Solar photo voltaic


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Solar photo voltaic

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Solar photo voltaic

  1. 1. Tanoy Chakraborty Solar Photo Voltaic
  2. 2. Simple information on Solar Photo Voltaic Solar Photo voltaic devices are largely used throughout the world.  Using solar energy is the best method we can do to save our Earth. The solar devices not only produces electricity  from sunlight but also saves the environment from getting polluted. The devices which use solar energy are portable and highly efficient. Photo voltaic devices consists of a panel which are made in two forms. One of them is crystalline and the other one is thin film
  3. 3. About Photovoltaic and solar photovoltaic:- Introducing a solar power system for your house is a perfect approach to spare on the costs of electricity and get electric energy that we all need for insignificant natural effect. When you will know about out solar photo voltaic modules function, you might be well on your approach to building and introducing your custom made solar photo voltaic system. A photo voltaic power system works like any viable power generating system. Moreover  it utilizes free sunlight for converting into electricity which is costly. The particular parts utilized as a part of a photo voltaic system incorporate a DC-AC power inverter, battery bank, system and battery controller, and auxiliary energy sources. Batteries are an essential part and are utilized for storing energy created by the system in the day, and to supply it to electrical machines as required. How solar photo voltaic boards function is a matter of fundamental science.
  4. 4. Type of solar photovoltaic modules 1. Crystalline silicon cell:- Crystalline silicon cell technology is being used from the year of 1950. Crystalline silicon panel are divided into two part- Mono- crystalline and poly crystalline. 2. Thin film solar cells:- A new technology of film is being introduced in the crystalline silicon cells. This film solar power cell is made up of depositing a thin layer of amorphous silicon or photo voltaic material which must be a substrate. 
  5. 5. How the semiconductors work? Photo voltaic cells are made of silicon semiconductors, and when light strikes the cell, it is absorbed into the semiconductor material. The energy liberates electrons permitting them to stream openly. This stream of electrons are current, and by setting metal contacts on the top and bottom of the solar photo voltaic cell, electricity could be attracted off to be utilized remotely. You can go through the instruction manual for the function and working procedure of a solar photo voltaic.
  6. 6. Working of a photo voltaic cell:- Photo voltaic cell is mainly made up of semiconducting materials which have the capability of absorbing the light energy. In most of the photo voltaic cell the semiconducting material used is silicon which is widely used in the microelectronic industry. For making the solar power  cells some treatments are being done to the semiconducting wafer which is used to form an electric field. It consists of positive end on one side and negative end on the other. The process starts after the solar cell gets exposed in the sunlight. When the sunlight strikes the  solar cell it mainly loses some electrons from the atoms of semiconductor material. The current can be capture by connecting electrical conductors to the positive and negative terminals of the semiconductor material. It create a circuit through which generates  electric current which in turn creates electricity.
  7. 7. Some points to be taken care of while doing the maintenance of the module:- Firstly a solar panel and the whole module needs less maintenance excluding the battery. You just have to look for the cleanliness of the solar panels and make sure that no trees are overshadowing the panels. There is maximum chance of debris accumulation near the module if you have grounded mounted panels. This happens due to bird droppings, dusts, debris, snow and many things. You can remove them with warm water or some washing liquid. Always be careful while working on the solar panels heights above the ground or at the top of the ladder. There is a possibility of slipping off the ladder. 
  8. 8. Body structure of a solar photo voltaic module:-  Benefits of using solar photo voltaic module Solar Photo voltaic module is a support structure or a frame consisting of solar cells which are electrically connected to each other and mounted. These kinds of modules are specially designed for supplying electricity at a certain voltage. Normally it is of 12 volts systems.  The electricity or the current produced by the module is directly proportional to the amount of light absorbed by the panels. Multiple modules can be wired and assembled together to form an array of solar photo voltaic. 
  9. 9. Medors Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd Medors Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd knows the value of nature. They effectively worked for manufacturing best solar power appliances for the people at a very reasonable cost. Medors is popularizing the motto of switching the sun on. Their main aim is to generate enough energy for the future. They manufacture highest quality photovoltaic modules and panels which lasts long. It has created a good example of being the best solar appliance manufacturer and provider in India. This company offers many benefits for its customers.
  10. 10. For knowing about the cost of solar photovoltaic module please visit the site of Medors. For knowing the features and cost of the photo voltaic module go through the following link