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Maximize your Marketing Budget -- For Private Schools


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Marketing a private school isn't as easy as it once was. Technology, social media, print, online, radio... there are so many choices. This presentation focuses on ways to integrate your current marketing into social media and email marketing campaigns for no additional costs. View full notes:

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Maximize your Marketing Budget -- For Private Schools

  1. 1. What’s new ... what works? Radio Social Media Print BLOG Email Marketing TV Open House 67% of online searches are driven by offline channels
  2. 2. How can you amplify results 1. Where can you share your blog, twitter and facebook pages? 2. Can you automate postings to save time?
  3. 3. Example: Brentwood College Facebook Twitter Linked In
  4. 4. Brentwood College
  5. 5. Facebook & Twitter links Pull RSS feed of News or Blog
  6. 6. ‘Sharing’ and ‘Tweeting’
  7. 7. Tools and Widgets
  8. 8. Email Marketing Email is still the most common form of communication and helps promote WOM. > Current families > Alumni > Prospective families > Staff and faculty > Students
  9. 9. Email Marketing How do you build your email lists? JUST ASK! • Open House events • Registration forms • Inquiry forms • Fundraisers Tips: >‘Signme up’ is better than ‘subscribe’ > Add opt-in default subscription to all forms
  10. 10. Email Marketing: TIPS 1. List quality is more important than quantity 2. Use a short and catchy subject line 3. Use a simple design and watch for “spam” words such as “free” and “discount” 4. Track your statistics and make changes 5. Promote your subscription on every page of your website
  11. 11. Our Kids Media Marketing Private and Independent Schools since 1998 twitter: @ourkidsnet web: phone: 905.272.1843