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Benefits of polls and surveys


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Introduction to using polls and surveys in a learning environment

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Benefits of polls and surveys

  1. 1. Benefits of Polls and Surveys2010NLakustanlakusta@psd70.ab.ca10/12/201020637502413635<br />Why/how can you use a poll/survey?<br />4743450143510Increase classroom participation and attentiveness<br />Encourage risk-taking with anonymous student responses<br />Elicit diverse opinions when there isn't a correct answer<br />Gauge student comprehension of material immediately<br />Grab students with thought-provoking critical inquiry opening questions<br />Assess last night's reading with a quick quiz<br />Strengthen retention<br />Utilize its capabilities outside the classroom for PD, student-run presentations, talent shows, battle of the bands, staff presentations, student government, or community forums.<br />98107511430<br /> <br /><ul><li>What online polls/surveys are available?
  2. 2. 200025118745 Try one: 19050906145 Try one: Video intro Video to use twitter for a poll Try one: intro
  3. 3. 196850062865</li></ul>Poll/Survey exemplars<br /><ul><li>Your Opinion Sells webquest (literacy gr. 6-9)
  4. 4. 20 Questions for the Yearbook
  5. 5. Who has the Best Smile?, Most Original, Most Like to become the next Donald Trump, Most Likely to be on a reality TV Show, Most like to be on Dr. Phil, Most likely to live with their parents until They're 40, Most likely to win Canadian Idol, Best laugh, Most likely to become a Prime Minister of Canada, Best athlete, Best hair, Most school spirit, Most likely to become famous, Most involved, Most likely to return to teach at this school, Most likely to get a gold medal at the Olympics, Most likely to become a stand-up comedian, Most likely to win an Oscar, Most likely to invent something useless, Most likely to write the national anthem of a small unknown country.
  6. 6. Middle Years Option Survey (form and spreadsheet)
  7. 7. Assessment For Learning using Google Form
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Parent Reply
  10. 10. f) Exploring Personal Worldviews – grade 8 social studies critical challenge
  11. 11. Play time Survey
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