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Books24x7 [ENG]


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Books24x7 [ENG]

  1. 1. Guide to Searching Books24x7
  2. 2. Accessing the Library portal 1. Type your username and password. 2. Click Login button. Step 1
  3. 3. Click Library Step 2 Accessing the Library portal
  4. 4. Click ‘Digital Collections’ to get access to all databases.
  5. 5. Click Books24x7 to get access to the database
  6. 6. Click On Campus Access if you are accessing from within the Main OUM Campus in Kuala Lumpur. Click Off Campus Access if you are accessing from outside the campus
  7. 7. Type the exact keyword. Search should be done in English only. Use keywords or terms such as ‘stress management’ or ‘personnel management’ for an effective search. DO NOT use full sentence such as “studies in stress management” Click Go to execute the search
  8. 8. Total number of records retrieved Books are in HTML formats. You may view and read this book by clicking on the book title.
  9. 9. The book is divided into chapters. Click any chapter to view the content
  10. 10. This is the HTML format of the chapter chosen. You may print and read it at your own time.