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OurCrowd's Portfolio RESERVE: Making investing easier by putting the investment process on autopilot


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Join Zack Miller and Danna Mann -- executives at OurCrowd, the leading crowdfunding platform for Israeli startups -- for an introduction to OurCrowd's new product, Portfolio RESERVE. Interested investors can use Portfolio RESERVE to make a one-time investment with minimal paperwork to guarantee you never miss an opportunity.

Join us to learn about the Portfolio RESERVE:
You decide how much you'd like to invest in OurCrowd companies
Get automated allocation to future investment opportunities
One time funding, limited paperwork
You retain ability to opt-out of any deal
You'll also have an opportunity to ask questions about our process and startup investing in general.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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OurCrowd's Portfolio RESERVE: Making investing easier by putting the investment process on autopilot

  1. 1. OurCrowd’s Portfolio RESERVE Making early stage investing easier by putting the process on autopilot
  2. 2. Your hosts Danna Hochstein Mann, Business Strategies Zack Miller, Investor Community
  3. 3. About me Danna Hochstein Mann, Business Strategies • • • • • Partner, Head of Investor Relations Previously Investor Relations and Business Development at Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) Estee Lauder Companies — Global Marketing EMBA, Kellogg Recanati PresenTense Board of Directors, Chair
  4. 4. Introducing Portfolio RESERVE
  5. 5. an easy, automated way to invest in startups
  6. 6. First, a bit about startup investing
  7. 7. Investing in startups is hard • • 60% of companies survive until age 3 picking which companies thrive and which don’t is really hard…even for professionals
  8. 8. Return Though returns can be higher, startups are risky investments Risk
  9. 9. The importance of portfolios the right way to hedge investor risk
  10. 10. The data: good and bad • While the majority of investments in early-stage companies may not return money… • …angel portfolios of 10-15 investments return 2.5x over 5 years (Kauffman Institute) OurCrowd makes it very easy for investors to build angel portfolios
  11. 11. Successful startup investing requires diversification, portfolios
  12. 12. With 2-3 deals per month across sectors and growth phases, OurCrowd was designed for easy portfolio building
  13. 13. Diversification across early-stage phases Seed round Idea phase Series A-B rounds R&D, early sales Series C-D rounds POC, revenues
  14. 14. Diversification across sectors
  15. 15. Introducing Portfolio RESERVE
  16. 16. What is Portfolio RESERVE • like a mutual fund of startups… • …but with the ability to opt out • 1 time paperwork, 1 time funding • guarantees participation even in very competitive deals
  17. 17. How does Portfolio RESERVE work?
  18. 18. Step 1 Select how much you’d like to invest in total and how you’d like that allocated across deals
  19. 19. Step 2 Total investment amount wired upfront, kept in escrow until its invested
  20. 20. Step 3 Automatic enrolment in new deals, 7-day opt-out period, opportunity to increase your investment amount per deal
  21. 21. Why we developed Portfolio RESERVE
  22. 22. “OurCrowd is unbundling venture services” –Jon Medved, OurCrowd founder/CEO
  23. 23. But some investors…
  24. 24. want help in selecting investments
  25. 25. and want access to oversubscribed deals
  26. 26. OurCrowd a better way to invest in Israeli startups
  27. 27. Funding the next generation of successful startups Since February 2013, invested in over 30 startups ! OurCrowd and our community of investors have invested over $30 million in these firms
  28. 28. Case study #1: a computer vision platform to test blood faster, cheaper, and more accurately
  29. 29. Case study #2: Software that makes event organizers more money by increasing engagement of attendees
  30. 30. Any questions? For feedback or more information: !