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ComfortLife Marketing Academy: Social value of community


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The value of social communities is consistently debated. In this presentation, you will learn of the kind of results you can expect from building and nurturing a community, how to start, and what it takes.

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ComfortLife Marketing Academy: Social value of community

  1. 1. Social: The value ofcommunityMay 2013Judi Samuels#mktgacademy @mktgacademy
  2. 2. What we’ll cover… What is a community? Why should I care? How can I apply this? What will I get out of it? How to build a community? Summary
  3. 3. What is an onlinecommunity?
  4. 4. An online community is a virtual place wherepeople from all walks of life come together overshared values, vision and passion…
  5. 5. To be a community, youneed… A vision Why is it important to discuss or share this particular topic? What is the positive impact in discussing this? Values How do people interact? What kind of behaviour is expected? People & Communications If you don’t have people – there is no community. If no one is talking with each other, there is no value.
  6. 6. Communities exist… Offline Your neighbourhood Your workplace Your gym Your sports team, book club Online Message boards Forums Social networks
  7. 7. Why should I care?
  8. 8. Business challenges… Create awareness for your brand Drive traffic to your website Generate leads
  9. 9. Create awarenessFastest growing bank #12 of 50
  10. 10. Drive traffic2500+ community citizens 500+ engagements monthly
  11. 11. Generate leads1500 leads 150 presentations
  12. 12. How can I apply this?
  13. 13. Create awareness Goal #1: Get people to know you! Rally around a cause/topic/issue that mattersand connects to your brand Engage in existing communities1. Listen.2. Have a conversation.3. Share your thoughts and opinions.
  14. 14. Drive traffic Goal #1: Drive visitors to your website! Respond to questions, comment onconversations. Always provide additional content in the form ofa URL… on your website!1. Provide information and facts. (traditional website)2. Share stories and experiences. (blog)3. Engage more deeply through multi-media. (video,photos or other)
  15. 15. Generate leads Goal #1: Acquire qualified leads! Know your audience. Create a campaign. Use social channels to increase reach. Ask for the lead.
  16. 16. What will I get out of it?
  17. 17. Return on investment A dedicated and nurtured community who will: Speak with you Provide feedback and ideas ADVOCATE The right visitors: Reduce your website’s bounce rate Increase content consumption INCREASE IN-SITE CONVERSIONS
  18. 18. Return on investment Qualified leads: Lower cost per lead Increase referral opportunity HIGHER CONVERSION TO NEXT STEP
  19. 19. OK, how can I build mycommunity?
  20. 20. Five steps to communitybuilding1. Know Your passion & brand Your subject matter expertise Your audience2. Search Beyond Google Seek conversations Seek existing communities
  21. 21. Five steps to communitybuilding (cont’d)3. Listen To your audience To existing community conversation To competitors4. Engage Like, Retweet, Repin, +1 others Begin with a conversation Be a part of the community, not just a lurkerwaiting for an opportunity to sell
  22. 22. Five steps to communitybuilding (cont’d)5. Nurture Building a community takes time You need to share others’ opinion and celebrateyour audience You need to share your thoughts and content You can ask for the lead, but not every day andnot all the time
  23. 23. The 140
  24. 24. In short… You must know your brand and your audience (andwhere they intersect) You must engage. Social communities cannot besuccessful without dialogue. You must provide engaging content. Content includes web information, but should alsoinclude blogs and videos. Not just facts – stories too. You must invest time to maintain & nurture thecommunity.
  25. 25. In short… You will gain: Awareness Web traffic LeadsThere is ROI in social communities.
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. Social: The value ofcommunityMay 2013Judi Samuels#mktgacademy @mktgacademy