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Powerpoint 6 a y b


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Published in: Education
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Powerpoint 6 a y b

  1. 1. Our Lady of Mercy School Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Merced.
  2. 2. Este es nuestro colegio; La Merced Aquí estudiamos desde los 3 años hasta los 18 años  This is our school. How do you like it?  We are surrounded by mountains but we are not far from city life. We are just 15 minutes from Bilbao one of the most important cities in the north of Spain.
  3. 3. El colegio en primavera es muy bonito  Different seasons, different landscapes . In spring and autumn the trees fill up with colours.  But the weather is not always like this.Springs are often rainy
  4. 4. El colegio en invierno Que frió hace!  Nice, isn´t it?  This doesn´t often happen but when it does, we all get very happy because we might miss school!!
  5. 5. Los Patios ¡ Vamos a jugar!  These are some of the playgrounds.Here we spend the break-times when the weather is good We can play football basketball…but we can also play cards, chat ,tell jokes ,relax and even sunbathe.
  6. 6. El Polideportivo Nos gusta mucho el deporte  This is our polideportivo (Sports ) Centre Here we do our P.E classes and play the matches of the different competitions our school takes part in. But we also use it for other activities on special occasions Peace Day, Basque Day…
  7. 7. Las clases Estudiamos en 3 idiomas diferentes; Castellano, Euskera y Inglés These are our classrooms. Most of them are really big with large windows , that let the sun light in. Not many years ago this school was only for girls. As you can see we have a uniform – we don´t like it but it is easy to get dressed in the morning.We don`t have to waste time thinking about what to wear
  8. 8. La Comida!! Hoy comemos espagueti, pescado y plátano Look at their faces. They seem to be enjoying their meal. It´s not something usual because we don`t really like the food here but we do like the good time we have here every day.
  9. 9. Patron Saint’s Day (School Fiestas) ¡Vamos a pasarlo bien!  Here we are celebrating San Pedro Nolasco´s Day, the founder of Order of Mercy. We take part in contests, we wear costumes, we play games ,we sing and dance … We haven´t got class, we only have fun!! We design and make our own costumes and masks, according to the theme of the “fiestas” proposed by the organizers ( Biodiversity, Space, Water…)
  10. 10. Un colegio cristiano Jesús es nuestro amigo  Didn´t you know that this is a religious school? Well, it´s a Catholic school run by nuns. We have a big church, but we only visit it about five or six times a year
  11. 11. Campañas Queremos ayudar a los demás  During the school year ther are some special days or celebrations that involve all the school.  On Peace Day,We do proyects paint murals write/read sing songs…  Euskera Eguna(Basque Day)At this school some students have Basque as the first language and on this day we celebrate the language and traditions of the Basque Country.  Every year our classes (6º de primaria) organize a “mercadillo” (market) to raise money for orphans in Mexico.We collect toys ,books bags,jewellery…. And sell them during the school fiestas This year we have collected more than 3,500euros .
  12. 12. Navidades Tiempo de alegría y paz.  At Christmas we do some special things . We decorate the classes,the corridors and even the playgrounds. We go to the church and sing carols,write Christmas cards....
  13. 13. Aquí decimos Adios y hasta luego! Bye Bye, We enjoyed doing this project. We hope you like it