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Tom Suozzi At OU Advocacy Candidate Forum

  1. 1. Rietti’s shiur will be available soon at In addition, this year, YCQ is having a special 3-on-3 basketball tournament for the students. Special thanks to Rabbi Bernstein for coordinating this exceptional program.  Tom Suozzi At OU Advocacy Candidate Forum Nineteenth Annual ‘Rachel’s Children’ Commemoration On Monday evening, October 14, a gala buffet journal dinner was catered by Traditions at Manhattan Beach Jewish Center in Brooklyn. Renowned speaker Rabbi Jonathan Rietti paid tribute to Rachel Imeinu at the Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation’s 19th Annual Commemoration of her yahrtzeit. The senior Gateways lecturer, descendant of the Ben Ish Chai, and son of the famous British actor Robert Rietti, known as ‘The Man of a Thousand Voices’ and ‘King of the Dubbers,’ gave a dramatic presentation on the relationship of Rachel Imeinu to the final geu- Meir Kruter Photography Former Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi said that if elected the next Nassau County Executive, he would balance the county budget, establish a plan for growth, work with the Jewish community on the issue of tuition affordability, and support efforts to get Federal Emergency Management Agency aid for houses of worship damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Suozzi spoke before a crowd of Jewish community, synagogue, and day-school lay leaders who convened at the Orthodox Union on Tuesday for its OU Advocacy is hosting a meeting with Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano on Monday, October 28.  L–R: Jeff Leb, OU Advocacy; Yehoshua Marchuck, NCSY Alumni; Tom Suozzi; Maury Litwack, OU Advocacy; Yehuda Friedman, OU Synagogue Services; Zehava Birman, OU Advocacy; Roslyn Singer, OU Advocacy; and Jake Adler, OU Advocacy. series of forums with the candidates for Nassau County Executive. “Nassau County is a fantastic place, but we have stopped growing. We need to create environments where young people want to live,” Suozzi said, adding that he would expand the tax base through the construction of office buildings with ground-floor shops and eateries and the creation of downtowns that would bring in revenue from sales tax. During the OU Advocacy-NY-sponsored forum, Suozzi spoke candidly about issues of importance to the Jewish community, including education, a proposed cap on property taxes, and finding synergies between the various districts within the county. When asked about his position on obtaining FEMA aid for houses of worship damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Suozzi responded that he would support the bill “100%.” He also said that he would work to mitigate the ongoing effects of the storm on families who are still recovering, adding that “it doesn’t make sense that there is no database in the county of who’s still out of their houses.” During his introduction of the candidate, Maury Litwack, OU Advocacy Director of State Political Affairs and Outreach, stressed the importance of community meetings with candidates and legislators for the Jewish community. “The way the Jewish community gets its voice heard is through participation in events like this candidate forum. We appreciate former County Executive Suozzi joining us today to hear from members of the Nassau County Jewish community and address our concerns.” lah. He spoke about how she, who made such selfless sacrifices on behalf of her sister Leah, will be there for Bnei Yisrael in those final moments before the final redemption, pleading with Hashem on their behalf. The lecture was but one of the highlights at the RCRF’s annual gala dinner commemorating Rachel Imeinu’s yarhtzeit on the 11th of MarCheshvan 5774 at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center in Brooklyn. The nonprofit organization, which successfully lobbied the Knesset for armored buses to Rachel’s tomb on the outskirts of Bethlehem, also donated two sifrei Torah to Kever Rachel, and eventually bought the building next door to the tomb, naming it Beit Bnei Rachel. There it runs a women’s learning center, lecture series, simcha hall, and aliyah museum. At the fundraising dinner, which helps pay for RCRF’s activities at Beit Bnei Rachel, the organization’s founder, Evelyn Haies, paid tribute to a host of honorees. Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus, the executive director of COJO of Flatbush, was honored with the community chesed award, presented by longtime community activist Chaim Deutsch. Mitchell Shapiro, Esq, an award-winning lawyer, who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation, was honored with the Rachel Imeinu Activist Award. The late Andrea Hana Haimowitz, who had been a longtime participant, and organizer of RCRF’s events at Kever Rachel, was honored posthumously for her work on behalf of the organization. Her mother, father, and brother accepted Continued on Page 90 5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES October 25, 2013 89