Online & Social Media Marketing for Retirement Homes - BCSLA 2011 Presentation


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Internet and online marketing is critical for every business. This presentation outlines an online marketing strategy for reti and how SEO and social media fit in. Originally presented by Agnes Stawicki, managing editor with Our Kids Media and Comfort Life Media, at the 2011 BC Seniors Living Association Conference.

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Online & Social Media Marketing for Retirement Homes - BCSLA 2011 Presentation

  1. 1. Online Marketing :social and new media Comfort Life Media
  2. 2. Canada’s online population Canada’s online population is one of the highest in the world (71%), and 62% of them are active on social networks. Google is the #1 search engine 80% of online activity begins with a search engine Adults aged 65+ are fastest growing segment in social media 16.7 million Facebook users in Canada 2.9 million aged 55+ 436, 260 living in British Columbia SOURCES: eMarketer, September 2009 Report. Pew Research Centre 2011 report Comfort Life Media |
  3. 3. A shifting landscape Comfort Life Media |
  4. 4. Canada’s online population Google it Look for third party comments and referrals “  I  can’t  explain  it—it’s  just  a  funny   feeling  that  I’m  being  Googled.” Research employees, owners, partners...etc. Comfort Life Media |
  5. 5. Internet marketing campaign 1. Listen 2. Keyword strategy 3. Optimize your website 4. Promote content via social media 5. Convert site traffic into leads 6. Nurture leads with email marketing 7. Be mobile friendly 8. Analyze and refine Comfort Life Media |
  6. 6. Before you Visitor types locations top pages viewed referral sites referral quality Comfort Life Media |
  7. 7. 1 Listen People are talking about you. Do you know what they are saying? Comfort Life Media |
  8. 8. 1 Listen Comfort Life Media |
  9. 9. 2 Keyword strategyA word or phrase a person enters into asearch engine. It may NOT be the term youuse to market your business. TOOLS Comfort Life Media |
  10. 10. 2 Keyword strategyretirement homesnursing homesassisted living Comfort Life Media |
  11. 11. Comfort Life Media |
  12. 12. 3 Optimize your website80% of websitesearches beginswith asearch engineUsers trustorganic results Comfort Life Media |
  13. 13. 3 Optimize your website Comfort Life Media |
  14. 14. 3 Optimize your website PAID RESULTS Comfort Life Media |
  15. 15. 3 Optimize your websiteGOOGLEPLACES Comfort Life Media |
  16. 16. 3 Optimize your website Submit each location to On page SEO Page titles, descriptions, keyword tags Heading tags <h> Photos and alt descriptions Off page SEO Incoming backlinks (forums, blogs, directory sites) Age of domain and length of registration Activity on social networks TOOLS Comfort Life Media |
  17. 17. 3 Optimize your website Comfort Life Media |
  18. 18. 4 Social MediaListening to your customers, being helpfulby sharing your knowledge and giving theminteresting content to talk about. Improve communication (internal and external) Amplify word of mouth marketing Build brand awareness Drive website traffic Increase sales Comfort Life Media |
  19. 19. 4 Social Media Platforms Newsletter - lead generationBLOG Blog - content creation for SEO Facebook - connect with people you know Twitter - connect with someone you don’t know YouTube - stimulate emotion and build excitement Comfort Life Media |
  20. 20. Why Blog?Start your own blog, or guest blog on other sites An easy way to share information Executive director, activity manager, or resident blogs are an easy way to share information and keep families and community informed. Positions you as an expert Builds your brand online, and allows you to have a voice on the world wide web that can be picked up by traditional media. Helps your website SEO and increases website traffic 1. Build keyword specific pages to increase SEO ranking 2. Grow your social capital (online reputation) 3. Can be shared by others via RSS or social networking sites Comfort Life Media |
  21. 21. Is it worth it?Case study: V!VA blog Launched 2008 New posts weekly from all locations Greatest success: builds sense of community Prospects, community members and families visit the blog often for updates Comfort Life Media |
  22. 22. Is it worth it?Case study: blog Launched October 2010 New posts daily (google crawls daily) Promoted via website, facebook & twitter Greatest success: increase in SEO rank Accounts for 5% of our site entrance pages (generates traffic!) Comfort Life Media |
  23. 23. Why Facebook?Showcase your community An easy way to share information Quickly share photos of activities and programs, sweet comments from residents and weekly schedules or menus. Improves branding and top of mind awareness Keeps you in front of your current customers, and provides a more friendly view to prospective customers. Increases SEO and website traffic Content is easily found in search engines and Facebook is fast becoming a powerful content discovery platform. Comfort Life Media |
  24. 24. What can you do on Facebook?Domain insights A consolidated view of key metrics for any website (even if you do not have a company page on Facebook) Access sharing metrics and demographic information Per domain (website) and per URL (website page) Comfort Life Media |
  25. 25. What can you do on Facebook?Domain insights Comfort Life Media |
  26. 26. What can you do on Facebook?Targeted advertising Target users by age, location, interests Set daily spend limits Track click throughs and conversion rates Comfort Life Media |
  27. 27. What can you do on Facebook?Build your community Comfort Life Media |
  28. 28. Who are you reaching?Fans and friends of fans Comfort Life Media |
  29. 29. Case StudiesFacebook Social Plugins ABC News referral traffic increased 250% referral traffic increased 80% 92% more articles read Global News #2 source of traffic Comfort Life Media |
  30. 30. Your residents... online One of the greatest challenges or losses that we face as older adults is not about our health, but about our social network deteriorating on us. - Joseph Coughlin, Director of the AgeLab at MIT Email friends and family Share photos and video Comfort Life Media |
  31. 31. More than just marketing Internet use among older adults exercises the mind, lifts the spirit and boosts moral. Social networks are a gateway into technology for seniors 30% decrease in depressive symptoms among older adults Increase in perceived world size, no longer feel left behind - Senior citizens learn social media (, Aug 31, 2011) Comfort Life Media |
  32. 32. Social media set up 1. Setup your social networks Facebook Twitter Linked In Blog TOOLS 2. Setup google reader (RSS) Company name Industry keywords Competitors 3. Update website to promote Social networks Blog feed 4. Start networking Staff Residents Interns and volunteers Comfort Life Media |
  33. 33. Social Media Schedule Daily (1/2 hour) Scan twitter, Facebook & blog comments in morning and evening Schedule tweets a minimum of 3 times throughout the day Post something new to Facebook Like or comment on another Facebook group Weekly (one hour) Scan your Google reader for relevant news (comment if possible) Post a video or photo to Facebook Write and post a blog/news article Share the article on twitter and Facebook Monthly (two hours) Compose a newsletter from your weekly posts (send to media!) Review analytics from Facebook and twitter - look for new referring sites - what generated most clicks, what didn’t Comfort Life Media |
  34. 34. Guiding Principals 1. Post at least one item every day (facebook) 2. Generate varied content that reflects all programs/activities 3. Appeal to a broad audience 4. 33% rule - you, your topic, your fans/followers 5. Set respectful and inclusive tone, but keep it fun 6. Respond promptly to comments, feedback and inquiries received 7. Monitor what is most popular and build on your success 8. Promote the page and invite your network to join Comfort Life Media |
  35. 35. In actionBLOG NEWSLETTER Comfort Life Media |
  36. 36. Examples Adelaide Place Retirement Community, Ontario Palisade Gardens Retirement Community, Ontario Caretenders Retirement Communities, British Columbia V!VA Retirement Communities, Ontario Schlegel Villages - Village Voice, Ontario Comfort Life Media |
  37. 37. Online Marketing Social Media@ComfortLife 1.877.272.1845 x31 Comfort Life Media |