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Oureducation.in Certification course is designed to keep young graduates in mind to make them industry ready.

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  • Note: Different stream students will opt for different module
  • Oureducation.in Certification Course

    2. 2. OEICC is Oureducation.in Certification Course for students it comprises of following areas. o Search Engine Optimization o Social Media Management. o PHP Development o Competition exams like CAT/GATE/IES/UPSC/Banks o Soft Skill Development What is OEICC-2 Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management are the foundation of any business which has presence on web.
    3. 3. Why OEICC? • Need of Skilled workforce • Need of moving ahead of competition • Need of acquiring Specialized Skills • Need of right environment for higher studies. • Need of Developing Interest in all of the above 1. Every college is assessed on the basis of PLACEMENTS. 2. Instead of traditional courses, Industry Oriented courses increases the employability of Students. 3. Companies hire people who can be productive from day 1. Thus Industry ready workforce will be a huge attraction. 4. Right training and time for preparation of Competition exams.
    4. 4. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Students coming to job market For details click on www.oureducation.in logo
    5. 5. • Indian education system and course curriculum is quiet old and has been designed for big Corporate houses like Infosys , HCL etc. • Course content of universities and colleges does not meet demand of mid or small size companies. • Out of 50 lacs graduates, big Corporate houses hire about 3 lacs all together where as rest go to Mid or small segment companies. • Each and Every organization which has presence on web or Internet need specialized people in this domain • We realized students today have different aspirations and have become multi tasking like our computer processors and thus they want to appear for few examinations after their course. We have identified few exams and have incorporated in course The Real Situation
    6. 6. • Managers in Web based Business • MBA students • B-Tech/MCA students • Any graduate Who can opt for OEICC-2 Note: Stream based modules are designed for every Student.
    7. 7. • OEICC-Management Module : For people working at management position in any web related operations or Business should have experience of working at Management Positions or studying MBA • OEICC-Technical Module : Working as Technical analyst in Web based Business or studying B- Tech/MCA • OEICC- Functional Module: Can be a graduate in any discipline and should have inclination in web Based Business operations or pursuing graduation in any discipline Is course same for all streams
    8. 8. • Apart from one of the three modules of OEICC new OEICC will have five exams and a student can select one of these. – CAT – IES – GATE – UPSC – Bank PO Which exam preparation we are talking about
    9. 9. • Ruva customer services will offer Jobs for all those who complete the OEICC. • Minimum CTC of 1.8 lacs and can increase according to experience. How OEICC will help? I would like to request members who have experienced the effectiveness of this program to share their views.
    10. 10. Teaching Methodology Highlights of class • Video class • Revision of what is taught in class on weekly basis • Online task to complete • Online Library • Webinar with Experts • Online test Practice for different exams
    11. 11. Thank you!