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Introduction to online


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This presentation is all about the how online coaching is better than classroom coaching.

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Introduction to online

  1. 1.  Here are some best points that states how online coaching is differ from class room coaching.  Cost Effective  Secured exam  Expand your Scope  User convenience  Less time consuming
  2. 2.  Significant expense lessening in the costs of leading an exam  No Printing or Distribution Expenses for inquiry papers.  No vehicle and logistics costs while leading exams over a few geologically scattered areas
  3. 3.  Keep up secrecy and stay away from paper spills.  Change inquiry papers at last by pulling inquiries from the Question Banks.  Randomize grouping of inquiries for every examinee: No two examinees will see the same inquiry in the meantime
  4. 4.  Make numerous exams on different subjects for various courses.  Make exams in numerous dialects and conquer the dialect requirements.  Conduct exams in a few geologically scattered areas in the meantime.
  5. 5.  Clients can take exams according to their accommodation .Exams can be designed for 24×7 accessibility.  Clients can see the exam comes about promptly after the exam.  Alternative to show the criticism for right replies
  6. 6.  Time is very important for the aspirants of any competitive exams, the advantage of online test or exam is, it is less time time consuming as compared to classroom coaching.  In classroom coaching you have to prepare daily before atleast half an hour, and it is time consuming, you have to suffer a lot of things or you can miss your important coaching.
  7. 7.  For more information please visit @  and for queries mail us @   Contact-011-43560050