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Deepshikha html

  1. 1. Learning HTMLHTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the language usedto write Web pagesPresented by:Deepshikha BisariaIT-8thsem0928IT091019
  2. 2. Saving Your Work All projects should be saved this way. File Name. HTML Save As Type (Text Document) Make sure you know where you are saving. Click name your work and save as .
  3. 3. Declaration<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC proclaims this is an HTMLdocument type that can be read by publicbrowsers. -//W3C represents the HTML organization thatdenotes what HTML commands are to be used andwhat are not. //DTD HTML 3.2 stands for Document Type DescriptionHyperText MarkUp Language (version) 3.2. //EN means the document will be written in theEnglish language.
  4. 4. HTML Text editor – Word Pad or Note Pad. We will use Word Pad. To find Word Pad click start, programs,accessories, then Word Pad.
  5. 5. Let’s create a template Let’s start by creating 8 pairs of less thanand greater than symbols. Please do not use the space bar.<><><><><><><><>
  6. 6. Put the less than and greaterthan signs in a column. <><><><><><> Place your cursor between a pair of lessthan greater than signs and press enter onyour keyboard.<><>
  7. 7. Structure Tags <HTML> .....</HTML> Opens and closes all HTMLdocuments. <HEAD> ….</HEAD> Encloses document header. <TITLE> …..</TITLE> Contains the document’sassigned title. <BODY> ….</BODY> Contains the body of theHTML document. / means this is a closing tag.
  8. 8. More Structure Tags CharacterFormatting    <B>...</B> Bold text.<I>...</I> Italic text.<U>...</U>   Underlined text.<center>..</center> center text.
  9. 9. <font size”..”> </font size”..”> text size 1-7<OL>...</OL> An ordered (numbered)list.<UL>...</UL> An unordered (unnumbered),bulleted list.<LI>   A list item
  10. 10. Attributes: BGCOLOR="..."   Sets background color. TEXT="..." Sets color of text. LINK="..." Sets color of unvisited links. VLINK="..." Sets color of visited links.
  11. 11. Headings H1>...</H1> -- <H6>...</H6>   Used to set size of headings. Values of 1through 6; with 1 being the largest, 6 thesmallest.
  12. 12. Paragraphs <P>   Used to denote a plain paragraph. Links     <A>....</A>   Creates a link toanother document or anchor. Attributes:HREF"..." The URL of a document to whicha given document is linked. NAME"..."Denotes an anchor name.
  13. 13. Lists     <OL>...</OL>   An ordered (numbered)list. <UL>...</UL>   An unordered(unnumbered), bulleted list. <LI>   A list item.
  14. 14. Character Formatting     <B>...</B>   Bold text. <I>...</I>   Italic text. <U>...</U>   Underlined text.
  15. 15. More Tags <BR>   A line break. Attributes: CLEAR="..." Causes text to stopflowing around images - possible valuesare LEFT, RIGHT and ALL.
  16. 16. Images     <IMG>   Used to place an image into adocument. Attributes: SRC="..." Information as to animages physical location. ALT="..."Alternate text to be displayed should animage be missing, or images are turnedoff in browser. ALIGN="..." Determines horizontal imagealignment; either LEFT or RIGHT. VALIGN="..." Determines vertical imagealignment; either TOP, MIDDLE, orBOTTOM.
  17. 17. Images WIDTH="..." The width in pixels of an image. HEIGHT="..." The height in pixels of theimage. BORDER="..." Creates a border around alinked image. "BORDERCOLOR=" may also be specified.
  18. 18. Tables     <TABLE>...</TABLE>   Creates a table. Attributes: BORDER="...." Indicates whethera table should have a border. May alsospecify a value indicating the width of aborder.
  19. 19. Tables CELLSPACING="..." Specifies amount ofspace between cells in a table. WIDTH="..." Specifies width of a table,either in pixels or as a percentage. <TR>...</TR>   Defines a table row. <TD>....</TD>   Defines a table data cell.**found in a <TR>....</TR>.