURCES:, November 2011 Facebook, January 2012
  3. 3. The Online Population Do you know what’s happening? Google it Look for third party comments and referrals“  I  can’t  explain  it—it’s  just  a  funny   feeling  that  I’m  being  Googled.” Research complaints, staff, owners, partners...etc.
  4. 4. Internet Marketing Strategy SEO is only one part of your online marketing1. Listen2. Keyword strategy3. Optimize your website4. Promote content via social media5. Convert site traffic into leads6. Nurture leads with email marketing7. Be mobile friendly8. Analyze and refine
  5. 5. Before you Visitor types locations top pages viewed converting pages referral sites referral quality
  6. 6. Social Media Marketing What to expect today1. Search engine changes2. Keyword identification3. Basic SEO4. Social media map5. Analytics6. Easy social media checklists
  7. 7. Google is always changing Do you know what’s happening?Website previews prior to clickingPersonalized results...there is no ‘norm’(Search, Plus Your World)Real time results and priority for new contentMore prominent ‘Google Places’ results
  8. 8. Google Places Google Places 9
  9. 9. Identify Keywords You can only find what you search forKnow what your target market ‘searches’ for(think like the consumer)Qualify keywords based on volume, relevance andcompetitionConsider return on investment associatedwith each keyword (quality over quantity)
  10. 10. Identify annual trends- competition- monthly searches- related phrases
  11. 11. Basic SEO Where do your keywords go?URL: add keywords specific to that pagePage Title: include keywords, 66 charactersDescription: keyword heavy, 160 charactersABC Summer Camp is an overnight camp in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Offering adventure, arts,and sports programs it is regarded as one of the best camps for kids in the Muskoka Area.Keywords: 1 to 5 keywords per page separatedby commasContent: Useful and original content is King!
  12. 12. Basic SEO Build your authorityThe number of quality links pointing to yoursite is the most important element of SEO,and social networks are the new ‘backlinks’. Number of backlinks Quality of backlinks Anchor text
  13. 13. Social Media Marketing We can no longer ignore it
  14. 14. Our Kids Social Network @ourkidsnet
  15. 15. Social Media Landscape Build your authorityBlog: Develop great contentTwitter: Showcase your expertiseFacebook: Extend your camp community onlineLinkedIn: Connect with alumni & parentsYouTube/Vimeo: Build excitement, calm anxiety
  16. 16. Listen to the discussion
  17. 17. Listen to the discussion Tools to help you filter the chatter See if your brand name is available on 160 networks Searches twitter by keyword xSearch web, blogs, forums by keyword x Set up alerts for your brand/keywords on social sites
  18. 18. Blog Create great content55% more website visitors for companiesthat blog 79% more twitter followers companies that also have a blog SOURCE: Data from 1,500 small businesses (
  19. 19. Blog Inbound content strategyThink like the consumer. Answer their questions. Start with your FAQ’s Engage your staff, campers, parents Share interesting research and articles Include a call to action Can’t commit? Guest blog on other websites
  20. 20. Blog Inbound content strategyMonthly content strategy for your blog 2 FAQ answers 1 photo/video of the month 1 news article 1 camp announcement
  21. 21. Twitter Showcase your expertiseThe Power:NetworkForm new relationshipsSpread awarenessShare knowledgeCustomer serviceEngage customers
  22. 22. Are you listening
  23. 23. Twitter How to make it effectiveShorter tweets have higher CTRAnswer all @mentionsEngage in #chats and with influential ‘tweeters’Build trust, then promote
  24. 24. Facebook Stay connected with your camp communityThe Power:Year-round contactReaching friends of friendsSocial recommendations
  25. 25. FacebookHow to make is successfulTitlePhotoUsernameBioLanding PageContests
  26. 26. Facebook How to increase engagementPosts: < 80 characters have 27% higher CTREngagement 3x higher when full URLs used20% higher engagement when outside business hoursThursday and Friday show 18% increase SOURCES: Buddy Media 2011
  27. 27. FacebookTell people what you want them to do SOURCES: Buddy Media 2011
  28. 28. Facebook Tips and tricksUse @mentionsContests:Check how your website ‘shares’Continuously monitor and use what works
  29. 29. Facebook InsightsRead this
  30. 30. Facebook Example content strategyMonday: 3rd party article, video..Tuesday: Photo or video of the week (camp)Wednesday: Your own blog postThursday: 3rd party article, video..Friday: Photo or post (what are you working on)Saturday: Fan of the week (highlight someone)Sunday: Quote, Tip...
  31. 31. Case Study
  32. 32. Track your success Quality | Quantity | ConversionKnow how campaign is performingGetting people to your website is only step #1Expand on your best pages, and work onimproving underachieving pages - Traffic (or visitors) - Source (search, direct, referral) - Visitor type (new, returning) - Pages/visit - Time on site - Popular keywords x - Location How  do  visitors  find,  navigate  &  convert? - Bounce Rate
  33. 33. Social Media CalendarDaily (30 minutes)1. Respond to any questions or comments received2. Engage with 2 comments per social network3. Post 1 new facebook item, photo, tip or quote to facebookWeekly (2 hours)1. Review success from last week (what generated engagement)2. Scan web for related chatter and articles about you (Google Alerts)3. Schedule 3 tweets per day (hootsuite or similar)4. Add a new article to your blog or website
  34. 34. 5 Point Checklist Before you send1. Did I use the appropriate language for this network?2. Can I add any SEO keywords?3. Are there @mentions or #tags I can include?4. Is it time to add a request (Like, Share, RT)?5. Do I have any spelling errors?
  35. 35. Conversion Optimization Working with what you haveSEO and Social Media are not only aboutincreasing traffic.You want targeted visitors that convert intoquality leads on your website. 400 at 25% = 1000 at 10%
  36. 36. Social Media Marketing For Summer Camps@OurKidsNet 1.877.272.1845 x31