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Ppt5 b


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Published in: Education
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Ppt5 b

  1. 1. Our Lady of Mercy School Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Merced.
  2. 2. Este es nuestro colegio; La Merced  Our school is in Aquí estudiamos desde los 3 años hasta los 18 años Loiu, a small village near Bilbao. The school is at the top of a mountain, so pupils go there by bus or by car.  There are about 700 children at our school. They come from diffferent places: Bilbao, Getxo, Basauri, Sopelana...  As you can see, it is very beautiful.
  3. 3. El colegio en primavera es muy bonito.  The school is sorrounded by trees, and at this time of year they have got lots of colour and lots of beautiful flowers.  When the weather is nice we go outside to play.  In the small photograph we can see the Sports Centre, from the main school building.
  4. 4. El colegio en invierno Que frió hace!  It rarely snows here, but when it does we can´t get to school.  This photo was taken on Sunday, and the following day there wasn´t any snow at school.
  5. 5. Los Patios. Vamos a jugar!  We have got six playgrounds. Two of them are indoors and four outdoors.  The smaller children have slides and swings.  We have half an hour for break in the morning and an hour after lunch.
  6. 6. El Polideportivo. Nos gusta mucho el deporte  In P.E we play basketball, football, do gym exercises and play games.  The school has got basketball and five-a- side football teams.We play against other schools.  The matches are on Fridays and Saturdays.
  7. 7. Las clases. Estudiamos en 3 idiomas diferentes: castellano, vasco e inglés.  We start classes at 08:30 and finish at 4 o’clock  We study Maths, Spanish, Basque, Religion, English, Science, Art, Music, Computer Studies and P.E.  We have exams 3 times a year, as well as tests, and lots of homework.  We wear school gowns on top of our uniforms.
  8. 8. La Comida!!Hoy comemos espaguetis, pescado y plátano  School food isn’t so bad but most of us think that mum’s cooking is better.  We can’t choose the food. Today we are eating pasta, fish and a banana.  Our teachers serve us the food and we help them.
  9. 9. Patron Saint’s Day (School Fiestas) Vamos a pasarlo bien  The school fiestas are in May.We have competitions, a parade and lots of fun.All the students dress up. The parents come to see the parade.  Everybody has a good time.
  10. 10. Un colegio cristiano. Jesús es nuestro amigo.  Our school has got a church and some of the teachers are nuns.  On special days: Christmas, Easter,... we go to Mass. At 12 o’clock every day we stop lessons for a few moments to pray.  Students of other religions also come to our school.
  11. 11. Campañas. Queremos ayudar a los demás  We have campaigns to learn about problems in the world and to collect money to help other people.  Some days ago, we organised a market to raise money.
  12. 12. Navidades  The 2nd bachiller (A level) pupils dress up with different costumes: Father Christmas, angels,... and give prizes to children´s best works as letters, pictures or poems.  Some pupils write plays and perform them to all the students.
  13. 13. Adios y hasta pronto!!!!  Here we are in the classroom. We hope you like this presentation.  BYE -BYE