Real estate in Costa Rica


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By Younes Aitouazdi

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  • CAFTA: the Central American Free Trade Agreement / CBI: the US Caribbean Basin Initiative / FTA: Free trade agreement
  • LATAM: Latin America / HDI: Human Development Index
  • Real estate in Costa Rica

    1. 1.  Middle of the Americas 5 hrs flying to NYC Preferential access to US viaCBI & CAFTA Multiple FTA’s
    2. 2. Located in Central AmericaNicaragua to the north,Panama to the east and south,The Pacific Ocean to the westand south. The Caribbean Sea to the east
    3. 3. 2007 Population: 4.4 million34.2% of population between 15 and 35Universal and Common Education and SocialSecurity SystemFoundation of social stability6.5% of GDP invested in education2007 HDI Position: 48 (5th in LATAM)Global Competitiveness Index 2007: 63 (6thplace in LATAM)
    4. 4. Land and house prices in Costa Rica are highlyaffordable.There are already over 50,000 US citizens living inCosta Rica and the country is accepted by America asa politically and economically stable country.Many US brokers are able to arrange finance forproperty purchase in Costa Rica.
    5. 5. For example, on a luxury beach front developmentplots are available from as little as USD 80,000 withcompleted detached homes on sizeable plotsstarting from just USD 249,000. The country alsohas a strong resale market.
    6. 6. Casa Shik for sale Nosara Costa Rica - $ 350,000 Condos for sale in Costa Rica $ 180,000 to $ 350,000
    7. 7. Santa Teresa 2 Beach Front Villas - $ 1,500,000New Teak Manzanillo Sunset Cabin - $ 210,000
    8. 8. Within the past 5 years Costa Ricas realestate market has seen a surge of real estatesales being driven by cash buyers.the Costa Rican real estate market hassustained an incredibly healthy real estatemarket compared to the United State s andEurope.Costa Rica typically structures property andreal estate through corporations.
    9. 9. The CIA World Fact Book lists the country as“a Central American success story”The favorable low taxation regime that thecountry has adopted.Excellent infrastructure and communicationsas well as a high standard of service and choicecommercially speaking.The cost of living is low, health care servicesare incredibly sophisticated
    10. 10. Incredible natural environment with active and inactivevolcanoes, stunning mountains, rain forests, anabundance of rare flora and fauna, the stunningCaribbean Sea on one side and the wild North PacificOcean on the other, Costa Rica has an ideal climate,beautiful scenery and offers something for everyone!
    11. 11. Costa Rica has long been a haven for those seeking anoasis of beauty, calm, the perfect climate and eco-diversity, it offers an incredible quality of life, anaffordable idyllic lifestyle and is an opportunity waiting tobe further explored.