Ubicomp and Mobile Interaction, Antti Oulasvirta


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Ubicomp and Mobile Interaction, Antti Oulasvirta

  1. 1. ContextContacts: A multi-cue mobile awareness system Predecessor of Jaiku Provides several real-time cues: 1. Location (district) 2. Online status 3. Alarm profile 4. No. people present 5. No. friends present 6. Calendar events 7. Device environment Published in Human-Computer Interaction, 2007 & Proc. Mobile HCI 2005 antti oulasvirta 1
  2. 2. mGroup: Mobile media for groups Built in 2005 Mobile media for groups Java-based Supports text + photos Group participation: invitees can view, share, comment Created Stories publishable as web albums Published in Proc. CHI 2006 & GROUP 2005 antti oulasvirta 2
  3. 3. MobShare: Photos from phone to web Mobile client + a photo browser in the web Shares photos from phone Recipients get invitations to web albums per SMS A timeline view to web albums Commenting and Published in MobileHCI 2005 discussions antti oulasvirta 3
  4. 4. CoMedia: From awareness to media-sharing Mobile media for groups Text, photo, video, audio Builds on ContextPhone and mGroup Collective media-sharing Real-time awareness cues a la ContextContacts Cues deeply integrated into media presentation Not metadata! Published in Proc. CHI 2007 antti oulasvirta 4
  5. 5. InfoRadar: An ego-centered UI to location-based community messaging Built in 2002 Radar view, radius shows distance to object The user in the middle Directional viewing based on e-compass and GPS Several categories of community messaging Published in Proc. NordiCHI’04 antti oulasvirta 5
  6. 6. m-LOMA: a mobile 3D city map Fully textured Helsinki city center GPS support 3 views: Street-level, bird’s eye, 2D Renders >25 fps Street names Orientation aids Navigation aids: Tracks, Orbiting, Fly-to-target Published in Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, to appear antti oulasvirta 6
  7. 7. CityWall: A large multi-touch display Multi-touch feature Gesture commands Direct manipulation For photo browsing and collages Live link to Flickr Installed in a store window in Helsinki Patented back projection technology Published in Proc. CHI 2008 that works outdoors antti oulasvirta 7
  8. 8. INSPIRE: A speech-controlled smarthome Spoken dialogue interface Mixed initiative interaction Control over household electronics: • VCR • TV • Lamps • Answering machine • Blinds Published in Proc. IE 2007 & Proc. INTERSPEECH 2007 antti oulasvirta 8
  9. 9. EventTagger: A personal context-logging device Upon a button press sends a signal to a PDA to record all possible sensor data Can include audio records of past 15 seconds Recorded events later viewable on the PDA or on a desktop computer Published in Proc. CHI 2004 antti oulasvirta 9
  10. 10. CoffeeMug: A personal context-logging device Built in 2002 A passive RFID + scanners on desktop PC’s of an office A user ”scans” her mug on his PC to take along his recently edited document Upon scanning of the mug on another’s PC, that person gets access to those documents Published in Proc. CHI 2004 antti oulasvirta 10
  11. 11. Augmented Reality Painting: A system for architectural sketching An ”immersive graphics concept” Multiple projectors Augmented reality brushes Real-time digital painting on physical surfaces Enables playing around with materials & landscapes Published in INTERACT’05 antti oulasvirta 11